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Crystal divination

Divination has been practiced for hundreds of years. Mastering divination allows you to speak to and get advice from the divine.  No matter who delivers the messages, be it spirit animals, guardians, messengers or ancestors, the knowledge gleaned can actually be enhanced from within.

Over the centuries crystals have been used in different divination techniques. A few means of divination that use crystals are Crystallomnacy, Dowsing and Lithomancy.

There are a few steps that are used when reading crystals.  These can be used for any crystal divination.

The first step is compose a non-specific question about where you need guidance.  This should be an open ended inquiry.  Focus on it, writing it down if you have to.  Ask it three times.

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The second step is to prepare yourself. Select the crystal you want to use while focusing on the question. Do this with a clear mind.

The next step is to cleanse the crystals by clearing them. You can clear a crystal by steeping it in sea water (the real thing, or sea salt and distilled water).   You can also use lavender oil in salt water.  Another way to clear a crystal is hold it under naturally running water like a stream. You can also use smudging to clear a crystal.  Smudging involves burning white sage, sweetgrass, sandalwood or other incense. You simply pass the stone through the smudge.  Yet another way to cleanse a stone is to bury it in the earth for a period of time that you intuit is sufficient.

A form of divination that uses crystals for scrying is Crystallomancy. This is what we see when we watch people use crystal balls. Gleaning knowledge from  a crystal ball takes a lot of practice and quite a bit of patience.  Part of your practice should include treating your crystal ball with the respect that this powerful tool deserves.

Since your crystal ball is a personal object, you should not let anyone else use it or handle it. It should be stored in silk when you are not using it. This will help keep its energy vibrant and clear.  You should not use the crystal ball if your energy is not clear.  You should take the reading seriously and should be in a positive state of mind.  Your intent for your reading should be for the best of the world with all of the love and light for the universe.

To start scrying you should put your source of light to the side so you don’t get any interference or distractions while you are looking into your ball.  It may take time to for images to become clear.  It may even seem like you are tuning in an old style TV.

With crystal scrying, you will mostly see symbols. With practice your scrying will become clearer.  Anything you see will have to be evaluated according to what you are going through at a particular time.

A good thing to consider when you begin scrying is to keep a journal so you can keep track of what you see so you can make clearer interpretations.  It will also be helpful if you begin reading for others, so that you can keep track of where your client is.

Lithomancy is the art of casting crystals. You should prepare your crystals in the same way as you would for crystallomancy. The stones should be clean and clear.

The next step is to create a place to cast these stones. This is a space where you create your intention. Some use fabric to mark the area. This should be silk and it should only be used for divination.

The next step is to clear the space of any negativity by casting a ring of sea or Himalayan salt around the area.  You can also clean the space by smudging.  You should do this until you feel the energy of the space has changed. Once you have found a space and set your intentions, you should cast your stones.  You can accomplish this by holding the stones in the palms of your hands and drop them while thinking about your question.

Once you have cast your stones, you should look at the pattern created by the stones, using one the ones that fall in the casting space.

Next look at where the stones fall in relation to each other. If one is in the center it is the central theme.   Pay special attention to any crystals that fall in the same place.  If no stones fall in to the space you may need to recast or re ask the questions.

Once you have cast, then you interpret the message.  The best way to do this is to look over the whole area and use your intuition.. Then you should consult the properties assigned to each stone. This will help you put together your answer.  For this type of divination, you should definitely keep a journal to help you become more skillful and gain more insight. This will definitely help you if you are casting for others.

Another way to use crystals is in dowsing.  Dowsing is divining using a crystal on a pendulum. The pendulum  is a tool held between the thumb and index finger. It uses a sacred object.like a crystal, suspended from a string. The pendulum can be used for questions that require a yes or no. The Crystal should be prepared the same way as you prepare  the other crystals,  except this time you should have a specific yes or no question in mind.

Once you are ready, hold the end of the string on the opposite end of the crystal between your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.  Next, ask the question and notched how you the pendulum swings.  Use this to establish the yes and no signals.  Once you have established this, practice by asking general questions  until you have sharpened your divination skills.  At this point, you can move on to more personal questions.

Once again, it’s important to keep a journal to record your accuracy and patterns.

Methods of divination that use crystals are very helpful in healing because they are easily connected to the energy field of the asker. Crystal divination connects to the higher self of the reader and will help you discover imbalances that your client may have.  With scrying, you can get information from the energy of the subject. When you cast stones, you may want to try using a chart that represents the body of the subject.   When you use a pendulum, you can hold it over the questioner so it can be guided by their energy.

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