Cleaning Crystals to Keep them Strong

Cleaning Crystals

Crystals are always collecting the negative energies that leave your body and so it is very important that you cleanse these regularly and you purify them and keep them working. Most likely, your crystals will grab on to the vibrations from you and from others around you and wherever they are located.  There are ways that you can boost the energies of your crystals.

To make sure that you have positive energy with your crystals, make sure that you are taking to cleanse them.  Doing this can allow them to be more effective and to work better for you.

If you use your crystals for things like healing and other health like issues, you will have a crystal that is absorbing the negative energies during these times.  Even if you have times where you are feeling negative then this can cause your crystal to pick up negative energies.

Cleansing Your Crystals

If you have wondered if you should cleanse your crystals on a regular basis, you have to understand that your crystal is one of the tools that you use and this needs to have the highest vibrational frequency that is possible.

Most of you will benefit from using crystals and there are ways that you can cleanse them and make them full of good energies.  People are always going out of their way to get rid of the negative energies from their homes, offices and their environment, and you have to do the same with your crystals.

Methods of Cleansing

There are different ways that you can cleanse your crystals and there are methods that are safe and that can increase the vibrational frequencies that go into your stones.

Here are a few ways that you can increase these energies:

  • Doing a smudging with sage
  • Using a white light
  • Crystal Singing Bowl
  • Tingsha Hand Cymbals
  • Put in uncooked rice
  • Put close to a quartz cluster
  • Use a Selenite slab to charge it
  • Charge it in the moonlight
  • Clean it with water


When you want to cleanse your crystals, this is easy.  You can do this by using white sage and a smudge stick. You can buy smudge sticks in most places, and you can find white sage, lavender and other plants and herbs at different stores and places.

Some of these different herbs have benefits that can help with your health and can cleanse at the same time. In order to do a cleansing, you hold the stone close to the smoke from the smudge stick.  If you are sitting around, let this fill the air around you.  If you want to, find a fire-proof bowl and use that to put the fire out after you are finished.

The best method that healers use is to cleanse the stones after each time they use them.  Cleansing your crystals with water is not a good idea unless you know that your stone can withstand being in water.  If you use a quartz crystal, then this will be a safe crystal for water.

Be careful when you use water on your crystals that they will not be messed up.  If you don’t know if they can withstand water, do not use it and try a different method to cleanse your crystals.

White Light

There are other methods besides water and smudging and one way is to use white light.  This is a powerful method, and it can help to restore the energy of your stones and crystals.  Use the white light and pray over your crystals and imagine the white light filling up the room and the crystal and giving energy to the crystal and to yourself.

Open up your eyes and let the white light go to the stone by sweeping your hand towards where you want the light to go.  This is the easiest and best method to get rid of negative energies.

Ask the universe to help you with the white light and to help you get rid of negative energies and to put positive energies into the room.  This method can be used for crystals, but it can also be used to increase your vibrational frequencies.  Do this method often and even daily if you want to increase these energies.

Singing Bowls

Using a sound can help to cleanse your crystals.  This method can also activate your crystals and increase the vibrational frequencies to cleans and to activate them. There are different ways to do this and if you want to, you can use a singing bowl, if your crystal is small.  If you have larger crystals, use a bigger bowl, and then play on the bowl for a few minutes.

A crystal bowl can make beautiful music that can activate and cleanse your stones.  This is a great way to increase the vibrations and to make your crystals purse and to get rid of negative energies.

When using a singing bowl, know that there are high energies with this and all you have to do is put the crystal close to it and you will be able to increase the frequencies. The sound of these things will help to make the vibrations get stronger.  The room will also increase in its vibrations.

Hand Cymbals

Another way to get sound and to activate your crystal and cleanse them is to use hand cymbals, these are known as Tibetan Chimes, or Tingsha.

These are easy to use, and they are light to move and pick up and can be used in any room or any place.  These things give a high vibration and can get rid of negative energies and can activate crystals that are close to the sound.

Even the monks would use the Tingsha in order to increase the energies and use them for meditation.  These are easy to use and can be held in a leather band and they can touch together and ring out their sounds.

The sound that comes from them will relax you and will take away negative energies that are around you.  These can be used in meditation.


You can use different kinds of rice in order to cleanse your crystals.  You can do this instead of using water and if the stone is precious to you, this is a safe way to cleanse your stones.

Put your stones on top of a bowl or cup of rice and leave it overnight.  The rice will help to absorb all of the negative energies and then throw it out after you do it.

This is best if you use a flat bowl and sometimes you might even need to cover the stones with rice, and you can use your intuition in order to know which way to go.

Quartz Cluster

There are many crystals that can be charged with a quartz cluster.  You can use this with different quartz’s that you have, and you can even use Citrine.

You can take your stone jewelry and your stones, and you can use a quartz cluster to recharge them by setting them close to it.  You can even put them in a cloth and wrap them together and this can bring about positive energies and not scratch your jewelry.

Leave these things in overnight in order to get rid of more negative energies and do whatever you find the most helpful for your healing.

If you have a rack of stone jewelry, set your quartz cluster close to the jewelry and it will help to recharge the stones.  You can program your cluster to cleanse your crystal and cleanse the negativity in your life.

You can use running water to cleanse your crystals from negativity and recharge them and this also can increase your energy levels in your body.  Learn to cleanse and recharge your stones so that they can help you for healing.

Moonlight Charging

Moonlight is a way that you can cleanse your crystals and it is a powerful way to reenergize your crystals and can life up the vibrational frequencies.  This is a good way to cleanse, and the best way is during the full moon.

Do this when the moon is full if you want to get the strongest energy and if you want to charge your stones and have the most power out of them.  The stones will recharge, and they will be the most potent after a cleansing.

The stones do not have to be in the moonlight to get the moon’s energy, but this can be an extra step to take, and you can leave them out as long as you can.  Leave them outside overnight if you can and they will absorb the moonlight and increase the vibrational frequencies naturally.

Do not let them be out in the sun for very long though because this can cause them to fade. Even if they lose their color, they don’t lose their energy but you might be disappointed since they lose their color and so it is best not to have them in the sun for long.

Cleansing Crystals and Burying Stones

Another way to increase the frequencies is to bury the stones in the ground.  Know where they are and know that they can get wet when the ground is wet but also know that this is a great way to cleanse them.  Remember where you put them and where they are.

Some people say to use salt for cleansing the crystals, but many people do not agree with this because salt can ruin some of the crystals because it is very abrasive.  Don’t use this method unless you really insist because it can cause your stones to be scratched and to not look as nice afterward.

Quartz Crystals

Cleaning a quartz crystal is easier than other stones and they are good in water.  If you want to cleanse a quartz crystal you can do this by running water over the stone but make sure you know for sure that this is a quartz because a stone like Selenite might get messed up in water and lose its shine or get damaged.  Other stones can be completely ruined in water.

If you aren’t sure what you have, don’t use water and try a different method.  Quartz is a stone that is easy to program and when you clean it, it lets go of the negative energy inside of it.

Programing Your Crystals

You can program your crystals to cleanse themselves and one of the best stones to do this with is the quartz.  With this method, you use meditation and make sure that you talk and affirm your crystal.  When you choose an affirmation, make sure that it gets rid of negative energies and brings in positive energies.

You might want to cleanse the stones, but you don’t have to constantly do it.

Crystals that Never Need Cleansing

There are some crystals such as the Kyanite or Citrine that might not ever need cleansed.  Some people choose to cleanse them anyways because it helps to refresh them and can help with the healing.  If you are doing healing with a quartz crystal, you need to make sure they are cleansed on a regular basis so they will be strong and effective.

Regularly smudging the crystals will help to give them back their energies and you can put them in the moonlight for extra cleansing. A good rule for cleansing crystals is that you make sure that they are cleansed even if they are not used.  By cleansing them regularly, you will give them the best life and they will be used the best for you.

Other Ways to Recharge

There are other ways that you can recharge your crystals and make sure that they have high vibrational frequencies.  Remember that crystals such as Selenite can help to absorb energies that are negative and then they will not work as well.  Some people believe that Selenite is a self-cleansing stone, but I suggest you cleanse it anyway.

If you have bought a new stone, it important to energize them and to cleanse them.  This is a valuable thing when you need the stones to add energies.  Cleanse them even if the person that gave or sold it to you tells you that they already cleansed it.