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Crystal Readings Explained

Most people don’t necessarily need to have experienced a psychic reading to know what one is. For a closer definition, however, it is a discernment of information made possible through perceptive abilities that are above and beyond the normal level of the senses. These advanced senses include hearing (clairaudience), knowing (claircognisance), feeling (clairsentience), and vision (clairvoyance).

Crystal readings, however, are a little more mysterious. As such, we’re going to go into a little detail here about what they are.

Scrying is usually conducted through a crystal ball, and in this case, it might be able to tell something to a reader about the person for whom they’re conducting a reading. But does a crystal tell us about a person’s future or past in an accurate fashion?

For many psychics, the knowledge of crystal readings comes immediately, although there is definitely the opportunity to develop their skills over the years. Basically, there are many different crystal combinations to choose from, and this is essential to making the most of a person’s ability to provide readings.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that psychics use cues, but they don’t read minds. Psychics merely seek out the answers that are transcendental, not a complete life story of a person sat before them. As such, crystal balls are not entirely necessary, even if they are certainly conducive; many stones perform similar jobs.

Nevertheless, spherical stones, through their omnidirectionality, are perfect for reading the past and the future. Again, they are conduits, not receivers. The reading, provided by the reader, is what really matters.

A psychic reader discovers a person’s spiritual journey and locates the emotionality realm of a person’s body. Of course, people know their external worlds—and this is why a crystal comes in handy.

However, evasive people are usually unlikely to gain from therapy. If you want a psychic reading, you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Otherwise, it won’t work. Psychics need to know what’s actually going on with you in order to see further, and also to pick up on certain cues that lead down particular alleys illuminating your life journey.

It is only at this point, then, that a psychic will decide whether or not a crystal might work better for you. It skips over the task of properly grasping something. It is not exactly conversation therapy—though that certainly plays a part—but the Power Stones that are added creates a unique experience that makes for a way more accurate reading.

The ideal setup includes a tabletop layout with a particular crystal chosen from a selection. However, it should be remembered that this is not a miracle cure, because a crystal reading can only dig so deep into your psyche. The emotional world is a puzzle, and nothing can fix it all at once. This is partially the problem with there being such a range of crystals that are suitable—sometimes, it takes more than one attempt.

Consider a whole array of vibrations for your witness to take part in. Experimenting with different stones—providing you know what they do—is a great way of getting more in touch with the emotional realm. The solution usually arrives as a result of this experimentation. In that sense, then, crystal readings are mere introductions to the emotional realm, and to figure out some of your life dynamics that are currently influencing you from day to day.

With long-distance readings, crystals may be consulted afterwards to provide a deeper level of insight into the reading.

What matters, in the end, is the range, type, and strength of a particular stone combined with our drive to grow as people, all of which is tied together by the strength of our imagination. It is so very often a stepping stone to a bright relationship between a psychic and yourself.

The best thing, though, is that crystals inevitably give you a broader understanding of yourself, your emotional life, and your current position on your spiritual journey.

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