Crystals for Spiritual Grounding Meditation

Crystals for Spiritual Grounding Meditation

If you are familiar with meditation, chances are you have heard of grounding meditation. The idea behind spiritual grounding is very important, especially if you are trying to do spiritual work or if you are using your gifts or developing them.

Being ungrounded can be preventable and it can also be dangerous. You will become unhealthy in your body and mind if not grounded. Whenever you are able to go walk on the earth such as on the beach barefoot, walk through the grass with no shoes on or anything you can do to be one with the earth and this is called earthing.

Emotional grounding is very important, and you can ground your emotions in water such as swimming, taking a shower and this allows the negative energies to go into the earth below your feet and to give you positive energies.

How to do Grounding Meditation

When you cannot go outside to ground yourself, you can do it right in your home. Grounding is important because it helps with your overall being and this allows you to be centered and strong.

An effective grounding meditation involves you visualizing and seeing yourself growing. Sit down in a comfortable chair and it is best if you are barefoot with your feet flat on the floor so you can connect as much as you can with the earth.

When you are centered and relax, you need to imagine in your mind that there is a line from the bottom of your feet down into the earth. Imagine a spot around a foot below each of your feet. Imagine that you can feel any energy that you have in your body moving to your feet and towards the earth.

Imagine that there is a tree that is huge, tall, and beautiful. Feel the roots coming out of your feet and into the earth, deep down. Go deeper and imagine the cool soil and the nutrients that are in it. You will feel the roots getting bigger and stronger and the energy deepening and giving you power.

You will feel love and gratitude form Mother Gaia and coming into the roots and up through your feet and through the rest of your body. This love and thankfulness are the gift of energy that you have given to the earth.

Put your arms above your head and spread them out. Imagine these are the branches and you will feel the leaves falling to the ground and feel them growing big, strong, and healthy.

The branches will reach high into the air, and you can feel the warm sun hitting the leaves and then the moon and the coolness of it. When you contact the spirit world, you will get energy from eh divine and you will be nourished.

You have filled yourself and you are allowing the strong vibrations to enter you and take you to a higher place. You can feel this energy go to your legs.

As this energy flows through you, thank the spirit guides for helping you. Be thankful of the spirit and thankful to Mother Gaia for what she has done for you. Once you finish grounding meditation, give her all of the extra energy that comes from your body.

When you are done, open your eyes and you will know that you can enter into this type of meditation and spiritual grounding anytime you need to get rid of extra energies.

Crystals for Spiritual Grounding

You might like crystals such as the Black Kyanite for grounding because this is a strong crystal. This crystal can come in any color but black is recommended when you are grounding yourself. All of the Kyanite stones have advantages with your chakras and keeping you safe.

Most grounding stones are the earth star chakra stones, and you can find that these help the root chakra. If you need to be protected and grounded, using a black stone can be the most benefit to you. If you don’t have any of these stones, figure out which ones are the best and the easiest to get ahold of.