Learn to Embrace Your Imperfections

Learn to Embrace Your Imperfections

Do you ever feel that you are reaching for the sky and people are always telling you that you are doing too much or that you are trying to be perfect? But instead of letting them get you down, you decide to keep trying to do your best?

If that is how you feel, then you are probably working towards the Law of Attraction. When you know what you are worth and you know that you can be successful in your life, chances are that you are reaching and focusing too much on being perfect instead of just doing your best.

A person can never be perfect and if you are struggling with the fact that you cannot be perfect, you have to understand that when you have these thoughts, it is causing you not to be able to reach your goals like you wanted to.

Perfection and Imperfection

No one is perfect and you will never be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has times when they are not able to do the best that they can or to reach all of their goals. Even with your mistakes, you are beautiful and good. Stop feeling bad about who you are and stop limiting yourself over fear of making a mistake.

If you understand that everyone makes mistakes and there are no perfect people, you can understand that when you do your best, you line up your thoughts and feelings with the universe. This will help you to be encouraged and help you to know that being imperfect is okay.


Perfectionism is trying to live a perfect life but even if you are not perfect, some people still are perfectionists. Perfectionists spend a lot of their time devoting their energy to be better and to always try to even one up themselves.

They strive to look their best, act their best and be as productive as they can. The problem with being a perfectionists is that when things do not go perfect, you can become stressed and feel like you are missing it.

What Causes Perfectionism?

People have different reasons why they reach for perfectionism and sometimes this comes from when you were young. Maybe you lived in a family where they obsessed over what you were doing.

Children that have perfectionist parents often become that person because they see it from the way that their parents ask and the messages that their parents give them. They fear making mistakes and they worry that they will disappoint their parents if they mess up.

Manifesting and Perfection

Perfectionism is not a good thing, and it causes you to feel negative about who you are. When you want to use the Law of Attraction, you have to put positive things into the universe to attract these things back to you. When you want to be perfect and you miss the mark, this can cause you to feel negative and that is what you will put into the universe.

Signs of a Perfectionist

Perfectionists feel that they have to either win or not do it at all. They will want to give their best and if it is not good enough, they will often not try or not do anything at all. A perfectionist is often critical to themselves and to others around them because of mistakes that are made.

This can cause relationships to be hard and cause them to have lower self-esteem because they are not reaching their goals. If someone upsets a perfectionist, it can be hard for them to forgive and to forget.

A perfectionist is usually motivated by fear because they are afraid that they will not be able to live up to what society wants them to do.

Instead of being able to look at how far they have come and being happy with their successes, a perfectionist is disappointed when they are challenged and cannot meet the challenge.

A perfectionist will have setbacks when they do not reach their goals perfectly and they are not able to learn a lesson from it or to see it as an opportunity, but they instantly feel that they are a failure.

Manifestation’s Biggest Enemy

Understanding what a perfectionist is can help you to realize if you are one of the people that struggle with this kind of thinking. Perfectionists are not able to manifest as well as other people because they are not able to change their way of thinking to make it positive.

When you have the life that you want, you will see that you are able to be positive, but a perfectionist seems to only be able to focus on what they want in life and are never able to achieve.

Everyone is imperfect and everyone makes mistakes and has flaws. You will see that you have the flaws that will help you to be successful in your future if you just sit back and pay attention.

Overcoming This Mindset

You are not going to easily be able to stop being a perfectionist, especially if you have been living this kind of life for many years. You have to understand that you shouldn’t be fighting perfectionism, you just have to get to the point in your life where you realize that you are not going to be successful at everything.

Change the way that you think and the way that you act and learn to improve yourself. Perfectionism is often a deep-rooted situation in your life and when you are able to accept that you will never be perfect, you can change your thoughts and attitude and love yourself more. When you love yourself more, you will have a better attitude and find value in your life.

Being Imperfect

You have to learn to celebrate who you are and your flaws and imperfections. Everyone is broken and everyone has a history that they have moved out of. If you have made it further in life than you were before, celebrate yourself.

Learn to understand that you have flaws and celebrate them instead of trying to hide them. Let people see who you really are and learn to feel good about who you are and what you do.

Care for Yourself

You need to make sure that you have self-care as part of your everyday life. You have to do things that make you love yourself. Learn to rest when you are tired and learn to relax when you feel stressed.

Spend time going outside, working out, watching movies, relaxing, and taking a bath or getting a massage.

Accept Who You Are

When you want to stop being a perfectionist, you have to work hard and stop doubting yourself. You need to write down a list of things that you feel that you are not good at, or that you don’t think you are good at, and write down why this upsets you.

Get rid of the old you and learn to have conversations with yourself that are positive and learn to speak positive affirmations over yourself.

Embrace Your Imperfections

When you learn to have a positive attitude, you can begin to manifest things to yourself. You have to become more positive, and you have to learn that even if you do not reach your goals that you are still good.

When you use positive affirmations over your life, it can help you to manifest things to yourself and it can help you to focus on the things that you do right and not the things that you do wrong.

Once you learn to manifest things to your life and you see that you have real potential, you will get the things that you want. If you are hoping to have love or hoping to have more money, you will see that life does not have to be perfect in order for it to be good.