Having Too Much Empathy

Having Too Much Empathy

Most people that know anything about the spirit world knows that an empathy can be both a blessing and a curse. It is important that if you are an empath that you learn to engage in these gifts without becoming overwhelmed by the emotions around you.

Two Sides

There is a positive side and a negative side with being an empath. An empath can have strong insights and can connect more with others. They can feel the feelings of others and sometimes understand what they mean. They communicate and connect with people and form strong bonds.

The negative part is that you can feel the pain of others and it can cause you not to understand the pain and to think it is your own. It can be painful and a struggle when you deal with negative or hurtful emotions of others, and you sometimes turn against yourself.

Even though empaths can learn to protect themselves from negatives, the best part of being an empath is having emotion regulation. This can help you to protect your emotions and to control them.

You learn to do this when you are a young child, or a teenager and you learn to manage your stress and your emotions. You have faced many obstacles and stress over life, and you can learn to have harmony when you can learn to control your emotions.

Emotional Overdrive

Sometimes when you have too much anger, grief or loss, your feelings can take over and become too much. This is not being empathetic, but it is being consumed by your emotions. Even if this comes from someone else and you are feeling their feelings, you have to learn to rest and to have skills to protect your mind and soul.

When you are understanding of your own skills, you can learn to separate these feelings from the feelings of others, and this can help you to be aware of the different feelings you will have.

We are here to engage with others, and we have to have emotional regulation. When too much pain, anger or lost enter your life, you have to practice this control and learn that life is not always easy.


Empathy does not just turn on and off and you will constantly be picking up the feelings of others. But even when this happens, you have to learn to control how you handle these feelings. Becoming overwhelmed will keep you sick and upset.

You have to learn to be able to take the feelings and focus on yourself. You must learn to focus and regain insight on your understanding.


When you cannot manage your emotions, being an empath will not be good for you. You will always be aware of what is going on around you and you will face multiple instances of negativity. You have to not allow these feelings to hurt or overwhelm you and you can do this by distracting yourself and being mindful.

You can focus on what is going on and not overreact. You have to practice this so you can stay in harmony with your body and soul. You can also regulate your emotions by taking time for yourself. You cannot keep up with your own health while you are overly emotional with other people’s feelings.

When you become emotional because of others, take a step back and realize what you are experiencing. Be with others but at the same time, let others know that you need time to process the feelings and to manage your own feelings and emotions.

Having emotional peace and harmony will help you to help others and will keep you safe and healthy. This allows you to be there for other people and their needs.