Crystals that Can Bring You Good Luck

Crystals that Can Bring You Good Luck

Are you looking for crystals that bring you good luck? If you need good luck in your life, relationships, wealth or just want to have good things happen to you, these stones have different vibrational frequencies that can increase your luck.

Crystals for Good Luck

There are many different crystals that can help to bring you good luck and here are some of them:


The Amazonite is a stone that helps to bring harmony in your relationships and if you need luck in your relationship then use this stone. The Amazonite is a stone that can help you and increase the energies of your heart and throat chakras and it can help you to learn to express yourself more.

If you want to keep the Amazonite close to you, here are some things that it can do for you:

  • Help you judge less and help you to understand others more.
  • Increase expression.
  • Teach you to accept others.
  • Learn to understand who you are and to have more compassion.
  • Help with setting boundaries.

You can use the Amazonite as a good luck stone, and it can help you if you are looking for a new business venture. This can help you to have better finances and if you are in competition, it works to help you win.

The Amazonite helps you to have hope and it will attract luck to you as long as you keep a positive mindset.


This stone is a stone that can help you to have better spirituality in your life. It works with the third eye and the crown chakra to help open up your mind. When you reach your higher consciousness, you can have better intuition, and this can come with meditation to help you clear your mind and be stronger and healthier.

You will have better results in all areas of your life because the Amethyst can help you to make better decisions and to be more positive.


The Carnelian can help you to be in control of your life and can help you to be empowered in all for you do. This stone will be one of your best stones if you are looking for luck because when you have it, good things happen to you.

The stone that is full of motivation is the Carnelian and it can help you with these things as well:

  • Helps you reach your dreams.
  • Gives you courage.
  • Helps you to be more creative.
  • Increases physical energy.
  • Encourages productivity.

This stone will also give you positivity in your life and helps you to make good choices.


The Citrine is called the Merchant’s Stone and it helps you to manifest money to your life. It can also help you to attract people in your life that can help you to reach your dreams. This stone is a positive energy stone, and it brings you joy and helps you to start new. It can bring you confidence and help you to have peace and happiness.

When you feel that you will start seeing good things in your life, you will see that your energy is boosted, and your body is stronger. The good luck crystal, Citrine, helps to get rid of negative energy and can help you to get out of bad situations.

Clear Quartz

If you want to heal your body and have good luck, the clear quartz is going to be one of your most important stones. This stone can be programmed, and you can make it to work with your intentions. Hold the stone while you meditate and say your intentions and it will support you in your endeavors.

The Clear Quartz is very versatile and can give you luck in things you want in life and can bring healing to you. It can also cleanse your inner being. This energy stone makes you feel happy and peaceful and can get rid of darkness in your life. This stone works with the crown chakra and helps you to reach your higher being.


The Garnet is a stone that helps you to boost your career. If you have relationship problems, this stone can help with that and help other people want to work with you and be with you.

If you desire something, the Garnet can make these feelings stronger and one great thing about the stone is that it is a grounding stone. It can bring you balance and help you to be more creative.

The Stone of Health, or the Garnet, is a great good luck crystal and helps you to get rid of bad habits that are not helping you.


The Labradorite is a stone that helps you to find luck. This helps you to have high vibrational frequencies and helps you to connect with the universe. You will be able to have more self-discovery when you use this stone, and it will help you to connect with your higher being.

You will no longer be afraid. The Labradorite is a stone that will bring you magic and will help you to have more good luck and imagination.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a stone that can help you to find love and help you to attract good relationships in your life. This is a stone that brings you good luck and it can help you with these other things:

  • Having more self-love.
  • Accepting who you are.
  • Learning to love unconditionally.
  • Empathy.
  • Trust
  • Thankfulness
  • Compassion
  • Helps you to forgive others.

The best thing about this stone is that it helps you to feel loved and helps you to love others. This stone ill nurture you and will help you to have strength in in your mind and body.

Smoky Quartz

The Smoky Quartz is a great stone if you just want to have general good luck. This stone can help you to reach your fortune and can get rid of negative energies in your mind and body.

This stone will bring you abundance and will help to improve your relationships. This stone is called the Stone of Power and it gets rid of negative energy that is holding you back.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is a stone that can give you fortune. It helps you to find and seek out opportunities and it helps you to focus on what you need to do in order to reach your goals. This stone can help to build your intuition and help you to make choices that allow you to be more creative.

The Tiger’s Eye is known as the Stone of Courage because it helps you to be brave and helps you to have willpower to get things done. This stone can bring change in your life and can protect you.

Finding the Stones

You can find these stones in a store or even order them online. These stones can help you to have fortune and to bring luck to your life.


The crystals above an bring you good luck and help you in every area in your life. Remember, the crystals will be powerful and work, but the changes can be subtle.

It is important to write down what you are feeling and what happens in your life so that you can see how your luck changes.