How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse Your Crystals

If you are someone that uses crystals for your spiritual practices, you need to make sure that they are always cleansed and that they are working the best that they can.

Crystals work best when the energy in them is strong and when their vibrations are strong. The crystals will pick up negative energy from the energy field and this can cause them to become weak over time.

Many people use crystals to rebalance their life, to ground themselves and to get rid of negativity from their aura.

Crystals and Vibrations

Crystals have different vibrational frequencies depending on what kind of crystal that it is. Some crystals will have stable energy and this energy will help you to heal in your mind and body. The crystal works on a wavelength called oscillatory frequency which is energy, and the body also has this same kind of energy field.

The difference is that the energy and vibration is constantly changing because of different factors in our bodies, and this has to do with what kind of mood we are in, what we believe and the choices that we make in our lives.

There are different energy frequencies that the people and the crystals have, and this is a natural time that is not changing. The crystal that hasn’t been used yet is similar to a brand-new phone or computer.

The computer though will become full of energies after it is being used and so does a crystal. The difference is that the crystal will pick up negative energies and the computer will pick up viruses.

Cleansing Your Crystals Regularly

If you want your crystals to keep healing and to work right, you have to make sure they are cleaned correctly and on a regular basis. Some people will cleanse their crystals after each time that they use them.

Since the crystals are put around all kinds of different energies, they will pick these up. Even if we try to keep our crystals safe, they still pick up energies. Imagine how many different energies that your crystals will have as you use them over and over.

Crystals and Energies

Crystals remember things and they are able to take the energy that you have around you and they absorb this energy.

Researching Your Crystals

There are different ways that you can clean your crystals but depending on what kind of crystal hat you have; you need to research to make sure that you will not hurt it by the way that you clean it.

Some crystals will mess up if they are exposed to acidic substances or any kind of alkaline. Some even will mess up in water.

Natural Crystal Cleansings

There are methods to restore your crystals and to cleanse them that are natural. You can put them in water such as distilled or purified water, you can put them in the moonlight or the sunlight, or you can do other natural methods to restore their energies.

There are crystals that have different methods such as some that need to clean in water while others work best in the sun.

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Some crystals that are put together in the same bag or sack can get rid of energies that are negative. One great stone for this is the clear quartz crystal.

Rice Cleansing

If you need to cleanse your crystal even deeper, you can put it in salt water or you can use rice. Throw this away after you use it.

Just like you clean your body, your home, your clothes, and everything else, your crystals need to be cleaned so that they can be strong and help you with what you need.

Sound Cleaning

There are other methods such as sound cleansing. This is when you take a Tibetan singing bowl and you put the crystal in it. This will allow the crystal to charge while the music is playing.

Your cleansing ritual will allow your crystal to be strong again and will take away any negative energies that your stone picked up along the way.

Protecting Yourself and Your Crystals

Cleaning your crystals regularly will protect them from harm and will help them to help you. No matter how you choose to cleanse your crystal or how often you do it, you need to make sure that you share your intentions.

Make sure you are using positive energy when you think about cleaning your crystals and that you are expressing them positively with your aura and your mindset.