Meditation Myths

Meditation Myths

People have their information about mediation mostly from the movies or from television shows. They watch things such as Ace Ventura or Oprah and they believe that meditation in the movies is joke or is not real.

Whatever you believe about meditation, there are some myths behind what many people believe. Many people come to a place in their life where they want to know more about meditation, and they attempt to rationalize how their life would or could be better and if they believe in meditation.

Some people might not think it is important or they might stop doing it. If you can understand these myths and release them then you can engage in mediation without questioning if it is right or not.

Clear Your Thoughts

People have thousands and thousands of thoughts each day and a new thought every couple of seconds. No matter what you do, the thoughts will keep coming so do not try to stop them. You do not have to resist your thoughts. Having thoughts will not change how you meditate so when you have a thought, let it come and then go back to your meditation.

Some people will stop meditating because they have a thought and they think it stops their meditation, but the truth is that you can have a thought, but you just should not pay attention to it. Let the thought come and then drift away.

Do not concentrate on your thought, just go back to your meditation and your breathing. You will never be able to stop your thoughts or to clear your mind so do not try. Go back to your meditation and your breathing and as you meditate, you will learn to be still and to have silence you need.


When you meditate, nothing special is going to happen. Meditation can be calming but you do not have to have a goal when you meditate. Special moments do not have to be emotional, and you need to just relax and enjoy your quiet time.

Take time to let your mind silence and to pay attention to what you are feeling. When you understand your experience more, you will see that your activity is working and that you are able to go from thought to quiet without thinking about it.

If you meditate daily, you will get better at it. Practice meditation and it will get easier to do and it will become regular to you such as working out or reading a book. When you work out and leave the gym, it does not make you fit forever, you have to keep going back and practicing your workouts.

The same thing is with meditation. Do a few minutes each day and then for the rest of your life. As you meditate, your sessions will get longer and more creative. You will find self-love and compassion.

You will also have physical and mental benefits from doing this. You will enjoy it and you will keep coming back. Your experiences with meditation can be spiritually deep and connectedness. You do not have to have signs to know that your meditation is successful. The benefit happens each time you are still, and you have pure intentions.

Just do it.

Doing it Right

People that are perfectionists want to always do things right and so when they are meditating, they want to know if they are doing it right or not. Meditating is something that you cannot do wrong. When you meditate, you need to let go of the pressures, and you need to make sure that you are not criticizing yourself for what happens when you meditate.

Do not be hard or critical of what you are doing and learn to surrender and let things go when you meditate. Concentrate on your breathing and saying mantras and practice until you feel that you are doing it right.

Be happy for yourself and know that you are innocent and that you are doing what the universe wants you to do. The more you meditate the more relaxed you will feel and the more you will feel that you are doing things right. You will be amazed at how aware you become in your life after meditation.


You are born enlightened, and meditating will not get you there. You will keep working towards life as you move through it so that you can reach your higher self. When you were born, you begin conditioning in your life and this began as soon as you were born.

The doctors helped you to breathe and then your mom and your dad taught you how to act and you learned other things from your boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, spouses, bosses and more and each time you learn something new, you are being enlightened.

As time goes on, you will strive to get your perfection or your higher self and each thing that you learned will come back to you. Meditation allows you to see what the universe sees in you and helps you to understand your giftings.

You are already enlightened but when you meditate, you reach more levels in your life so that you can become whole.

Learn to connect with who you are and to reach your highest being. Every time you surrender in meditation, you reach higher towards your enlightenment. You will see your wholeness and your divine being as you meditate. Just keep doing it.


Meditating is a gift that the universe has given you. The gift that you have is something that you will strengthen each time you meditate and concentrate on your life. The universe wants you to practice the Golden rule and to practice being a better person.

Each time you meditate, you practice being a better person and you strive to reach your higher power in your life. Each time you are silent, and you are still, you become conditioned.

When you look inside of yourself, you will see others for what the universe has for them, and you will become more aware of others and their feelings.

When you look at these myths and you understand what the universe has for you, you will learn to change your life and to bring healing to your inner being. Keep meditating and let the universe show you what you need and which way you should go in your life.