Healing with crystals using stones


One of the oldest practices for healing involves putting stones on  the body or even in the mouth  This practice has been described in surviving documents from the Medieval time period.  This practice uses different layouts on the body depending on the healer.  Some use something called gridding. This uses the placement of stones on a specific point and crossing it to another point.

Stones are cleansed and dedicated to each receiver to help the person reconnect to the planets and universe.  This allows the life force in the chakras to move freely to heal.

The laying on of stones.

Depending on the healer, they may use only clear quartz, gemstones, or some combination of the two.


This practice can be used by itself or in combination with Reiki or hands on healing.  The stones are generally placed from head to foot.  The healer will then use their hands from the head and down towards to the feet.  If gemstones are used, they can be selected to match the aura.  The gemstone doesn’t have to be in any specific form; they can be cut and faceted or tumble stones.  The energy used in this type of healing needs to move in once consistent direction.  The healer should know how to adjust the direction of the stones depending on the need of the person being healed.

At the start of the healing, the recipient will lie down on a massage table or padded area on the floor.  Pillows are placed under the knees and head to make the recipient more comfortable.  The whole room should be warm, comfortable and quiet.   It is very important that only stones that are dedicated to healing and positive energy.  The healer may invite sprit guides into the session.

The healer will start by placing a crystal above the head and a crystal below the feet.   The healer will then move from chakra to chakra, placing the gemstone for each area.  The healer will be guided by how your body reacts to the stones, i.e.; stones not needed will roll away to where it is  needed.


At this point, the healer  may begin the hands on healing by gently covering the stones with the hand, visualizing the color and energy of the stone moving into the body.  The healer will flick away the negative energy as they go from place to place.

Your helper may choose to simply sit beside you  after placing the stones. They will wait to allow the stones and guides do the work of the healing.   Next in this process, the stones will roll off as they complete their work of balancing the chakra and aura.  Once the healing is complete, all of the stones will be off of the body.  The healer will then finish with a brushing of the aura and the recipient will lie still for a few moments after the healing.   At this point, the recipient should discuss anything they feel necessary before moving on.

When the healer has finished, the stones will be gathered and to be put away in a protective container to be cleared before the next healing.

A healing with stones is an intense experience.  There will be a big energy shift throughout the healing.  The recipient may go through many emotions as their aura and chakras are balanced. The healer’s role is to assist and not to judge.

The recipient may go through the feelings of a physical detox. They should be advised to relax and let it pass as any changes will be for the good.