Healing Stones Meaning

Healing Stones Meaning

Healing stones have been around for thousands of years and have been used in many things during ancient times.  There are even ancient textiles that have been found to be used for coloring from some crystals that are known today.

Stones were often times ground into powder and was used to paint on the skin of different religious groups.  These were used for Shamanic ceremonies and even though we don’t always know how they got their meanings; we do know that stones have been used for healing for years and years.

During the ancient times, stones were used for different reasons.  Some of the stones were used to make dyes and others were used as powder to color clothing and other textiles.

Meaning of Stones

No one knows for sure how the stones got their meanings and how they became healing stones or where they got their power, but some believe that these stones were around for a long time and that they became very strong for healing.

Some of the meanings didn’t come at one time but they have been around for hundreds of years.  They were in the homes of people that were naturally healed and healthy. Once the crystals became a part of more lives, people began to realize that they were healing stones and that they could be grouped around a person’s birth month.

There are beautiful stones that are made into jewelry, and they include birthstones that are in gold or even in silver.  Some are rings, pendants, necklaces, pins and more.  One of the most beautiful stones for jewelry is the Pink Kunzite.

The stones were made available throughout the years in different places.  Some of them were carved and were found by archeologists while others were discovered by regular people or passed down from generation to generation.

Birthstone jewelry has been used and grouped together with the birth month and these are called birthstones.  They relate to the month by which a person was born, and the stones are beautiful and can draw a lot of attention.

Once the stones were known to have healing properties, many people saw that they would benefit from these stones.  They have been used as jewelry and even given as gifts. People group these birthstones with the astrological signs and these stones can be more beneficial if they fit in your star sign.  These are the zodiac birthstones.

Using Healing Stones

When you know the meanings of the healing stones, you can make better decisions in your life and know what to buy.  Having crystals in your life is beneficial and not only are they helpful but they can be beautiful to look at and to have.

Having these crystals in your house can help you to improve in your health and in your overall health and life.  Some of these crystals such as the quartz crystal stone, or stones carved into Buddha’s can have strong healing powers.

You can even know when they are close to your body, and you will recognize how beautiful they are and see that they can benefit your life. The stones have different vibrational frequencies, and some include a variety of different quartz’s and if you are feeling sad or anxious, you can use certain stones to relieve your stress.

History of the Stones

Most of the crystals have strong healing attributes and this comes from the Ancient Mesopotamia times. One of them that was very popular during this time was the Lapis Lazuli and has been written about and known to have strong qualities such as giving wisdom and peace.

Tomb and Afterlife

Many pieces of jewelry have been made out of the Lapis Lazuli and they have been discovered in tombs found in Egypt and other places. Some believe that healing stones were saved in the tombs of pharaohs and other people so that they could use them in the afterlife.

Psychic Abilities

Many people discovered that the stones were used to increase their psychic abilities. In the older times, these stones were given as gifts because they were seen as magic and people in powerful positions wanted to have them close to them.

Natural Healing Powers

Nowadays, people do not see these as magic, but they do see that they help with their psychic giftings.  Some stones such as the Lapis, were found in ancient tombs and are said to have natural healing powers.

Reaching Spiritual Guides

The stones that were stored are seen as important and people were aware of their benefits, even in ancient times.  There are different psychic gifts that can be developed using different crystals and if you are going to use a stone to speak to your spiritual guides, learn about how the stones work and how they can be used for your psychic protection.  There are stones that can help to protect you if you have a psychic attack on you.

Clair Gifting

Some healing crystals are known to help you with your gifts such as the gift of clairvoyance and the gift of clairaudience and other clair gifts. There are stones that make it easier for people to contact their spiritual guides and the stones can help you to develop different abilities that you want to have.

Healing Stones

There are different ways that you can use the stones for healing, and they have strong healing attributes.


Using crystals to meditate with can help you to make better decisions in your life and can help you to make better decisions in your life. There are some stones that can help you heal while you use them to meditate and while you use them on your body and in the rooms that you live in.


Each part of your body is associated with a different chakra and these stones can help to assist you in your life.  The chakras will need to be grounded for you to be healthy in your body and your mind.

Natural crystals can help to increase the third eye chakra and will help to stimulate the pineal gland.  This is great for people that are wanting to do psychic work for others. The crown chakra is part of your spiritual life.  This can help to improve your overall spiritual life and can help your health.

The stones that have higher vibrations will increase your energies and will help to develop your psychic gifts.  The crystals that have healing areas will improve the life and different areas of your life. You will see that the crystals can benefit your life and will help with any issues that you have.

Knowing which stones have healing properties can help you to improve your everyday living. There are different stones that can increase your chakras and can help you to be ground and help your life to be better.  The people in ancient times knew how powerful these stones can be.

Stones to Use

If you have interest in improving your financial situation, there are different stones that can help with your overall prosperity.  You can use stones that can increase your abundance and stones that can improve your solar plexus that can help you dramatically.

Using golden stones can help you to call forth money and abundance.  You can see different crystals that can help to increase your finances.  There are golden yellow stones that can work with this including the citrine, Yellow Apatite, and the Golden Yellow Topaz and these can help you get money.

It is important to know that stones have different vibrational frequencies, and they can use these to change the way that they feel and to help them become grounded.  If you are not sure if you are grounded, you need to find out what makes you ungrounded and fix it.

You can fix yourself and be more grounded including walking barefoot in nature, taking a salt bath and more.  Even meditation can help to ground you.  Using stones such as Black Tourmaline can help to ground you.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is a grounding stone, and it can also protect you from psychic attacks.  This is a very protective stone and has great properties.  There are other areas in your life that this stone can help you in.

Other Stones

There are other stones that have high vibrations and having high vibrations in your life can keep you well and healthy.  Specific stones that have high vibrations include stones such as:

  • Green Tektite
  • Yellow Libyan Desert Glass
  • Herderite
  • Moldavite
  • Herkimer Diamond

These stones are tiny and are sometimes hard to find but you can find them if you search hard enough.

Crystal Quartz

Another group of crystals are the quartz crystals.  These have strong healing powers, and they can help you in your life so that you can be stronger, healed and can open up your spiritual life.  These stones are very popular, and they are one of the most popular crystals in the planet.

These stones can be found in different colors and some of the most popular quartz include:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Purple Amethyst Quartz
  • Prasiolite Quartz
  • Citrine Crystals
  • Clear Quartz

Some of these stones can help to ground the sacral chakra and can help to boost your creative juices. Many of the stones will fit in different categories in your life and can benefit you in different ways.

Each of the meanings of the stones have been discovered accidently but there is a lot of knowledge on the stones now. If you want to see your health improved, figure out which crystals can help you and make sure that you choose the right stones for you.


  1. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the various uses and beliefs surrounding healing stones. The connection between birthstones and astrological signs is particularly interesting, though I remain skeptical about the scientific basis of these claims.

  2. The historical accounts of healing stones and their usage in different eras are well-documented here. However, the emphasis on their ‘healing powers’ and psychic abilities could use more scientific scrutiny to appeal to a broader audience.

  3. While the article offers an elaborate narrative on the cultural and historical aspects of healing stones, it tends to repeat certain points. More structure and concise information would enhance readability and comprehension.

  4. The historical context provided about the use of healing stones is intriguing. It offers a perspective on how ancient civilizations might have perceived and utilized these minerals. It would be beneficial to see more empirical evidence backing these claims.

  5. The mention of specific stones like Lapis Lazuli and their historical significance is quite fascinating. It’s clear that these stones held considerable value in ancient societies. However, the article could benefit from more detailed explanations of the supposed healing properties.

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