Crystals for Happiness


Many people think it’s strange to use crystals in order to life your mood. But the truth is that it is not always things that bring you happiness but the energies that are in your body and the inner joy and the peace that you have in your mind that can bring you joy and happiness.

It isn’t easy to find these feeling when everything in the world is so negative and even when you do have positive feelings you will always need to keep this mood uplifted and have a lot of positivity so that you can keep happiness close by.

Crystals to Help Your Emotions

There are many crystals that can boost your emotions and bring about positive feelings. If you want to feel better about your life and be more excited and see the bright side of things, you can use crystals to help you experience this.

Each day life brings new things, and you might see things come up at your work or in your relationships and it can cause your attitude to not be so cheerful. If you want to stimulate joy and happiness and lift your emotions, you can find stones that can help to do this.

When you watch the news and see negative things happen, you will sometimes see that this can cause your mood to drain and cause you to be unhappy. You need to act and concentrate on things that bring happiness and not stress or aggravation.

Why Be Happy?

If you want to be happy, you need to learn to think happy thoughts. When you think of negative things, it can bring you down and cause you to have a hard time being joyful. When you think of negative things and negative people around you, you are allowing your thinking to bring you down.

Concentrating on happy thoughts can change your perspective and let you be happy in your life. Children are so full of joy and have such an easy way to go from a negative to a positive thought quickly and by changing your thought a little by little, you can become like the children and learn to think more positively and achieve happiness.

Crystals and Happiness

Many people know how to be happy and know what happy feelings are, but how are you achieving this? If you want to hold crystals in your hand and learn to seek happiness this way, it can be an exciting thing. Crystals can give you positive energies and can boost your environment.

If you aim to be happy, you need to raise your vibrations, and this can bring on positive feelings. Here are some crystals that are the best for helping you to be happy:

  • Peridot
  • Citrine
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Blue Euclase
  • Chrysanthemum Stones
  • Chalcopyrite
  • Chrysoprase
  • Sardonyx
  • Rainbow Jasper

More About Happy Crystals

With this list of crystals, you will see why these crystals boost happiness and positive thinking.


The Peridot is a crystal that helps to bring increase. This crystal has positive energies and can help to bring about joy and happiness in your life. This stone helps you to think clear and to be more assertive.

The energy that comes from this stone can help you to be happier and to be more positive.


Citrine is a stone that can also bring abundance to your life, but it has many other qualities. This is a great stone to bring happy energy to your life and to help stimulate your happiness and your joy. If you are lacking creativity, the Citrine can help to bring this to life

The vibration of the Citrine works with the third eye chakra and so it helps with clear thinking which means it can boost your spiritual gifts. This crystal is a quartz crystal so that means it is easy to be programmed and to recharge if needed.

Green Tourmaline

The Green Tourmaline is a high energy crystal that is based on your heart. This stone gets energy from the earth and can help you to feel happy and compassion for yourself and others.

This stone is known to have strong healing powers and can keep you relaxed, give you energy and help with weight loss. This stone can bring manifestations into your life, help you be more creative and bring you prosperity.


If you are looking for a stone to help you feel less stress, the Bustamite is a great stone for this. Not only can it relieve stress, but it can also bring about positive feelings and help to encourage happiness in your life. This has energy that brings harmony and can create happy feelings inside of you.

If you are creative and you needed aided in this or intuition, use this stone and it can also help you to contact your spiritual guides and reach the higher realm.

Blue Euclase

The Blue Euclase will help to reach your higher chakras and can help to increase your giftings such as psychic communication and intuition. This stone is blue and is strong and can bring joy and happiness and help you to have positive feelings.

This is a good stone if you need to synchronize your life and can help to heal you from sickness and even broken bones and inflammation. This stone is great if you have arthritis and if you have a lot of tension and muscle cramps.

Chrysanthemum Stone

If you need to have calm and soothing energies, the Chrysanthemum Stone can help you to center yourself and to bring you joy. This can increase your coincidences and synchronicity and can bring you abundance and happiness like a child.


This stone will help you find joy and can help you to stimulate your religious beliefs. If you lose something and you are needing help finding it, use the Chalcopyrite to help you.

This stone has strong vibrations and can boost your emotions and help you to manifest money.


The Chrysoprase is a nice stone that is part of the heart chakra. This brings about a green ray and can help you in your relationships and bring money in your life.

The energy from this stone brings happiness and joy and can help you get through depression. This stone is great if you need to forgive others, or you want spiritual growth to come to you.


One very powerful stone is the Sardonyx, and it is great for protecting you and grounding you as well as bringing you joy and peace.

This stone helps you with willpower and can help you discipline yourself. This stone has good energies and can help you remember things more and be more creative.

Rainforest Jasper

If you need a stone that works fast, the Rainforest Jasper is your stone. It can work immediately and can bring about happiness and joy and can change all parts of your body.

This stone is associated with the heart chakra and can help you increase your psychic giftings and speak to the spiritual world.

Are They Hard to Get?

Some of the stones that are mentions are easier to get than others but most of the ones listed above should be able to be found at a crystal store or a jewelry shop.

There are some other ones that are not as easy to get but you might find them online or at a specialized crystals shop. Find out which crystals you want and find a reputable shop to get your crystals from and it can leave you feeling good and confident in your purchases.

Other Crystals

There are some other crystals that are great for happiness such as:

  • Bauxite
  • Pargasite
  • Sillimanite
  • Polychrome Jasper
  • Hornblende
  • Adamite
  • Papagoite
  • Poppy Jasper
  • Clinohumite
  • Youngbite

Those crystals are a little harder to find than the first list, but you can still locate them with a little work.

Choose Happiness

You have to choose to be happy and here are some ways that you can do just that:

  • Feel love towards yourself.
  • Make a goal to be happy.
  • Allow yourself to be loved by others.
  • When you start to love yourself learn to be happy.
  • Start thinking happy thoughts.
  • Get positive vibrations by being positive.
  • You can meditate with any of the stones from the heart chakra and they can help you to get rid of negativity and to be more positive.
  • Let go of things that have caused you pain and learn to be happy and to seek joy.

Using the Crystals

There are ways that you can use the crystals such as holding them in your hand when you meditate. You can also keep them under your pillow or wear them as jewelry or keep them in your pocket.

By keeping the crystals close to your body, it can raise your auric field and help to bring forth joy and peace in your life. Even though you want life to fix itself fast, it takes time. Learn to discover how to be happy and how your vibrations will change when you use the stones.

Other Tools

There are other things that you can use to help know about stones and that includes reading books, watching podcasts, or finding online blogs. You can also speak to your very own psychic if you need to.