Unicorn Crystals

Unicorn Crystals

Unicorns and crystals are part of the earth and they go from one plane to the earth and align you with the world. This is the realm of the Faerie and is a part of your conscious spirit.

Some crystals are aligned with the unicorn and this is what makes them unique and magical.

Here are some gemstones that can help to heal you, purify you and inspire you in the realm of unicorns:

  • Amethyst

This is a purple quartz crystal that can give you good vibrations. This stone can help you to have a good sleep and can help to heal you from addiction and addictive behaviors that you are facing.

Amethysts are like unicorns because they help to align your chakras such as your crown chakra and help you to communicate with the universe.

  • Apophyllite

This is a colored crystal that is sometimes white and clear, and it looks like small pyramids. This crystal can help you when you meditate and can help you reach the unicorn and other dimensions.

  • Aquamarine

The Aquamarine is a good stone when you need to have a pure mind and body. It can help to get rid of toxic things in your body and clean you. It is great for the spirit and is an ocean blue color.

This stone will be like the unicorn because it can help you to transform and can help you to get rid of poison out of your body and can clean your water.

  • Larimar

This is a great stone that is opaque and is bright and blue. It looks like the sky and can help to purify water such as rain.

When you look at this stone it can give you deep joy just like when you see a unicorn.  This stone can bring joy back into your life and help you to spread it to people you meet.

  • Lepidolite

This is a lavender colored stone and it is very sparkly. It can give you answers if you have questions and it can be like a unicorn because it gives you love, peace, pureness and can help you attune to the inner spirit.

This stone helps you tot know things and can help you to make friends and to be able to have long lasting love.

  • Peridot

The Peridot is a green colored crystal that gives your comfort. It is like summer and just like the magic of a unicorn it can give you peace and help you to have harmony. It can give you emotional health and can help to heal you and ground your spirit.

  • Spirit Quartz

This crystal can help you because it can give you a sense of connecting with others. This is a small pointed crystal and is drusy and looks like a clear amethyst or the aqua aura.

This stone can help you to have more energies and to give you inspiration and joy.


When you work with these crystals you will have the power of the unicorn. You need to cleanse these stones in water or sunlight and then align your intentions as you hold it in your hand and meditate.

Create whatever purpose you have in life and attract it to you as an image of the unicorn and allow it to attune your energies and to align your thoughts and feelings.


  1. This article provides a unique perspective on the alignment of gemstones and unicorns. The descriptions of each crystal’s properties are quite vivid and imaginative.

  2. The concept of crystals having metaphysical properties is quite interesting. It would be intriguing to see scientific studies on how these stones affect human emotions and behaviors.

  3. While the connection between unicorns and gemstones is a novel idea, it would be beneficial to include more empirical evidence to support these claims.

  4. The healing properties attributed to these crystals are fascinating. However, it’s important to consider these claims with a critical mind and to seek additional sources of information.

  5. The notion that crystals can align you with mythical creatures like unicorns is certainly a creative approach. It would be interesting to explore how these beliefs intersect with different cultural mythologies.


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