Using Crystals to Find Your Passions

Using Crystals to Find Your Passions

Do you feel that you have lost your passion in life and you wonder what you really want? If you do, you need to make sure that you are figuring out what you want in your life and that you are protecting yourself from those that want to steal your passions.

You need to make sure that you are passionate in life and love and there are certain crystals that you can use to make sure you feel these things.

Some crystals re great to help you to have light and fire in your life. This can help you in the bed and help you to be a better lover and to have more sexual pleasures.

Passionate Red

Red is a color of passion and you can use deep red or red or orange gemstones to help you to have more love and lust. You will see that you can use these stones to have love in your life.

You need to meditate with the crystal that you chose and set your intentions. Let the stonework for you and find out how to ignite your passions and to have red hot desires.


The garnet can help you if you want to be a better lover. It can help you to connect with your partner. This can also help you if your heart has been broken and you need a healing.

Garnet will help you to have more sex and to be loyal to your partner. If your heart is not balanced, this stone can balance your heart chakra and help you to have more energy in bed. If you want to have a lovemaking session, use this stone under your pillow.


The Carnelian means “flesh” and it can help you to have a glowing desire to be in bed with your lover. This is part of the sacral chakra and can help you to have a desire to have sex.

It can open up your Kundalini energy and help you to have heat that is too much to handle.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a stone that will help you to find love and to let your heart align with your lover. You will use this stone to have more passion and to have more sexual energies.

The Rose Quartz can be any shape and it will help you to have more love energy. This stone will help you to please yourself and your lover and to have more love than you can give.


The Pyrite is a stone that is called “fire.” This stone can make you feel unstuck and can bring fire to your love life. This is part of your Solar Plexus and can open up your life to a happy sex life and to a happy partner.

Fire Quartz

The Fire Quartz is a stone that will work with your Root chakra to help you have more sexual desires. It will be a gentle stone and will help you to light your inner being and to be ready for your partner fast.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone can be brown or red and if you use the red, it will make you feel horny fast. It is part of the Root and the Solar Plexus chakra and will help you to have the desire of your heart. You will want to be lusty, and you will want to have passionate love.

This will help you to be intense and to be in ecstasy.


The Ruby is a red stone that will light up your life. You will feel your sensuality come on fire and you will want to work with your Heart and Root chakra in order to get what you want. You will put this under your pillow, and you will see that your climaxes will be strong.


This stone is also called Magnetite and you can use this to help you connect with your partner and to get whatever you want in your life.

If you want to have mad and passionate sex, you can use this stone or you can use other colors such as black, gray, and red that can light up your life and help you to manifest love to yourself.

You will be ready to go when you use these stones, and you will have some very powerful sexual experiences.

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