Soul Star Chakra

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star chakra is in an area where we can learn to be who we are and reach our higher self. We can develop our psychic abilities through this chakra and it also means to let things go.

This chakra relates to your spiritual being and it is covered in white rays to help fill your life with energies and to encourage you to let go of the past and move on in life.

This is the chakra that can give you specific information and even though the information can be confusing at times, you will be able to understand this with practice and change your way of thinking.

The soul star chakra can help teach you lessons and important things in your life.

Soul Star Chakra Meaning

The soul star chakra is part of your enlightenment and it can help you to transcend. This is the eight chakra and is located outside of the body above the crown chakra and is at the highest point that your body is considered to be. This is as high as a hand width above your head but can be up to two feet for some people.

This is the first of the transpersonal chakras and is called the seat of the soul because it is where love, divine knowledge and energy come from. This is the gateway between your crown chakra in your forehead and the star soul chakra outside of your body.

The gateway allows you to have light and energy to flow through your body and go through all parts of your being. The meaning of the soul star chakra is to have infinite energies, supreme wisdom and to be one with the spirit world.

Those who have certain gifts can get access to Akashic records. This part of your body can lead to amnesia if you are in an accident, but it can also give you past life information if you seek it.

How Can the Soul Star Chakra Help You?

If you are wanting to develop your giftings or if you are sick, you can increase your vibrations with this chakra.

Once you begin connecting your soul to your conscious mind, you will see what your purpose is and what karmic memories that you might have suppressed until this time.

The soul star chakra is part of the etheric body and part of your higher consciousness and your spirituality. This allows you to commit to higher ideas and to be balanced and stable in your life. The soul star chakra can bring you inner peace and tranquility.

If you get the divine wisdom, you will see that you can be one with your spiritual self.

Stimulating the Soul Star Chakra with Meditation

Meditation is a very powerful tool and is important if you want to increase the power of your chakras. You can improve your psychic giftings and you can use crystals to help you meditate. If you want to develop your gifts such as intuition, meditating each and every day is a good idea.

You might want to hold on to a stone that fits your chakra color while you are meditating or wear it as jewelry so that you can boost these powers faster.

Meditating with or without crystals can boost all of your psychic gifts and help you to be more grounded. If you have clairvoyance, visions, telepathy, psychic knowing or any psychic gift, you should meditate each day.

Depending on what experiences that you have had, you will see that things happen at the soul journeys own pace but meditating can help you to reach your higher self, faster, and can help you to be able to talk to the spiritual world and communicate your purpose in life.

Although you might not know what your purpose is yet, working with high vibrational stones and grounding your chakras can help you to reach wherever you want to be.

Using chakra stones can help you to be able to follow your path in life and help the earth and all of humanity.