Using Crystals

Using Crystals

Crystals are sold at many shops today and they are always a treat for the eyes with the colors, glitter, and availability. You may stare at the crystals for hours. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to personal practices using crystals.

The best part is, there are crystals to fit any budget and you can grow your crystal collection over time. If you have never used crystals or are just looking to expand their usage, read on.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring stones that come from the earth. Many people hold the belief that each crystal type holds a specific energy due to the material it is made from over time. There are machines that can make some crystals smooth, but some are left in a more natural form, cut to certain sizes before being sold.

Different guides will explain different things about each type of crystal, with one saying rose quartz is best for self-love and another saying it is for self-healing. A beginner’s guide will get you started with a basic understanding.

Purpose and How to Select Crystals

There is no proof that a crystal alone will heal a disease or bring good luck. This means you still need to see your doctor and work hard. Each crystal is handled multiple times before reaching shops, so some of the natural earth energy is lost and the energies of the handlers will have been absorbed.

In addition, we are all different so no two people will get the same feeling from a specific type of crystal. If you want to know what each crystal is good for, ask it with your inner voice and energy.

Perhaps you are looking for a stone that will relieve stress at work and stop the headaches the lengthy meetings cause. Quiet your mind and focus as you hold your hand over a display of crystals, taking in the energies of each. Pick up one crystal type at a time and listen, seeing how each makes you feel.

Take time as you choose and trust yourself. Before long, you will make your choice and it could be beneficial in more ways than expected. A crystal may make one person feel one way, but someone else a totally different way.

Choose what feels right to you. Start with smaller crystals and experiment to see which help in which situations. Over time, you will get a feel for what is best. Take as long as you need with this process. There is no deadline on advanced crystal work.

How Crystals are Used

There is no one correct way to use crystals. Some people use them to influence mood because of their individual energies. Some use them to instill specific feelings, while others use them to attune to their energies and connect. Even organizations understand the power of certain crystals. Some believe government buildings are made of marble because of its durability and protective nature.

Some say diamonds are given as engagement rings because they are expensive, focus the mind, and focus on commitment. Stones are deliberately used by people who do not even think of the natural properties or influence, but those who purposefully use crystals know what they can do. Read on to see how some people use crystals in their lives.

  • Jewelry – Using a specific stone as jewelry is one popular way to use the power of crystals. This is both for beauty and to harness energy in creative and unique ways. Though not a crystal, gold is a popular choice because it has symbolized success and power for centuries. It is also thought to boost self-esteem. Hematite is also popular for protection from outside energies and usually the rings are very reasonably priced.
  • Carrying Crystals – If jewelry is not an option, carry a specific small crystal in your bag, purse, or pocket. No one has to know you carry the crystal unless you tell them and it goes wherever you do.
  • Bowls – Some people put a collection of crystals in bowls or stack them to create a beautiful art piece that allows them to choose a crystal as needed for meditation, energy use, or cleansing.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Many people believe you need to charge or fill a crystal with a specific energy to have meaning. This can be done through consecration which is the act of making something sacred. This does not require a professional, you can do it yourself.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

Simply decide what energy you want in the crystal and put it there. Some people do this by taking the crystal to a place with meaning and holding it, so it takes on the meaning and energy of that place.

Each time a crystal is consecrated, it becomes stronger. Energy can be removed from a crystal as well. This is done in different ways, but one is to focus on all the energy being pulled out of the energy and creating a blank slate.

To allow natural things to do this for you, bury the crystal in the soil or cover them in a bowl of water, leaving the crystal in the light of the moon or sun, your choice. Packing the stone in salt is also effective at creating a blank slate that you can consecrate as you desire.

However, you choose to use your crystals, know that it will work for you if you keep practicing.