Best Crystals for Strength

Best Crystals for Strength

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes people might have emotional or physical pains that keep them feeling down. This can be both and it can come with hard relationships, losing money, having a terrible job or more. Sometimes you have to just accept that life is hard and figure out ways to raise your vibrations.

One thing that you can do is to use crystals to help give you strength in those times when life is hard.

Here are some of the best crystals to use when you need strength!

  • Agate

One of the best crystals for strength is Agate. This is one that can get rid of the negative energy around you, and it can help to protect and ground you. This stone comes in red and black and Black Agate is one that can help you reach your goals.

This stone is great to give your mind power and it also can help you to believe in the truth. You can use these stones to cleanse your energies and help you to have a better mood. It can also help you to get rid of stress and doubt.

Keep this stone around if you need to have strength and happiness. It can also help to get rid of diseases of the digestive system and skin disorders.

  • Amethyst

This is a great stone if you want to have peace and you need to have some kind of restoration. Amethyst is great to take your energy and to make it strong. If you need to make big changes in your life or if you need some kind of physical healing, this is a great stone to use.

Amethyst can help to get rid of pain due to arthritis and it can also get rid of tension, headaches and injuries that cause swelling. It has high vibrations, and it can help you to sleep better and help you to have strength and recovery from physical wounds.

  • Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is great if you need to have success, wealth, or good health. It is a grounding stone, and it can help you to have more stamina. This stone is known to be a protection stone and helped warriors to be protected in battles and gave them strength and courage.

You can use this stone when you need to focus on your life or when you need a promotion. It also helps to get rid of stress and anxiety and makes your negative energy positive.

  • Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline helps to balance the Root Chakra and it also balances the lower chakras. It can take negative energy and turn it into positive energy, and it will get rid of feelings of doubt and stress. It can also help you to have better mental health and pain relief.

  • Citrine

This stone is one that gives you energy and it will increase your happiness and your overall wellbeing. It can make you feel positive, and it can increase your energies. If you feel doubtful or depressed, you can use this stone to feel more positive. It works well with the Crown and Solar Plexus chakra and is great for mental strength.

  • Garnet

When you need a stone to build trust and balance, the Garnet is a great choice. It is one that is a passionate and loving stone, and it can build relationships in your life. The red and orange colors give you confidence and get rid of anger and stress. When you are feeling emotionally drained or tired, you can use this stone to help you have strength and to get past hard times.

  • Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one that can help you to get past depression and anxiety. It has great energy, and it works good with the Root and Crown chakra to help you to find solutions to your problems. You can use this stone to get rid of nightmares, fears, and insecurities.

  • Unakite

Unakite is a stone that can help you to get rid of bad habits. If you need to stop spending money foolishly or to stop smoking and live a healthier life, Unakite can help you. It can get rid of addictions and negativity in your life and help you to feel better. It can also help you to recover and heal if you’re sick.

  • Bloodstone

This deep green stone which has red spots can cleanse your blood. It can help with injuries and heal wounds. If you have toxins in your blood and you need to heal from bruising or rashes, it can help. It gives you fresh energy to your body and to your organs and it can bring healing to the bladder, kidneys, and liver. It can also heal sicknesses and has been used to help the lymphatic system, blood circulation and to heal infections.

  • Black Onyx

This stone is one that is a protection stone. It can help you to have emotional strength and can boost your immune system. If you have a cold that you need to get over, you can use this stone and it can bring you overall wellness. It also regenerates cells and balances regulation of liquids. Use this stone to detox and to get rid of waste out of your body.

Final Thoughts

Stones that work to give you strength are normally associated with the root chakra. This is the chakra that gives you safety and power and grounding and it is a balancing chakra. Use these stones to help you to be strong and to have overall health and wellness in your life.


  1. This article provides a comprehensive overview of various crystals and their purported benefits. It might be interesting to explore the historical and cultural contexts in which these stones have been used for strength and healing.

  2. The association between specific stones and chakras is fascinating. For someone new to crystal healing, a guide on how to select and use these stones effectively would be useful.

  3. The detailed descriptions of each crystal are quite insightful. It would be beneficial to know about any scientific research that supports these claims, especially considering how some people might be skeptical of crystal healing.

  4. Understanding the different properties of these crystals and their applications can be enlightening for those seeking alternative methods to cope with life’s challenges. The historical use of these stones in various cultures adds an additional layer of depth.

  5. The article does a good job of explaining how different stones can be used to tackle various physical and emotional issues. It would be interesting to know more about the methodologies behind using these stones, such as meditative practices or specific placements on the body.


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