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Crystals for Empaths

Crystals for Empaths

If you are very sensitive and you feel like you are always taking on the feelings of others, chances are you are an empath.  Being intuitive is a good thing but it can also be overwhelming because the feelings can be so strong that it can make empath’s feel even physically ill.  There are a few crystals that can help you to be able to separate your feelings from the feelings of other people and they can help you to get rid of negative energies.  This can help you to feel balanced and grounded.


The hematite crystal is a crystal that can help you to be grounded.  It will sooth you and can protect you.  When you are meditating, hold the hematite in your hand if you want to get rid of negative vibes.  This can last for at least 24 hours.


The crystal fluorite is a perfect crystal that can help you to be clear and can open up the third chakra if you are feeling out of commission.  Place this between your eyebrows to get rid of the negative energies.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is one of the best stones to protect you.  This is a crystal that can keep away the negative energy and then you don’t have to absorb it.  Put this in your pocket wherever you go to ward of negative energies.


The amethyst can keep you calm and help you to have better psychic abilities.  This can protect you and keep you in top shape spiritually.  Put it in the sun to give it strength.


The stone that can remove emotional energies is that malachite.  Place this stone under your pillow so you can sleep better at night.

Other Crystals

There are other crystals that can help to get rid of negative energies and can protect you if you are an empath including:

  • Smokey Quartz
  • Purple Jade
  • Lodestone
  • Sugalite
  • Black obsidian
  • Lapis Lazuli

Each of these stones and crystal can protect you all around and can lower your energy vibes that will attract certain negative energies.  The crystals are great for empaths and for healers to use so if you are around negative people or negative situations, you should cover yourself with these stones so that you can always be healed, grounded and protected.

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