Using Crystals for Violet Flame

Amethyst Crystal

Alchemical and metaphysical healers use violet flame healing in their healing practices just like they used to do in the ancient days.

The violet ray is part of the Amethyst Crystal, the Sugalite, Tanzanite and the Purpurite, along with other purple stones. The idea of healing vibrations come from the idea of purple stones, and it helps to bring about healing and harmony in the body and mind.

Who is St. Germaine?

The Ascended Master Saint Germain was a person that was born sometime in the 1500’s. Not a lot has been written about this man, but some believe that he had a lot of healing attributes.

If you are a healer such as an alchemical healer who works with people’s energies, they will help you take on healing through faith and spiritual and psychic abilities. People that channel spirits and who contact St. Germain have been told that he is part of the violet ray or the Seventh Cohan of the violet ray.

He lives in the etheric part of the world and helps to make sure that the world is becoming a better place. When people are interested in healing, they will use his ideas behind the violet flame to help get rid of negative vibrations and this is part of healing today.

The flame was amazing and can help protect form negative energies and turn it to light. There are different methods of this type of healing, but the best way is to ask St. Germain to help you and by getting his help and praying to him, you will feel healing vibrations come to you.

Healing Violet Flame Crystals


There are many stones that are associated with the violet flame such as the Amethyst and these are stones that are often used by healers because they are powerful and easy to get ahold of. Many alchemical and crystal healers will use certain stones such as the Amethyst to help them with the violet flame.

The idea behind the Amethyst stone is that it can heal different levels of your body such as your metaphysical, physical and your etheric being. These stones have high vibrational frequencies, and they allow you to be calm and to be connected and protected in the spiritual world.

Using Violet Stones

If you want to use the stones in the best way, you can get jewelry made out of them so that you can wear them all the time. Most of these stones will make beautiful jewelry and wearing this on your body can attract light and get rid of negative energies.

The purple Amethyst crystal has a nice energy, and it is found on the zodiac birthstone list. There are other birthstones that can be used and made into jewelry and if you wear these stones as jewelry then you can make sure that you are being healthy and that you have high levels of energies that embody these stones.

Why Use the Stones

Amethyst crystals are part of the violet flame and are strong in vibrations and even have the high vibration Vera Cruz Amethyst which is very powerful.

Other stones such as the Amethyst Cacoxenite, Amegreen, Pink Lazurine, Tanzanite, Violet Flame Opal and the Pink or Purple Purpurite can all help with this energy. These crystals will help to heal the third eye chakra, the soul star chakra, etheric chakras and even the crown chakra.

This will give you powerful energy and help to awaken you and help to increase your psychic giftings. These crystals can increase your spiritual gifts and help you to have more strength and health.

When you wear these crystals, you will see that they can help heal you. The chakra stones will work together to help you have more talents, to be patient, to help you communicate better in the spiritual world and more.

If you want to increase your psychic giftings, you can use different stones together and they can make you more effective and stronger.  If you use natural crystals on your clients, you always need to make sure that they are cleansed, and the energy is clear.

Healing and Cleansing Stones

There are many stones such as the Amethyst crystal that can help you in case you are being attacked in your psychic gifts. They can guard you from attacks and get rid of negative energies that you are feeling.

There are many healing methods that are available, and they will be part of your life and they can be used alone, or they can be used with the violet flame stones. Here are some great violet flame stones:

  • Amegreen
  • Amethyst
  • Amethyst Cacoxenite
  • Tanzanite Stones

Other Tools

There are other things that you can use to help know about stones and that includes reading books, watching podcasts, or finding online blogs. You can also speak to your very own psychic if you need to.