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What Is Crystal Reading?

crystalpyramidCrystal readings, or stone castings, are nurturing, therapeutic and healing. Crystals are empathic, meaning they mirror our emotions back to us. These beautiful, sentient, ancient beings are Mother Earth’s children. They embody Gaia’s bountiful energy and wisdom. As such, crystals make wonderful life guides, companions, and healers.

Crystal readings are similar to other forms of readings, like Tarot. A person chooses 3 gemstones from my bag of stones by feeling for an energy connection with the stone.

(If you choose a Crystal Reading by phone, I will choose 3 stones for you)

crystal-ball-readingI begin to focus on the crystal’s energy and it’s specific meaning. I will share information on how that energy can help in your everyday life. The stones offer messages and are tools to assist us in bringing balance to our lives.

During a reading, crystals provide information and insight that may help answer questions about love, career, happiness or any other area of daily life.

Each semi-precious gemstone radiates a different energy and has it’s own unique vibration. The way the stones resonate with you helps you learn about yourself , as well as helps you to identify what is going on in your life and what needs healing and balancing. Crystal readings are a great way lsto get clarity on any issues you are experiencing. Crystal readings can also help you to know what crystals you should wear or carry at this time to assist you in improving any situation. A Crystal reading can help you release energy blockages and bring healing and balance back to your life.

My intent is to offer an opportunity to gain clarity and insight into the questions and issues that are present in your life through the use of crystals and gemstones. Crystal readings are a fun and light-hearted way of experiencing the energy of the mineral kingdom.

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