Psychic Vision Development Using Crystals

Psychic Vision Development Using Crystals

Psychic visions are a clairvoyant’s way of receiving messages from spirit guides. While clairvoyance or second sight are the proper terminology for this gift, it requires psychic insight to operate and thus the messages are called visions and other terms.

Many people show interest in developing their psychic powers and making contact with those in the spirit world, so we have made it easy with a guide to developing your psychic gifts and increasing abilities with the use of specific crystals or healing.

Through this article, you can learn to awaken your psychic visions through the use of high vibration crystals and regular times of meditation. The first step to developing this gift is to find and begin communicating with your spirit guide.

Second Sight

Second sight is a term that many hear, but few can really define. Historically, it is used to describe the gift of clairvoyance, coining the term to recognize it and keep it separate from normal sight. This gift has been around for thousands of years, and was often recognized, but different terms have developed.

Most common now is the term psychic vision because, as a clairvoyant, you see the messages spirits are communicating. Though visions is used, it is a loosely related terms because what is actually seen is a short, picture like image in a quick moment. However, as the gift is developed, the amount of time you can see these visions will increase as will details.


The word clairvoyance literally means clear seeing and refers to clairvoyant abilities. These visions are psychic communication with spirits if you have the gift. There are many types of psychic gifts, which can be complicated, especially since some people have more than one gift.

This means while some psychics see visions, others hear communications from their spirit guides, while others simply feel the message. Some can ever smell or taste the message. These are known as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairfaction and clairgustion respectively.

Awaken Psychic Visions

Start with meditation to learn how to awaken and stimulate clairvoyant abilities and visions. A crystal in your hand when meditating can be a powerful aid. As your time in meditation increases, so can the length and clarity of visions. This can also help you make contact with your spirit guide if you have not previously done so. These can often happen simultaneously.

Not everyone has used this method to develop the gift, but it does work effectively for others. Once the gift has developed, Arfvedsonite is one powerful stone that can bring on predictions about the future. This is extremely useful if the crystal is used while doing specific meditations because your vibration aligns with the crystal being held.

Stimulating Clairvoyance

Another useful stone is the Yttrium Fluorite that can help with clear and distinct visions. This specific crystal is often sold as Lavender Fluorite and can be difficult to obtain. However, the exceptional clarity of this stone will make the search worth the effort. The lavender stone is powerful and allows greater clarity through spiritual connections.

Some people also use the purple Amethyst which are easy to find. Magnesite is a white stone that further aids in psychic vision development and is perfect for meditation. During meditation, you are contacting your higher self and those in the spiritual realm who want to make contact. Each of us have guardian angels or spirits that are connected to us throughout time and lives. Contact is common in meditation and they enjoy acknowledgement, so reach out purposefully. Gratitude is empowering as a way to create movement within the field of allowingness.

Helpful Meditation

Meditation is a great tool because it serves so many purposes. If life has become difficult, meditation can help solve the problems that arise. It can help you find happiness. It is also highly useful for discovering psychic abilities, as well as health and spirituality.

During meditation, the brain waves slow, helping stress decrease. This is because during normal daily activities, the brain operates in the beta state, but switches to an alpha state while meditating. The amygdala and anterior cingulate of the brain are thought to be connected to psychic abilities. Through the use of isochronic tones, new rhythms are introduced to these areas. As you go into a deeper meditative state, you can find stronger peace and a development of psychic abilities.

Crystals for Clairvoyance

Specific crystals, known as clairvoyant crystals or sometimes, psychic crystals, will help to develop the psychic vision gift. One of these is the amethyst spirit quart, but many others exist. These will be shared later on. If you have some of the crystals already in your possession, then hold it in your hand during meditation so your vibrations can align. Many are very easy to find if you do not already have them in your possession. Having any crystal in your possession is valuable.

  • Amethyst
  • Atacamite
  • Baryte
  • Gabbro
  • Blue Aragonite, Tourmaline or Kyanite
  • Cavansite
  • Cinnabar
  • Dream of Himalayan Quartz
  • Gem Silica
  • Lazulite
  • Fairy Cross Stones
  • Many Others

How Crystals Help

One way to use clairvoyance crystals to your advantage is by wearing crystal jewelry. Both lolite and dumortierite stones work to aid your psychic vision. Many of the stones on the above list are third eye chakra stones so keep the crystal in your auric field as often and as long as possible. Any chakra stones will assist in spirituality and health, but the ones on the list are specific to psychic visions.Other forms of psychic powers may also be strengthened.

The higher vibration of the chosen crystal, the higher vibration that will be created in your energy field. This quickly changes your aura and is the reason for keeping positive thoughts in mind. You will be likely to quickly find yourself becoming more positive with excellent overall results.

How It Works

People choose to use these crystals in mediation, as jewelry or in both forms. One well known option is the blue Lapis Lazuli, often worn as jewelry, as they develop clairvoyance as a gift. This can also make the ability more obvious to others. Though some are born with psychic abilities, others develop them over time. This comes to light when spiritual mediums work as they listen to spirit guides who give them specific information.

Ways to Use Crystals

The two main ways to use crystals have been mentioned, as jewelry or during meditation. Some sleep with the crystals under their pillow. The more time you spend with the crystal, the more vibrations will align.

Protection crystals should also be kept on and around you. This is necessary when doing spiritual work for your own protection. Stones of black tourmaline, malachite, and moss agate are useful. Additional earth star chakra stones can be used in grounding which is important. Stones like the black andradite garnet or staurolite are useful.

Ascension stones improve clarity in psychic vision meditation and developing psychic gifts. If you are willing to put out into the world what the spirits give, your results will be even better.