Crystals for Inner Child Healing

Crystals for Inner Child Healing

If you need your inner child healed, chances are you had things happen to you as a child that you have not yet resolved in your life. Some of these things you might not even be aware of, but they can bring you sadness and stress and you need to have a resolution for them.

When you can release anxiety of your past, you can have back control of your life and learn to have joy.

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child healing is healing from your past. Once you are an adult from a child, things in life seem to go as they may and you have learned from being a child how you are to act and what you are to think and some people need to be healed from issues that are holding them back.

Our past lives have caused some people to have big sources of stress and sometimes people do not even realize it. They need to go back to their past and heal these hurts by becoming aware of them. We each hold a memory of being a child and on some level, each person might have some past issues in life.

In order to heal the inner child, there are certain meditation techniques that you can do, and this can help you to adhere with your inner child and to heal.

You can ask your inner child to come to you and then you, yourself become the loving parent. You will learn about what your past issues are, and they can come to the surface of your being.

When you are drawn attention to these issues, you can learn to understand the hurt and the pain of your inner child. You will become aware of the issues and you will know the people that have caused you hurt.

You have to forgive them because forgiveness is an important part of healing and you cannot let go and move on without forgiving.

You have to allow yourself to support who you are and to celebrate the journey that you have been on in life. You have to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

Inner Child Healing and Crystals

If you want to use crystals to heal your inner being, you can do this, but they are not necessary. By choosing a crystal, you can use your intuition to guide you and help you through.

Use a Clear Quartz crystal above your head at the crown chakra so that you can benefit from your inner child healing. This crystal is small and is part of another crystal.

If you have the Amethyst stone, you can put it at your third eye chakra, or your throat chakra and it can help to boost your life.

You can use a Blue Aragonite or the Blue Lace Agate or other blue crystals to help you. Use the Lepidocrocite in Quartz or the Dioptase, Green Gaspeite or the Mango Calcite to help with your heart chakra.

These stones have high vibrations and can help you to have compassion and to be able to heal in parts of the heart region of your chakras.

The Pink Kunzite Crystal or the Rose Quartz can also help you if you have these emotional issues. Using the Rhodochrosite around the solar plexus chakra or the Bustamite or Green Chrysoprase can bring forth healing in your chakras.

If you own the Smithsonite stone, you can use it with all of your chakras and the Ruby and Red Jasper can be used for healing as well.

The Red Jasper has many good attributes such as helping you to find ways to solve your problems and to boost your energies. The Ruby can help to give you happiness and make you enthusiastic in life.

The Smokey Quartz and the Youngbite can be used at your base chakra and it is a grounding stone and can protect you from psychic attacks. These stones can help you to have better emotions and can give you energy.

Healing of the Inner Child

Meditating is important if you need to heal and you should do that for at least an hour with no interruptions. This can be emotionally draining and so you need to lay down and then sit up when the crystals direct you.

You can use your inner awareness to help you and see yourself as the loving parent to your inner child so that you can speak and understand what is going on in your life.

Allow your inner child to come forward and ask permission to let memories come to your mind.

Speaking to Your Inner Child

You can listen to what your inner child says and know that whatever comes might seem illogical but go with it anyways.

You have to allow anger and tears to come and this will aid in your healing. At the beginning, it might be hard for your inner child to speak to you and to validate the feelings that come but once it does speak, you need to allow it to talk until it is done.

Everyone has to let go and let the child take control. The inner parent will tell you that you should let go of judgement and shame and help you to heal from the past.

These wounds are emotional wounds and need to be healed. You have to allow this to happen so you can have better relationships.

Process of Healing

It is possible that you are having a battle go on inside of you. Go with whatever you are feeling until you develop a relationship with yourself and you can heal your wounds.

It is empowering for you to let your inner child to come out and seek forgiveness and then to forgive yourself and those that have hurt you.

If you have the Green Dioptase crystal, hold it in your hand and ask to forgive. This and the Stichtite, Green Calcite and the Rhodonite can help with forgiveness.

Here are some things you need to do:

  • Respect your inner child.
  • Let your inner child show what they are feeling.
  • Love your inner child.
  • Allow yourself to accept who you are now.
  • Validate the gifts you have.
  • Validate your talents.
  • If you are stressed or anxious or have trouble sleeping, let the crystals help you.

You need to figure out why you act how you do and if it has to do with your past or with past unforgiveness. If it does, you need to work on that and allow yourself to heal.

Healing Process

Healing your inner child takes time and you have problems that you have to resolve along the way. You will see as you forgive yourself and others that your life will get better and you will improve. The crystals and meditation can help you do this.

The Rose Quartz will help you to feel balanced and help you to get rid of relationship problems. The Amethyst are good for the violet flame and can help you to get rid of grief or pain in your life. This can help with your inner child healing.

Another powerful stone for forgiveness is the Dioptase. Using any of the stones with meditation can help you and you can use them by wearing them on your body or putting them under your pillow.

If you are stressed, you can use EFT tapping or meridian tapping to get rid of stress. Crystals such as the Chrysoprase can help you to have forgiveness and let go of past life situations that are negative to you. They can help you with your relationships and can help to heal your inner child.

If you are stressed out, you can use stones such as the Lilac Lepidolite or the Amblygonite to feel calm. Using these stones and others can help to give you less stress and to heal your inner child. You don’t have to rush or get rid of all of your problems at once but working towards inner child healing can put you in a better emotional place.

Other Tools

There are other things that you can use to help know about stones and that includes reading books, watching podcasts, or finding online blogs. You can also speak to your very own psychic if you need to.