Taurus Birthstones

Taurus Birthstones

The Taurus is someone that was born April 21 to May 20th.  If you are under the Taurus sign, then you will have a set of stones that fit your sign and can be used to help raise your vibrational frequencies.

Having this list will help you to know which stone to wear and which one to choose so that you can heal certain areas of your life.  When you read, you will see that individual crystals might be more exciting to you than others.

All of these stones are nice to look at and none of them will be prettier than another.

Taurus Sign

When you look at the list of stones, you might find that you have some of these jewels already in your home and made out of jewelry for you.  These crystals are great for healing and if you want to find out more information, look at all the stones that are available.

It is great to have different stones that fit your astrological sign and some of the healing stones and properties of these are very strong and can help you to feel better both mentally and physically.

The birthstone jewelry made form the crystals in the list can look attractive when you wear them and not only are they pretty, they will also help to benefit your increase in your vibrational frequencies.

Knowing Your Sign

Some people already know their astrological sign but there are many who do not.  Here is a list of the different dates and signs that work with the astrological chart:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Taurus Birthstone

The astrological birthstones for the Taurus will help you to know which ones will benefit you and fit your star sign.

There is information on each of the stones so you can figure out which one best fit what you are going through in your life.  Some of these stones have healing attributes and some of them are traditional while others might be ancient.

Taurus Birthstone List

  • Amblygonite
  • Black Spineal
  • Blue Muscovite
  • Blue Tourmaline
  • Carnelian
  • Emerald
  • Lolite
  • Kunzite
  • Rhodonite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Scapolite
  • Seslenite
  • Septaria
  • Variscite

Birthstone Meanings

Amblygonite is a stone that has lithium in it, so this stone is great if you are stressed or going through depression.  This helps to bring you peace and will calm you and help you not to worry.

The yellow crystal is great to hold in your hand when you need to have more self-encouragement and it also can help to ground the solar plexus and other chakras in your body and get rid of emotional situations in your past, present and future and help you to have better relationships.

This stone is great to help you get rid of conflict and can help you to be more creative and stronger in your mind.

Black Spinel

The Black Spinel is a great stone if you need to have health in your lower chakras.  This helps to work with the earth in order to increase your strength and your vibrations.  You can use this stone to ground yourself.

This stone can take away extra energy and can help you to use the star chakra to Mother Gaia and this can restore your feelings and make you feel normal again.

This stone is great if you are feeling angry and if this is causing your problems in your relationships.  IF you have these feelings, keep a piece of Black Spinel close to your body so that it can help your feelings not to get out of control and can help calm you.

This stone will help you to get out of conflict and to help build relationships that you have, or you want to build up.

Blue Muscovite

Another great stone is the Blue Muscovite.  This is an uncommon stone and is found in Australia.  This stone can help you if you have the psychic gift of telepathy or ESP.  This stone can also help to increase your intuition.

Activating this stone can stimulate your brain and help you have higher spiritual communication.  This can help you to make better decisions in your life.

The Muscovite is a good stone if you need to solve problems and you need help with that.

Blue Tourmaline

The stone, the Blue Tourmaline is great to help you in your physical body and with your spiritual connections.  If you are clairaudient, this is a good stone to use when you meditate.  This stone is also known as Indicolite and is often referred to as a quartz stone.

This stone is great to open up the third eye chakra and boost your giftings.  If you use this stone regularly then you will have better ways of doing things such as automatic writing, channeling and other gifts.


This stone is great if you need confidence and you want to be more motivated to reach your goals and make good choices in your future.

This stone will help with your lower chakras and help you to reproduce and give you warmth in your whole body.

The orange color is great for the sacral chakra and will help to ground it.


The Emerald is a great stone if you want to have success in love.  This stone will open up the heart chakra and the thymus chakra.  This stone has strong vibrational frequencies and carries high energy vibrations.

This stone radiates with love and has a way to reach divine love, forgiveness and to have compassion on others.

When a relationship needs to thymus chakra to be recharged, the Emerald can do this and turn something that is sour into a sweet relationship.  This stone loves to help with peace and to give harmony.


The Lolite can bring strong energy and can help to increase the intuition inside of each person.  This can help to increase the psychic gifts and to balance the lower chakras.

The Lolite works with the throat and the third eye chakra and can help psychic visions to come through.

When you are on a journey, you need the Lolite to help you along the journey and the vibrations are so strong with this stone that it will bring lessons, karmic situations and other things that this stone can release.

The Lolite is perfect if you want to meditate and talk with your spirit guides.


The Kunzite stone has a lot of lithium in it and this is something that is great at releasing stress and anxiety.  This stone can help you to balance and become happy and full of life.

This stone can be pink, and it is called Spodumene and there is a sister stone that is green called the Hiddenite.

These stones can help to raise the vibrations of the heart chakra and give positive energies.  Wearing the Kunzite on a pendant or as earrings can help you to be positive in your day.


The Kyanite is a stone that can give you energy in your body.  If you have had surgery lately or have had any accidents, the Kyanite can help you to communicate better and to heal.

This stone comes in many different colors but is often found in green, black, indigo, orange and blue.  The colors all fit with the different chakras to help align them.

The Blue Kyanite stone has strong energy and can be made into jewelry.  Wearing this stone can help to increase telepathy and help to develop your psychic giftings.


The Rhodonite is great if you deal with strong emotions.  This stone can bring emotional healing and forgiveness if you are having problems in a relationship.

Use this stone to meditate and you can find gifts that you didn’t know that you had.  This pink crystal carries vibrations that are full of love and can help balance the heart chakra.  It can also calm you down if you are upset or feel angry at someone.

If you need to build up your self-esteem, this is the perfect stone to do that with.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz brings about the energy from the Goddess Energy and deals with the higher chakras in your body.  These are part of the thymus chakra.

This stone is pink and gives you love and a deep sense of spirituality.  This energy of love is there but it can also bring you closer to your spirit guides and help you to feel better emotionally.

The energy from this stone will go with the crown and third eye chakra and can help balance them and bring you both love and compassion.


The Scapolite will help you to remain calm if you have strong emotions.  When you are needing to get rid of some bad habits like smoking or drinking and you are struggling with this, the stone can help with that.

This stone has strong energies and can help you to be more disciplined in your life.  The stone comes in different colors such as lavender and white and purple and these stones are great for connecting with your spirit guides and developing your spiritual gifts.

The Yellow Scapolite can help you feel that you are reaching your goals and having more energies and the Blue Scapolite will help with your throat and third eye chakra and enhance your psychic and analytical skills.


The Selenite stone is a high vibrational stone and it will help you connect with your crown chakra and your angels.  This is a high stone if you are wanting to reach your transpersonal chakras.

When you want to have a clear mind, this stone can help to anchor you and give you the ability to break through the way that you see yourself and see yourself as you truly are, in a spiritual sense.

The Selenite gives peace and can help you connect to the spiritual world.


The Septaria stone is made of different minerals and has a distinctive energy associated with it.  This is a great sone if you need grounded or if you need psychic protection.

If you are doing something like public speaking, this stone can help you to communicate better with people and can make your message come along stronger.

This stone also helps you to stay private even if you are around a large group of people.  This sends out vibrations that makes people not to be able to have unhealthy interests in you.


This stone is a stone for you if you are feeling down and it can bring you joy and peace.  This is a great stone if you are seeking to have harmony in your life and if you need your energy field cleansed.

The Variscite is a great stone if you want to open up your heart chakra and it usually comes in different colors of green that can help your auric field to get rid of negative energies.

This stone has a powerful vibrational frequency and can help to charge the thymus chakra.

Taurus Birthstone

The characteristics of the Taurus birthstone will help you to have your intuitive abilities to grow and will help you to feel better in your body.

If you are buying your Taurus friend a gift, allow them to use their vibrations to connect with the stone and use your own vibrations to know which one to pick out for them.

There are different attributes with stones, and you can turn to a different stone when you need to self-heal.  You can also use this for romance because a Taurus is always seen to be romantic.  This can be a good stone to increase your love life and style.

These stones are positive for your loving sign and they can help to reach the heart.  When you wear your favorite Taurus Birthstone, you might be able to see the special properties that will help you to make changes in your life.