Heal Yourself with Crystals

Heal Yourself with Crystals

Crystals are wonderful tools for healing.  Each have special properties that benefit the body, mind, and spirit.  It is commonly believed that they facilitate optimal flow of energy and purge toxic from one’s self to improve physicality and emotions.

Throughout history, cultures have recorded the benefits of crystals.  Hindu and Buddhist traditions celebrate medicinal and philosophical attributes.  Yet, crystals draw people mainly for their vibrant beautiful colors.  Sadly, no scientific proof exists to support these healing properties.

People celebrate crystal powers to increase mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance.  If you are ready to embrace this spiritual healing practice, we have created a list of some of the most readily used crystals and their properties.

Popular Crystal Options

  • Clear quartz:  This “master healer” is a white crystal works to absorb, restore, and manage energy.  Some clear it can boost concentration and memory.  Since it is clear, this option can improve the immune system and optimize the physical body.  When pair with another crystal it can aid and enhance its properties and benefits.
  • Rose quartz:  Its pink hue reflects its love benefits.  Using this stone can renew trust and balance in any relationship, while strengthening bonds shared.  It may also be a salve during periods of grief.  Rose quartz can improve feelings of love, respect, trust, and worth within ourselves.
  • Jasper:  The “ultimate nurturer” emboldens the spirit by maintaining stress levels so you can put your best foot forward.  It works to guard you from assuming negativity, but improves courage, clarity, and confidence.  With this boost, you are better able face tough issues objectively.
  • Obsidian:  Provides a powerful shield from physical or emotional toxicity.  It can purge blockages and provide a wellspring of strength, empathy, and insight.  It can empower you to tap into your best self.  Physical benefits include improved digestion, and detoxification.  This can drastically minimize any pain or cramps.
  • Citrine:  This stone is filled with positive attributes including joy, wonderment, and zeal.  It can remove negativity from your life like anxiety and promote optimism, motivation, and clear-mindedness.  It can also bolster mindfulness traits include creativity and concentration.
  • Turquoise:  A powerful tool to heal the body, mind and spirit.  Its good luck can balance emotions and the spirit.  Physically, it improves respiratory, skeletal, and immune systems.
  • Tiger’s eye:  Pick this up when you to boost motivations or empowerment.  It can clear your mind and body of worry, tension, and self-doubt.  Tiger’s eye can strengthen career or love goals.  This stone can promote harmony and balance in your life while helping you to make informed and effective decisions.
  • Amethyst: This purple powerhouse provides wonderful protection, healing, and purification.  It can clear the mind of negativity and promote humility, sincerity, and spiritual insight.  Sobriety can be sustained more easily.  There are also many benefits for sleep, including relieving insomnia and improved dream interpretations.  For the body, amethyst can optimize hormones, blood flow, and pain or stress regulation.
  • Moonstone:  Since it stimulates growth and strength, this stone is one of new beginnings.  By hitting a reset button, it aids to release tension and instability to allow you to move forward with confidence.  Positive thinking is also boosted, along with intuition and inspiration, which enables you to have good luck and success.
  • Bloodstone:  Best known for cleaning blood, purging environmental toxins, and improving circulation.  The mind will benefit from more selflessness, creativity, optimism, and mindfulness.  It can also reduce sensations of irritation, impatience, and frustration.
  • Sapphire:   Wisdom is the key attribute of this blue crystal.  It can draw wealth, joy, and peace into your life while enabling you to see more beauty and knowledge around you.  Physically, this stone improves eyesight, cellular function, blood circulation, and mental health.
  • Ruby:  This red beauty improves vitality and energy through increased sensuality, attraction, and wisdom.  It heightens self-awareness and embracing inner wisdom.  Historically, rubies were known to purify blood and circulation.

Selecting a Crystal

Begin by identify gaps in your life and what you are hoping a stone can provide.  By understanding your situation, you can better create an action plan to improve your life.  Next, create time alone to work with your intuition to guide you to the most helpful tools.

Crystals may either catch your eye or produce a feeling of physically pulling you toward it.  Once you obtain your crystal you can form the required connection.

Caring for Crystals

Upon bringing your crystal home you want to clean it.  This will release negativity or access energy absorbed by the stone.  Hold the crystal under cold, running water either from a tap or a natural source.  You may also choose to add some sea salt or burn sage, to maximize the impact.

Another option is to leave the stone out overnight to dry in full moon light or the morning sun to let light filter throughout the crystal.  Remember that crystals will only work if you believe in its powers.  Ensure that you respect their abilities before you attempt to tap into their abilities.

Crystal Accessories

Crystals are beautiful items of great healing prowess.  Therefore, it’s no wonder that people opt to create an array of accessories our of them.  Whether a piece of jewelry, a decoration, or a usable tool, accessories allow crystals to look attractive while promotes positive energy.

Prayer beads:  When worn close to the heart, prayer beads promote positive energy.  This is a great option to increase hope, courage and peace.

Jewelry:  One of the most common ways to show off a crystals beauty while keeping their properties close to your body.

Coasters:  This decoration is a simple way to promote higher vibration throughout the home.

Pipes:  Crystals are hardy enough that you can smoke out of them.  Since they are smooth, robust, and simple to use, crystal pipes are a great way to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana.

Water bottles:  You can purchase glass bottles that include a “pod” at the base that you can place your favorite crystals.  So, the next time you go to the gym or on a hike, you can optimize your wellness while making a fashionable statement.

Final Words

To receive the full benefit of crystal you must maintain an open and receptive mind.  There is no limit to the benefits that crystal can bring to your life.  With so many options you have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain, by experimenting with crystal healing today.