About Me

My name is Ann Erickson, and I’m the crystal lady. I’ve collected crystals and information about their uses for many years, putting together a database of information to be used for anyone curious about the power of crystals. These minerals are not only complex, but they are full of properties that can help heal and clarify aspects of our lives in many ways.

Crystals are mentioned in the religious and healing texts of regions all around the world. Both religious groups and healers of different cultures have recognized that the Earth has created many things that can be used to heal people, and that we are nowhere near discovering the answers to all of our world’s mysteries. Crystals are one such mystery that many people don’t understand and often pass off as too New Age-y or hippy dippy.

There are many reasons why I got into crystals and eventually crystal readings. I was intrigued by their wide use across cultures, healing, and religions, as well as their uses for channelling psychic energies. I found that there were a wide variety of uses for crystals in my life, and the things I was learning from various stones might be helpful for other people who are curious about the uses of crystals and other minerals.

There is a wide variety of things you can do with crystals, both for healing and for connecting to psychic and spiritual energies. The benefits of getting a crystal reading are many, and it serves as another channel by which people can ask questions about life, love, careers, purpose, and more.

The art of reading a crystal ball is called scrying. Different kinds of crystals are used for specific purposes. For instance:

  • rose quartz is often used to help answer or relay messages regarding love, family, animals, fertility, self-esteem, and your home life.
  • Smoky quartz is used to remove negativity
  • Obsidian is used as a spiritual cleanser and as psychic protection
  • Malachite is used to heal old grudges and painful memories
  • Lapis, dumotierite, and sodalite are used to tune into the psychic world
  • Yellow citrine, topaz, amber, and ametrine are used to see the positive side of challenges and warm the heart

Common crystals used in scrying are quartz and amethyst. Additionally, crystals are read in certain lights because of their makeup. Crystal therapy can also be used to relax the mind and body, assisting with mental meditation and inner peace. Crystal readings can be used by a psychic reader to focus on spiritual and subconscious messages, images, and answers to specific questions you might have. Still curious about crystals? Read on for more information!