Meditation Crystals

Meditation Crystals

If you want a less drama and more peaceful life, want to find love, get more money and make real friends, chances are you need to meditate because there are many benefits of meditation.


Meditating can help you in your body, soul and mind and there is no limit to what you can do when you meditate.

The great thing about meditation is that it helps you to learn to relax and to listen to what your body is telling you. Many people have a hard time staying calm and relaxing but with meditation, you can learn to do this.

When you use your imagination while you meditate, it can help you to reach the things in life that you want to do. Make meditating a part of your daily life and it can bring you peace and joy.

How to Meditate?

When you close your eyes and try to force meditation, it can be aggravating. When you meditate, it should be with the intention of focusing on your spiritual being. If you want to call something into existence, you can be specific with what your intentions are when you meditate such as getting rid of heartache or even pain. You can do this to call forth money or happiness.

Once you know why you want to meditate, learn to practice being comfortable and relaxing.

Meditation Crystals

If you want to use a crystal when you meditate, it can help you to relax more and help you to reach your goals and to focus on your wellbeing.

When you find that your thoughts overtake you during the day and that you experience frustration and stress, you can get your crystals out and they can help you to renew your mind and relax.

Protection Crystals

When you meditate, you bring up the spirit world and you want to do this with good intentions. While you meditate though, you are in a realm where you might come across negative energies and you need to make sure that you are safe. Using protective crystals can help to keep your aura safe when you are meditating.

When you use Satin crystals, they can help protect you such as Black Tourmaline or Obsidian. You can also wear jewelry made out of protection crystals so that you can stay safe from possession and evil coming to you.

Grounding After Meditation

Meditating can help you to relax and it can also cause your body to experience physical things like dizziness and spaciness. This happens because your body is changing, and you have energy coming to you that you do not always have.

If you finish meditating and you want to ground yourself, you can do this to make sure that you are in a stable place and that you are not stuck in a trance from meditating. When you are in a trance, you risk the chances of picking up messages from other spirits or people and it can become overwhelming for you.

Use grounding crystals to help you after you meditate and some of the great ones are Moqui Balls, Agate and Jasper stones.

You can also drink water after you meditate to help you.

Crystals While You Meditate

Meditating can be something that you do with a goal such as getting rid of stress or learning to relax more. Some people do this before a big change in their life such as a job interview or a court case. This can help you be successful.

Meditation Goals

People have different meditation goals and here are some of the most known ones:

  • To be happy.
  • To communicate with the spirit guides.
  • To find a happy relationship.
  • To have a lean body.
  • To talk to their guardian angel.
  • To understand a dream.
  • To raise awareness.
  • To awaken the kundalini.
  • To ground the chakras.
  • Finding success in work.
  • Visiting the past life.
  • Helping with emotional problems.
  • Getting more money.
  • Having good energies.
  • Getting good grades in school.
  • To not be afraid anymore.
  • To reach the higher realm.
  • To overcome trauma from the past.
  • For astral travelling.
  • To be healed.
  • To get rid of negative energies.
  • To find a soulmate.
  • To have better friends.
  • To find love.
  • To heal lower chakras.
  • To protect body and mind.
  • To be attractive.
  • To have wisdom.

Meditation Stones

If you want to reach meditation faster, using meditation crystals can help you to enhance your healing and spiritual vibrations. Here are some good stones for it:

  • Amethyst
  • Angelite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Moldavite
  • Quartz

Using Meditation Stones

When you want to meditate, make sure that you charge, cleanse or program your crystals first so that you can focus on your meditation. Hold them in your hands when you meditate, and it can help you reach a deeper state.

If you wear these crystals as jewelry, they can help you all the time and keep your aura strong.


When you are awake, your mind is working and when you are asleep or meditating your subconscious mind takes over.

Your mind is stimulated by things around you such as people, the temperature outside, where you live and different sounds and sights. You can have memories or thoughts that come to you each day and they can be both positive and negative. When negative thoughts come to you though, it can cause you to be stressed or even sick.

When you have thoughts that are positive, it can help you to reach your higher self and to reach your goals.

Having relief from stress can happen when you are sleeping and when your subconscious mind is in charge. This part of your mind does not think about things, it just helps you to get messages from your dreams and the spirit world.

Meditation Goal

The mind is in a place where it is always between the conscious and subconscious and this is where your mind can change. Your mind is a place where you can meditate so that you can be in a place where you know where you are but at the same time you can connect with your subconscious world. Meditating is peaceful and relaxing.

When you meditate, it can increase your vibrational frequencies because it allows you to feel things beyond the physical world. Here are some things you might feel when you meditate:

  • Body parts beginning to disappear.
  • Shaking or vibrations.
  • Different messages or sounds.
  • Voices.
  • Increase or decrease of body temperature.
  • Spaciness or dizziness.

When you want to reduce the spaciness or dizziness remember to hold on to your grounding stones after you meditate. These different feelings come because your body’s energies are changing, and so different people feel different things when they meditate.

Meditation Crystals

Here are some of the best-selling crystals that people use for meditation:

  • Satin Crystals
  • Amethyst Sphere
  • Lapis Eggs

Chakra Meditating

The chakras are important to make you feel good in your mind and body and the body has seven main chakras that take place all through the body.

The chakras can be looked at as light or flowers, anything that makes you understand what they are. There are stones that work well with the individual chakras such as:

  • Crown chakra-Lepidolite, Amethyst or Selenite
  • Third Eye chakra-Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli
  • Throat chakra-Angelite, turquoise and chrysocolla
  • Heart chakra-Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite
  • Solar Plexus chakra-citrine, septarian, golden calcite.
  • Sacral Chakra-Moonstone, Sunstone or Carnelian.
  • Root chakra-Jasper, garnet or copper.

Meditation for the Mind

Meditation helps you to calm your mind when it is busy. When you meditate, it can get rid of stress and worry.

Reaching your higher self is important and when negative things come in your life, it is hard to enjoy life and be happy but when you meditate it helps you to have peace with your mind and soul.

Meditation can give you peace and get rid of negative feelings that you have and bring you joy.

When you do meditation mindfulness, you are aware of what you are feeling and what your self is feeling, and you open up your mind and your third eye to relaxation and light. You can see who you are without being stressed or upset over things.

Zen Jewelry

There are some different types of Zen jewelry that you can buy to wear all the time to keep you peaceful and strong such as:

  • Chakra Necklaces
  • Purple Amethyst beads.
  • Angelite Lapis bracelets
  • Selenite earrings.

Spiritual Meditation

Quieting your mind is not the only way you can get rid of stress; you can do this with other things in your life such as spiritual meditation. This can give you guidance and increase your intuition. This can increase your soul level and help you achieve great things.

By spiritual meditation, you can connect with your spiritual guides and your spiritual being in the spirit world and this is a place between the physical body and the spiritual world. If you have lost your place in your spiritual being, you need to have a connection with the spirit world.

This connection can help you to open up to your higher self and be able to speak to your angels and other spiritual beings. You can connect with them and communicate with them and they will give your insight that you need to have a better life. This can happen through feelings and pictures that your mind shows you.

When you are connected with the spirit world, you have an increase of intuition and you can understand the universe better.

Spirit Animals and Angels

You never have to take your spiritual journey alone and there are spiritual guides that will help you along the way. You have friends in the spirit world such as totem animals, angels and spiritual guides.  They can help you in all things you do.


When you meditate alone it is a different feeling than doing it in a group. This allows you to be in a trance and concentrate on what you need. It is easier to stay focused and to concentrate on letting yourself relax.

Allow your spirit guides to guide you and do not force meditation to come, it will in time. Allow yourself to be quiet and to relax. Do not fall asleep, but if you cannot help it, you might have great dreams.

Guided Meditation

Using crystals can take you on a different kind of meditation journey. There are some stones that can help you such as obsidian, lapis lazuli and tiger’s eye. These are great stones to help guide you.

Self-Improvement Meditation

When you want to better yourself, you can use meditation to help you. It can help you focus on who you are in your body and in your spiritual being. This also can help you with your mind.

Meditation can help you figure out who you are and what the world has to offer you and what you have to offer it. When you can do this, you can help others along with helping yourself.

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