Having Good Dreams with Crystals

Dreams with Crystals

Having a mystical dream means that you can have an adventure while you are sleeping. Lucid dreams are strong and can give you prophetic messages that can leave you scared, happy or confused. Some dreams just come in as a complete mess in your mind and it can cause you not to know what is going to happen or to forget the dream all together.

Can crystals help your dreams to be better? The answer is yes. There are crystals that are there to help you have good and bad dreams. They will come again and again because they are there for healing and have many good qualities to help you.

Some crystals were created to help you get rid of bad dreams or to help you to remember and hear from your dreams. They can help you to have peace in your life and help you to have dreams you want to have such as sweet dreams.

Here are some of the best crystals for having good dreams:

  • Amethyst

The Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that is considered a dream crystal because it allows people to have healing and good dreams. It takes away nightmares and can help you to be closer to nature. This is a healing stone and can help surround you with violet light.

The Amethyst is a stone that is royal and calm and can help you to have good dreams and can strengthen the power to your third eye. This can balance your chakras and help you to have more intuition. This stone can give you insight and protect you from psychic attacks as well. When you put this stone under your pillow, it can help you to have lucid dreams and to remember them.

  • Howlite

The Howlite is considered an inspiration stone and it is full of gray or black lines that can give you peaceful dreams. This stone is part of your Crown Chakra and can help you to connect with the divine world. If you have trouble sleeping, this stone can take away negative thoughts and feelings and replace your stress with calmness and peace.

This stone is also known as the Snow Leopard Stone because it has spots on it that look like fur of cats and if you have the snow leopard as your spirit animal, it helps to get rid of negative energies.

  • Moonstone

The Moonstone comes in different colors but most of the time it is white. This stone is a calming stone and helps you have better beginnings. It helps you to find your destiny and to start over on your spiritual path if you need to.

This is also called a Lunar Crystal because it works with your Crown Chakra and works with the moon to bring feminine energies to men and woman. This is a prophecy stone and will keep you safe if you are doing lucid dreaming. This helps you to have sweet dreams and to help you when you are awake.

  • Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is a psychic protection stone, and it is covered in ebony and is great for protection. This stone will keep negative energies off of you and will help to protect you from negative things in your life. This stone will help to keep your chakras grounded and get you closer to Mother Gaia.

This stone will take your negative thoughts and reverse them to positive thinking and help you have good dreams.

  • Lapis Lazuli

This stone is a stone of lucid dreaming and can help you to have more wisdom. This stone is a blue and gold stone that can help you to reach the celestial kingdoms and take away your negativity.

The Lapis Lazuli is another crystal that gets rid of negative energy and will give you peace and calmness in your life.