Guide to Using a Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

A very popular tool of divination is the crystal ball. People are often attracted to this because they love fortune telling and they love things that are popular and shiny. This is a form of ancient fortune telling where the fortune teller will look into the ball and will be able to see into the future through visions and other things.

Understanding the Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is a sphere, and it is often made of glass, crystals or other things that are transparent. This can be carved into stones such as:

  • Quartz.
  • Calcite.
  • Amethyst.
  • Obsidian.

The size of the crystal ball are different, but it needs to be large enough for the fortune teller to hold in her hand. This also should be very reflective so that they can see into it.

History of the Crystal Ball

Crystal balls have been around since the first century and were used by soothsayers for scrying. This was popular during the Roman Empire, and it was known as a ritual in the Medieval ages.

During the Middle Ages, this was used as a divination and was used for scrying or telling the future. It became popular again in the Victorian Era and then moved to Romania, India, and Europe. Now it is often used by psychics.

Why Use a Crystal Ball?

There are different reasons to use a crystal ball but most of the time it is to look into the future. This is a tool of divination and a spiritual tool that different spiritualists use.


Scrying is a way to use the crystal ball. This means you look deep into the ball and there will be messages that come to you. You have to use your intuition to help the messages come along. This will help you to make decisions in your life.


You can use a crystal ball while you are meditating. This is a time that you hold the ball in your hands, and you meditate. The ball can give you information and can help your energy. It puts you in a reflective state so that you can get the answers that you seek.


A crystal ball can help healing. Hold the ball close to your chakras and allow healing to come into your body. This is often used in reiki.

Why Use a Crystal Ball?

There are many benefits of using a crystal ball including:

  • It can clear your mind. It can send energy and balance and bring clarity. It can also give you messages and visions and make you feel better.
  • This can work on your body to get rid of stress and anxiety. If you have negative energies, the crystal ball can remove these and help your body to relax.
  • The ball can also cleanse and unblock your chakras.
  • If your spirit is hurting, the ball can increase your intuition and uplift your energies.

How to Use a Crystal Ball

You can use the crystal ball for scrying, and you need to always make sure you are connected to the ball before you start. Here is how you use the crystal ball:

  • First make sure the ball is cleansed.
  • Put the crystal ball in front of you.
  • Make sure the distance away is comfortable.
  • Relax your mind and body.
  • Focus on deep breathing.
  • Put your hands on the ball and send your energy into it.
  • Make sure you are connected to the ball.
  • Ask questions out loud or in your mind.
  • Move your hands off the ball.
  • Look into the crystal ball and see if you go into a hypnotic state.
  • Talk about any images that come to your mind.

Many people will use a crystal ball to look into the future or to get answers that they are seeking. If you need healing powers, to look into the future or if you are seeking some kind of answer, find a crystal ball and try your powers at scrying.


  1. The detailed guide on how to use a crystal ball is very helpful for beginners. Ensuring proper connection and relaxation techniques seem to be key factors in achieving effective results during scrying sessions.

  2. I’m curious about the scientific perspective on crystal balls. While the article discusses their spiritual and historical aspects, it would be interesting to explore if there’s any empirical evidence supporting their purported benefits.

  3. The historical context of the crystal ball’s usage is quite fascinating. It’s interesting to see how its application has evolved from the Roman Empire to modern psychics.

    • Indeed, the transition through different eras highlights how cultural perspectives on divination and scrying have shifted over time.

  4. The use of different materials like quartz and amethyst for crystal balls is intriguing. I wonder if the type of crystal used has any significant impact on the effectiveness of the ball for divination purposes.

  5. The mention of using crystal balls for meditation and chakra healing adds another layer of utility beyond fortune telling. This multifunctional aspect is quite appealing for those interested in holistic wellness.


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