Crystals for Sleep

Lepidolite and Amethyst

If you have trouble sleeping or if you have insomnia, there are many crystals that are great to help you have a better night sleep. There are many stones that are great for healing and for sleeping better and so choosing a stone that can help you sleep better can aid you in your life.

Some of the stones can help to quiet your mind if you have a lot of mind chatter and find that you cannot sleep because of all the thoughts going through your head. All of the stones can help you with these problems and can help with other health issues that you might be facing.

What is Insomnia?

People that have a hard time sleeping might have insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep and being not able to rest or not being sleepy.

Having habitual sleeplessness means that it happens all the time and recurred and is a frequent thing in your life. People that have insomnia need to be able to sleep and there are ways that they can get help.

Some people cannot sleep and it’s not because of insomnia, they just have a harder time falling asleep., For other people, they go to sleep and wake back up often and feel that they have no rest in their sleep. Having a crystal close to you if you have this problem can help you to get rid of this situation.

Many people have issues with their thoughts int heir head, and they cannot sleep because their mind is not settled. If this happens to you, meditating can really help the situation. If you need to settle your mind, doing deep meditation can help you get back on the right sleep cycle again.

Individuals need to find crystals that can help them and there is a list of ones that are great.

Crystals for Sleep

This is a list of crystals that can help you to sleep better at night. All of the crystals can help you if you have insomnia or problems sleeping. Many of the crystals are known and easy to get and they have great metaphysical properties that can help your life.

List of the Best Sleep Crystals

  • Lepidolite
  • Scolecite
  • Amethyst
  • Howlite
  • Cookeite
  • Stilbite
  • Unakite


The Lepidolite is a stone that you should keep close to your body so that you can get rid of sleep issues. If you see that you have trouble sleeping because of stress or anxiety, this is the perfect stone for you. Use this stone while you meditate to help you relax.

This stone is great if you need more sleep and if you need to have your brain chatter to slow down. Alpha brain waves happen when you are relaxed, and you need to reach this state each day before you go to bed so you can get better sleep.

The Lepidolite can help you if you need to get deeper theta brain waves and reach a better relaxed state. There are many crystals that can help to reach this state and can help with theta healing if you are having a problem.

Use this stone while you meditate so you can reach theta state faster and it can help with your spiritual growth as well. This stone has so many good qualities and comes in a number of colors so it can help with your chakras as well. This stone is great because it has natural lithium inside of it.


The Scolecite crystal is a great crystal if you need to be calmed and you need soothing energies to help get rid of stress out of your life. This crystal is great if you are an insomniac, but it also can help to develop your psychic giftings such as visions and lucid dreaming.

This crystal is a high vibrational frequency crystal and is associated with the third eye and the crown chakra. This stone is great if you want to meditate, and you can combine it with other crystals to have better results.

If you have trouble waking up, you can hold this crystal in your hand or keep it under your pillow, so it is close when you need it. When you use this crystal, you will see that you can sleep better and have a faster time going to sleep. Use this and if you feel that it is not being effective enough, cleanse it and recharge it.


One of the most effective and common stones is the Amethyst. This is a stone from the quartz family and has strong properties. This can help you to broadcast calming to your brain and it can work with the violet flame to help you even more.

This stone has powerful healing energies and is one of the best stones if you are having trouble in your body. This stone is great if you need psychic protection and need help sleeping. Keep this stone under your pillow for added benefits.

When you sleep, you will see that there is calming energies when you have this crystal with you but for some people, the energy is too stimulating and so they need to take it slow.


The Howlite crystal is a sleep crystal and can help to give you calm and soothing energies. You can use this when you are feeling angry or upset and put a piece of it under your pillow and you will see that it can help to calm you.

This is a stone that is used to help you have good relaxation and can help you meditate better because it has high vibrations. This stone is great when building relationships and if you need to communicate with others.

The Howlite can also boost your patience and can soothe those that have domestic violence in their past or if there is a violent partner in the home. This stone has many healing qualities and can even help to heal broken bones.


Cookeite is a stone that has lithium in it and so it helps if you are faced with insomnia. This stone is not a very common stone and so it is harder to get but it is great if you have sleep issues. If you need to have a space that is calm and collected, using this stone in your drawer or under your pillow can help with that.

The energy of the Cookeite is calming and can help you if you need to meditate or make a protective barrier around yourself to void out negative energies. This stone is a great healing stone and can help you to solve any problems that you may face.


If you need energy to stop the brain chatter, the Stilbite is a great stone for that. This stone can help to give you good sleep and can keep your thoughts down. If you have trouble meditating because you cannot keep the brain chatter down, use this stone and you will see that the thoughts can calm down.

You can see that these crystals are great for healing and can clear your head. Not only do they stop the brain chatter, they also can balance the parts of your brain that need help with concentration. If you have a problem because of a loss or you are facing high bouts of grief, using this stone can help to give you peace and it can also boost your creativity.

Meditating on a regular basis can help to calm you and give you happy energies. When you do deep meditation, you can use this stone to help you contact your spirit guides so that you can get courage and happiness in your life.


The Unakite stone is a good stone if you are faced with a lot of emotions such as stress or anxiety. The stone can help you if you need to love yourself more or if you have self-esteem issues.

This stone is a grounding stone so it can be used when you meditate to help ground you and balance your chakras. This stone is great for developing your psychic giftings and can help to get rid of negative energies out of your life that might be making you feel sickly or not get enough sleep.

These crystals have other healing properties such as getting rid of addictions and protecting you from EMF’s that come from wi-fi and other electronics that you use. There are many crystals that can help you to sleep better and can benefit you in many ways. Some of them include:

  • Zircon
  • Afghanite
  • Augelite
  • Glendonite
  • Dream Quartz
  • Clinohumite
  • Kinoite

If you see a crystal that you like from the list, use that crystal by putting it under your pillow when you sleep or keeping it close to your body. If you are having problems with your crystals not working, look for ways how you can cleanse your crystal to keep it working well.

If you cleanse your crystal, remember that they will work better, and they will be more effective because they help to collect all of the negative energies and so they need to be cleansed and recharged.

You can also use these crystals when you are meditating so that you can reach your spiritual guides better and have a better way of communicating with your spiritual world.

Other Tools

There are many other tools that you can use to help you learn more about the benefits of crystals such as books, workshops, blogs, online classes or even talking to your very own psychic.