How to Get Negativity Out of Your House

Get Negativity Out of Your House

One of the most fruitful times is the Shravan and it is a time where you should fast and reflect on your life. This is a month where people should do rituals to have wealth and other great things happen to them in their life. Always make sure that your mind, body, and your soul are purified during this time.

Why Purify Your Life?

The Shravan is a time of purity and knowledge. This is a way that you can stop feeling negative and you can get rid of negative energies out of your body and your home.

Getting rid of these negativities can help you to heal and help you to be stronger in your life.

Sound Healing

Shravan has its own importance and the best time to meditate with songs is during the day. These songs can make your energy stronger and get rid of negativity and bring in positive feelings.


Get rid of junk around your home and declutter. Negative energies can get stuck when there is too much stuff.


Take time to burn incense that will help you to release smoke into your area. This can purify your area and help you to feel better inside and outside.


Smudging is a way that it can cleanse your home and get rid of negative energy. Do this as you meditate and make sure you move the smoke around slowly. Do this from the front door all and all around the house. Even do it over your own body.

Ash Gourd

Do this during the new moon. This is a way that you can use the moon energy to have better energy in your home.


You can use different crystals or gems to bring energy to your home. Do this in the front entrance and in every corner of your house.

Make sure that you cover your bedroom. Using ones like Black Tourmaline can bring protection in your home. Put this near your electrical devices each day to get stress out of your home.


Use sea salt and put it in all corners of each of your rooms. Do this for a couple of day sand then sweep the salt up. It will cleanse your home from negative energy.

Singing Bowl

You can use singing bowls or chimes to make sounds in your home. These sounds can get rid of heavy energy and raise the vibrations in your home.


You can use plants around your home that will bring healing. Put them in your bedroom at night so that you can breathe even better.