Eight Healing Crystals

Eight Healing Crystals

Have you ever received a gift in the form of a gem or a healing crystal? You are lucky–this means you are truly loved!

Crystals sometimes work in powerful ways. Other times they work in more subtle ways. Crystals can help you attract the desired quality of energy. They can strengthen your personal energy field. They can clear your space of negative energy, and more, so much more.

There are countless different crystals and gems that can really help people. So, it’s no surprise that people through the centuries have been so obsessed with them!

Here is a list of eight of the most popular healing crystals, along with descriptions of their healing properties:

#1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink variety of quartz that occurs in large translucent masses. It is never transparent and does not form crystal faces or crystals. Natural rose quartz is often a very pale pink. Generally, the stronger the pink color, the more valuable it is considered. Metaphysically, however, the paler pinks are equally valuable.

Rose quartz is a heart healer. It heals physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. It clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others. Rose quartz is a timely gift to offer someone who desires to learn self-love

#2. Hematite

This silver-gray metallic gemstone is often used as a healing tool for those who tend to avoid worldly tasks and events by out-of-body flight. Hematite is made of ferric oxide. It is most commonly used to ground or balance, and for protection.

In spiritual work, hematite is an excellent stone to help keep you connected to the Earth plane–some would say “via the silver cord”–so your spiritual learning and travels can be done safely.

#3. Jade

This gem with a lovely green color teaches acceptance. It carries serene and calming energy, and helps people become less critical of themselves and of others. Jade is said to bless whatever it touches and has been used worldwide for this reason for nearly 6,000 years.

Jade is the ultimate “dream stone” and has been revered both in ancient cultures and in modern times. It’s used to access the spiritual world, to gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, and to encourage creativity.

#4. Amethyst

This highly spiritual and healing stone in shades of purple and lilac is associated with The Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Amethyst helps people tune in to a higher awareness of knowing.

As “amethyst” is Greek for “not drunk,” amethyst stones are traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness and to instill a sober mind. It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia.

#5. Turquoise

This dazzling stone in unique shades of blue and green is a teaching stone and can be used to help people learn spiritual lessons through meditation and dream visions.

Turquoise is perhaps the most legendary stone in man’s history. It’s also known as the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It’s a stone of protection. Strong and opaque, it’s also soothing to the touch and healing to the eye, as if it’s carved from the sky and put to earth.

#6. Citrine

This crystal has a wonderful yellow color, and helps to manifest your goals, increase self-esteem, and protect you from the negative energy from someone else’s abuse. Citrine also can keep you cheerful and attract abundance and personal power.

Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind.” It opens the mind to new thoughts and can promote clarity of thought. Ancient cultures believed that putting a citrine on the forehead of an elder would increase his psychic power.

#7. Malachite

People believe that malachite is still evolving and will be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium. Malachite soaks up and guards against radiation of all kinds. It is extremely versatile and treats most diseases of the sexual organs and sexual diseases.

Malachite is also believed to hold the ability to treat asthma, arthritis, fractures, and swollen joints. It stimulates the liver to release toxins. If you need a clearing of any kind, malachite is the stone for you.

#8. Sulphur

With its negative electrical charge, sulfur is extremely useful for absorbing negative energies, emanations, and emotions. This stone is produced by volcanoes, making it an excellent stone for anything that erupts feelings such as anger, skin conditions, and fevers.

Sulfur is helpful for re-energizing after exhaustion and serious illnesses. Sulfur also helps reducing painful swelling and joint problems. If you are looking for a stone to aid you with “release,” try sulfur.

Crystals Psychics – The Energetic Power of Crystals is amazing and the use of crystals can promote healing, insight, and be used for other purposes to strengthen the connection with you.