Are You an Empath

Are You an Empath

Healing comes in many different shapes and forms and there are healers that are always around you.  There are people who will define who they are, and they will be able to move through the universe easier and find peace, love, and light.  This can bring them harmony.

Healing is not about the journey, but it is about so much more than that.  Healing involves moving through the path with freedom and with a purpose to reach your best life.

Are You a Healer?

When it comes to be a healer, many people don’t realize that they have a purpose.  They are always helping others and they can be mediums or someone that works in a health field such as a doctor, counselor, or a therapist.

There are times when you will not be aware of your abilities and many healers go through this.  They might feel that they are different but not really know why. There are signs that you can tell that healing is your calling. Those that are healers but don’t know it will end up living their life to help others and not realize even why.

Our society does not recognize healers and people suffer because they don’t recognize their calling. They end up in the wrong jobs and they do not have a happy life. If you are a healer, then you need to figure out your spiritual healing abilities and know who you are in yourself.  When you move towards being yourself then you will be able to live a life that is full of potential and one that is meant with a purpose.

How Do You Know?

Some healers will recognize when other healers come to them and guide them.  They will be awakened by others and through their own meditation. When you start to recognize the healing inside of you, you can realize how your light helps others and how you can reach out to people to make a difference.

Healing light and love is always a part of you and even when people don’t realize you have this gift, if you have an open heart, you will receive light and energies that come to you. When you wake up to a calling of a healer then you will already have some idea of your healing capabilities and you will have confidence to know that you are what the universe has given you.

The truth is that no one has to tell you that you are a healer.  You will know this if you look honestly inside of yourself and take a step to give yourself a chance.

Signs You Are a Healer

When you look at the signs you will know that you are a healer.  Here are some signs:

  • You work in a field of healing such as a medical field.
  • You have had struggles and challenges and you have suffered loss or abuse.
  • You have energy that changes how people feel around you.
  • You are sensitive to people, and you can feel their energies when they come by you.
  • You have strong dreams, and you connect with your past and your future.
  • You dream of animals or spirits.
  • You feel a strong pull to reach out to people.
  • You love being in nature and feel energetic when you are.
  • You like to be alone and are quiet in big groups.
  • Your energies are drained when you are at social gatherings.
  • You give and help others.
  • You want to get rid of peoples suffering.
  • You take a loss to give others what they need.
  • Children and animals love you.
  • Everyone you know tells you about their feelings.
  • You have sympathy and empathyto others.
  • You are compassionate.
  • You have sicknesses and other feelings when you are around other people.
  • You experience depression or anxiety.
  • You have solutions for rothers.
  • You make life easier for others.
  • You see things people can’t see and hear things people cannot hear.
  • You have strong perception.
  • You have an inner voice and see auras.
  • You have an idea of being a healer and it excites you.

If you see these things in your life, then chances are you are a healer.  Finding your gift is up to you and you need to work with your gift and accept them. If you want to know if you are following the right life, explore spiritual healing practices and learn to let them go inside of you and resonate inside of you.  Let your life direct you.

Find books to read that will give you knowledge of your gifts and listen to what your inner gut is telling you, it will never lead you wrong. Remember to listen to guidance and be patient and aware.  Trust yourself to make the right steps and to reach for your highest purpose.