Crystal Care

Crystal Care

If you have crystals that are dirty or full of negative energies, then you can cleanse them or recharge them so that the negative energies get off of them and they can help you with positive effects.

Why Clean Crystals

Cleaning crystals is important because it gets rid of the negative energies. When you use your crystals for healing, the crystals will pick up negative energies and these energies need to be removed so it can work correctly.

How Often to Cleanse Crystals?

When you use crystals for healing, you want them to always be ready and working. If you are working on who you are or helping a client, you should always clean your stones after you use them.

If you are using your crystal here and there, you don’t have to clean them as often, more like once a week or a month. This happens when you use crystals that you wear as jewelry as well and you need to focus on the energy so that the crystals can work.

How to Clean Crystals

There are different methods that can be used for cleaning crystals but here are some great ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • Sage or smoke incense-use smudge sticks to wave over the stone and clear the energy from your environment.
  • Singing bowl-this is a musical vibration that can get rid of negative energies. This can be a metal Tibetan singing or Quartz crystal bowl. Use this as a sound bath to keep your crystals positive.
  • Tuning forks-use the vibrations from tuning forks and place over your crystals to cleanse them.
  • Crystal cluster-use clusters to help move the energies around and make them positive.

Cleansing Methods

Energy from your crystals can be positive and negative depending on what is going on in your life. There are ways that you can cleanse your crystals such as putting them in salts, liquids or other objects. Here are some great examples:

  • Do not use water-soluble crystals in water.
  • If you have a soft stone, do not use salt on it.
  • A stone that is shiny might lose its polish in saltwater.
  • Stones that were buried may have dirt that is permanent inside of its veins.

Ask someone before you cleanse your stone to make sure it is safe for them.


You can use water to help cleanse your crystals. This is a way that out can cleanse your crystal from the negative energies it picks up. Run your crystal under water or soak it in a glass or you can put it in a bag and put it in the ocean.


You can bury the crystal under the ground to give the stone a time of rest. You can also use sand or potted soil from your garden.

Rice or Sea Salt

Using rice or sea salt can help to cleanse your stones. Put it in these things to cleanse them and to get rid of any negativity.

Charging Crystals

Once you charge your crystals, you can use them but know that the energy will run out as it is used, and you need to recharge it.

Charging Methods

One method is putting the crystal in a crystal cluster. This can cleanse and charge your crystals all at the same time.

Charging Crystal

You can also put your crystal on any other crystal that is already programmed, and it can charge that way.


Put the crystal in the sun so that it can recharge its energy. You can also use indirect sunlight to keep your stone having energy.


Use the moon to help calm the yin and yang energies and when you put your crystals under the full moon it can give you more energies.

If you want to have extra energies for your crystal, you can put it both in the moonlight and the sunlight. Do this for a full cycle and this can help you to have a powerful crystal. You can also put the stone out during a supermoon or eclipse for extra charging.

Why Programming?

When you want your crystal to heal, you have to have a good intention and to stay focused. You can do this by programming your crystal to help you.

How to Program

To program your crystal, you have to think positive and base your feelings with your intentions. You can use your intuition to help you increase your vibrations and help there to be more energies in your crystal. Your thoughts are very important when programming your crystal.

Before you Program

There are some things you should always do before you program your crystal such as:

Keeping a Calm Mind

Make sure that you have peace and that you are meditating before you begin to program your crystal.


Once you program your crystals, you can deprogram it if you need to by imagine your intentions vanishing.


What are you wanting out of your crystal? Do you need it to help heal you or someone else? Ask your crystal to help you and then thank your spirit guides for guiding you and helping your crystal to be strong. Always be positive.

Forming Intentions

The first thing that you can do is to put your crystal on your forehead so that you can increase your Third Eye Chakra. Hold the stone in your hand and meditate.

Then, say the intentions that you have in your heart out loud and repeat them as much as you need to till it feels right.

How Often for Programming?

You should program your crystal once each time you have an intention. If you need to focus on healing, you can deprogram your stone and then reprogram it with new intentions that you have.


Your crystal is cleansed, charged and you have programmed it and now it is ready to heal. This will feel like a new crystal to you and it will be whole and ready to do what it meant to do.

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