The Purpurite is a stone that allows you to speak freely and is great if you are in real estate. This stone has violet flame energies and can help to protect you and keep you safe from negativity.

The stone helps to get rid of stress and can help you to speak your thoughts out and to get rid of obstructions in your life.

Meaning of the Purpurite

This stone is from the Latin word that is “purpura” which means “purple.” This stone has been found in France, Australia, Namibia and USA.

The stone is a purple color and comes in different shades of purple and some pink. This is a mineral of the manganese phosphate and has iron in the stones. This can come in massive forms and has a matte finish and can be polished to shine and be made into jewelry.

The stone is not common but is found as a mineral and has been found in different deposits.


This stone helps to stimulate your speech and to have clear insight and to stay focused on your life. The stone works with the crown chakra and is a pretty stone. It is a good stone to meditate with and can give you confidence and help you speak better.

It can also help you with these things:

  • Have clear thoughts.
  • Speak better.
  • Have confidence.
  • Compromise and avoid deception.
  • Help you to understand other feelings.
  • Gives you spiritual information.
  • Works with the base chakra.
  • Helps with the soul star chakra.

Violet Flame

If you are looking for a stone that is part of the violet flame healing, look no further. The color makes this stone very loved and admired and it is powerful and has many healing qualities such as:

  • Having strong vibrations
  • A good healing stones.
  • Carries the violet flame healing vibrations.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • They quiet the mind.
  • Help to make contact to the spirit world.
  • Increase the aura.
  • Heal holes in the aura.
  • Cleanse you of negative energies.
  • Overall spiritual growth.
  • Can help you overall in your health.
  • Shows you of new gifts that you have that you haven’t discovered yet.

The violet crystal is one of the stones from the violet flame that is from St. Germain, the Ascended master. This violet flame helps to heal and can help you with other flame stones such as the Amethyst and other stones.

This stone is great if you need to meditate and you want to see the best results. Know about the energies of this stone before you see if it is the right stone for you.

Verbalize Your Thoughts

When you need to verbalize what you are feeling, this stone can help you. It can help you to focus on your life and to be clearer in life. It can help you to listen and to get rid of stress and allow you to reach the divine sources.

The stone can bring you harmony and can help you break old patterns and be secure in your life.

When you want to communicate with your spirit guides this is a great stone and can help you be accurate.

Why Use it?

There are different ways you can use this stone and why you should such as:

  • With meditation.
  • To be able to see in the psychic world.
  • To help with your tarot abilities.
  • To give life full of integrity.
  • To have the ability to see the good of others.
  • To ground yourself.
  • For psychic protection.

Wearing Purpurite

This stone can help to get rid of stress and is not common but can be found as jewelry. It can be kept in your pocket or on your body if you don’t have jewelry.

It can help you reach your angelic beings and contact your spirit guides.

House Sales

This stone can help you to be ethical if you are a real-estate agent or if you are in sales. It can get rid of past problems. One thing to know is that this stone goes with the highest good and so you should not try to misuse this stone.

This stone can get rid of negativity and help you if you are holding back things in your life.

This stone can remove curses and help you to have better energies and be stronger. It can help you if you have to compromise in things.

Using with Other Stones

This stone can be combined with Heliodor and Golden Yellow Labradorite to give you strength and to help you have energy. This stone is a great stone to combine with other stones.

Struggling with addiction can be hard but you can get through it. When you are stuck in addictions such as drinking or drug use, or if you have eating disorders, you can use this stone and combine it with these others in order to get rid of your addictions and move on to a better life.

  • Datolite
  • Dravite
  • Brown Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Smithsonite

When you need to have more love and compassion and you need to balance and ground your heart chakra, you can use this stone and combine it with other heart chakra stones to help you reach that goal:

  • Pink Rhodochrosite
  • Tinaksite
  • Tibetian
  • Tektite
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Moldavite
  • Libyan Desert Glass

When you need grounded, you can use these stones combined to have better grounding such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Magnetite
  • Tiger Iron
  • Healers Gold
  • Hematite

Getting the violet flame energies are amazing and they can bring you peace, love and compassion. Using the violet flame to get energies can help to increase your giftings and help to protect you and ground you when you are lacking. Combine this stone with these to increase your violet flame energy:

  • Purpurite
  • Violet Flame Opal
  • Tanzanite Crystals
  • Amethyst Cacoxenite
  • Amegreen