Quartz Formations

Quartz Formations

Quart formations are properties of the quartz crystals and can help you when you are trying to decide which stones to purchase. There are different types of quartz and some are important to help with your healing needs.

There are different properties of the quartz and you will want to make a habit of using this stone because it has strong healing properties that can help you.

Different Formations

There are a large number of different quartz formations and many of them have more than one name. When you look at the different names that are used, it is important that you are able to know the common names.

Each quartz formation will probably have more than one name and if you are looking for a specific name, chances are that you will find that they have multiple names. More crystals are being discovered each day and people are bringing them out of the earth.

Once you discover the characteristics of the stones, you can use them to help with your healing.

Part One

There are many quartz formations, and these will be divided into two sections for this article. The first list includes:

  • Activation Quartz
  • Time Link Portal
  • Barnacle Crystal
  • Beta Quartz
  • Bridge
  • Burr
  • Candle Quartz
  • Cathedral or Lightbrary
  • Channeling or Initiation Crystals
  • Crater Crystals
  • Cross Quartz
  • Crystal Balls or Spheres
  • Devic
  • Dolphin Crystals
  • Double Terminated
  • Elestial Quartz
  • Empathic Warrior
  • Enhydro
  • Etched Quartz
  • Extra terminations or ET
  • Faden Quartz
  • Fairy Crystals
  • Fenester
  • Generator
  • Geode

Part Two

This is the second list of crystal quartz formations. This can help you to have an easier time finding the stones that you are wanting to find:

  • Grounding
  • Growth Interference Quartz
  • Isis
  • Japan Law Twin
  • Key Quartz
  • Laser Wand
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Manifestation Quartz
  • Overcoat Crystal
  • Phantom
  • Quartz Clusters
  • Rainbow Quartz
  • Record Keeper
  • Scepter
  • Seer Stone
  • Self-Healed Quartz
  • Singing Quartz
  • Tabular
  • Temple Heart Dow or Trans-Channeling
  • Transmitter or Integration Crystals
  • Trigger Crystals
  • Trigonic
  • Twin Crystals
  • Window Quartz

Individual Meanings

There are different individual meanings of the crystals and the quartz are an interesting piece of stone. These were brought out of the earth and have different names to name the configurations.

There are always new ones that are being discovered and they have different attributes and can be used for different reasons.

New ways that quartz is classified will be added but this does not change what the crystal does.

Specific Configurations

There are certain specific configurations for the formations.

Activation Quartz

The Activation quartz is also known as Portal Quartz or Link quartz and these are ones that have rectangular windows that look like small triangles in some of the crystals.

This rectangle or triangle will be to the left or right and when you are looking at the main face of the crystal, you will see the point facing upwards.

The left activation quart will have an incline to the left and will have a primary face on the crystal.

This is a good crystal to help you have clear thinking and to be logical and objective when you are thinking analytically., this also helps to get rid of blockages and to help the other side of the body.

The right activation quarts will incline toward the right and will have a primary face on the crystal. This stone can help to remove blockages from the left side of the body.

The vibrations of this stone help with creativity and to give you emotions that you can express.

Barnacle Crystals

These are larger crystals and they cover a bigger crystal. These crystals are often old soul crystals that have attracted other crystals while they grew.

The abilities of the barnacle crystal relate to family and community and being helpful and giving to those around you. This can help families if they have issues and can be used in the healing room.

People who benefit from the quartz formations will be people that are doctors, teachers, nurses, healers, or those that are service workers.

Beta Quartz

The Beta Quartz is a stone that is named because of its hexagonal or trapezohedron-hemihedral crystals. This stone helps to bring about psychic dreams and visions.

This stone can also help if you need to reach your higher self and if you have been divining or dowsing. This stone can help you to make good decisions and to answer questions as they are asked.

Bridge Crystals

The Bridge crystals are also called inner child crystals and they can be known because they have one crystal penetrating another one and is often seen in crystal clusters.

This stone is a formation that can help to bridge your life between your physical and spiritual realm. This stone is good for teachers and spiritual healers and can help you to teach others.

The crystals also are known as Satyaloka quartz and they are high spiritual quartz stones that can help you reach your higher self.

Burr Crystals

The Burr crystals are radiating from the center and they have not real structure and they are beautiful and delicate.

Some people call these the starburst crystals, but it can confuse the type of quartz you are talking about. This stunning crystal has energy that goes out in all directions. This is one of the more uncommon crystals and the way that it grows is different.

This energy can work in your life and help you to have less limits with your energy flow.

Candle Quartz (Celestial Quartz)

The Candle or Celestial Quartz is unique in its formation. It has a center and is surrounded by other crystals all around it. It almost looks like wax dripping and that is why it has that name.

This is a group of crystals that have smaller crystals with it. Each of the smaller crystals have different attributes and different aspects of them.

This stone can help you have abundance in your life and can help you if you are business. This stone can also be used when you meditate and then you can connect with your spiritual guide easier.

You can use this stone when you do lucid dreaming or astral projection.

Cathedral Quartz

The Cathedral quartz is very large and beautiful. It almost has a peak and is surrounded by pints., This is not as tall as the central point and has a common base.

This is one of the best formations and can work even if it is smaller in pieces. This is a good crystal if you want to communicate with the divine mind and if you want to have stronger vibrations. This stone should be used when you do group meditation and can help with the Lightbrary to help you connect with the Akashic records.

When you want to gain access to past life information, you can use this stone. The stone is also good for healing and is small enough to put on the area you want to heal, and it can do area healing.

This is a clear quartz Lightbrary crystal and can also be found in the Smokey quartz and is a common Citrine Kundalini quartz with different formations.

Channeling Quartz

The channeling quartz is a 7-3 formation and has seven sides and a main face and is known as a channeller face. On the other side of the crystal are triangular faces and there are three different types of quartz formations that are also known as the channeling crystals.

This relates to how many combinations of the crystal there are and there can be two or three pairs of faces and three sides. The largest crystal usually is a cluster and there are sometimes seven sides and three sides to the faces.

Those that want to pair the crystals can use the Transmitter crystals. Those have three pairs of faces and seven sides and are known as the Temple Heart Dow and the trans-channeling crystals.

All of the quartz formations are great to use for meditation and can help you to grow spiritually., You can elevate your spiritual being and change your life with these formations.

Crater Quartz


The Geodes are more common and come in different sizes from very small to large and are known as crystal caves. These stones can be made from the Amethyst crystals and are beautiful to own.

If you are a healer, you should have this in your healing room. The Geodes are made up of different crystals and each of them can be used.

The vibrations of large geodes will help with your area and can give you energy that will help heal nearby areas. This energy is not super intense, and it flows naturally.

Geodes are not normally in the quartz cluster family, but they are similar in meaning., Both have individual crystals that are smaller and combine to make one large crystal. They are great crystals that can connect people and bring them together and they have strong healing powers.

Quartz Configurations Part Two

Keep reading and find out about part two of the quartz configurations in another article. These are important to know as well and continue in the quartz family of formations.

Names and Formations

The names and formations of the quartz crystals are always changing and even though there are good names for some of them, not all of them are easy to find and some might be added as time goes by.

The interest in crystals is strong and is always changing and new names are being added and new pieces are being discovered.

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