Crystals for Psychic Protection

Amber and Amethyst

Psychic protection is something that is important if you are doing any type of healing or spiritual work.  You need to make sure that you are protected from negative energies.  If you are participating in any kind of meditation circle, it is good to know that there are problems that will come against you and learn to protect yourself.

When you want to make contact with the spiritual world, you will see that there are risks that you will face, and you need to make sure that you are preventing these psychic attacks. When you open yourself up to the spiritual world, you will need to protect yourself from these attacks to make sure you are grounded and healthy.

Meditation and Development Circles

When you do group meditation or go to a development circle, you will learn to do guided meditations.  These groups are used to help beginners to develop their psychic gifts from visions, clairvoyance, clairaudience and more.  One big gift that gets developed in these circles is psychometry.

People will do meditation in a group and will have a guided meditator that will take you into a state where you will be at your deepest relaxation and will be aware of what is going on inside of you.

If you have psychic gifts, this will be the time to make contact with the spirit guides.  It is your personal guide that will help you, but you always need to know that you need to learn to protect yourself from negative things.  Even though it is uncommon for spirits to want to hurt you, it can still happen.

Circles help you to be aware of psychic protection and help you to know how to protect yourself.  If you have a good leader, he or she will only allow white light to come into the circle.

Psychic Attacks

Most people know that they have spirit guides and angels that help to guide them and protect them.  These beings help to make sure that you are protected but there are still steps that need to be done in order to make sure that you are protected from psychic attacks.

Some of the attacks that you have might be a spirit but sometimes it is other things. Negative emotions and negative vibrations can be released by people around you and your environment and this can be something that is not even deliberate but can still happen.

Sometimes, when someone is thinking negatively about you, it can cause you to have problems and if this person is a psychic, they can bring a psychic attack against you and this is a time when psychic protection is needed.

Negative vibrations that come can cause harm t o you and can cause you to not be able to adequately use your gifts.  Not everyone knows that they have psychic gifts and they are not even aware that they have skills to attack you.  If someone does not use their psychic powers for good, it can bring about health problems to you.

Needing Psychic Protection

Everything in the earth has vibrational frequencies and the planet moves and changes over time and the gifts that people have can come to life.  People that want to develop their psychic giftings such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, intuition and other giftings and they need to be aware of negative vibes that can come against them.

Everyone has a psychic gift that they are born with, and it is common that their gifts will just seem to show up out of nowhere.  When this happens, psychic development will come, and people will not even realize that they are building their gift.

If you have been wearing crystals that have high vibrational frequencies, your psychic gifts will be magnified.  This can help to strengthen your spiritual development and can help you with everyday life.  When you participate in meditation each day or circle groups, you will see that you can avoid unnecessary energies that are negative and effect you badly.

There are ways that you can protect yourself and methods where you can build a shield of protection around your being.

Protective Cloak

If you can imagine that you have a protective shield around you, like a cloak that you would wear around yourself, then you can create this cloak of protection around yourself.  Each day that you get up, you can pull the hood of protection up over you and let the cloak fall to your feet.  This will be like covering yourself with white light.

The cloak that you have can be any color that you want, and it can be part of your auric field.  This will help to give you a little bit more power. Maybe one day you will have to do public speaking and so you would put on a blue cloak because blue is associated with the throat chakra that could help you to communicate effectively.

You can imagine that you have clear and bright blue cloak, and it will help you to be more effective when you are communicating.  This can be a cloak of rainbow colors but when you work with one color each day it can be more effective and powerful.

By doing this, you can boost your chakras and can balance them.  This can increase your gifts and help to increase your psychic protection. The psychic cloak that you put on can protect you as much as you want it to.  This can be used with crystals that can help to increase the protection.

If you want to develop your psychic gifts, you can use the color purple for your cloak because this can help to open up the third eye chakra which is located in the pineal gland.  If you aren’t sure about the colors, you can learn and study them online.

Protection Help

You need to pay attention to yourself so that your psychic protection can always be working.  If you are a healer or work lint eh spiritual field, it is important that you use psychic protection when you are doing these giftings.

It is the most important when you are working with your psychic gifts that you are protected.  You can wear jewelry that is made up of protection stones such as Black Tourmaline and other stones that can be useful.

This is a valuable tool to protecting yourself and when clients release negative energies when you are healing them, you will not absorb the energies but will be able to ward them off.

Cleansing Your Area

When you are a healer, you need to make sure that your area is constantly cleansed.  When you are working with clients, make sure that you invite white light to enter the room, do sage cleansings and spray your room with essential oils.

It is possible to use different essential oils such as wildflowers to give the room an amazing smell and to keep your room cleansed of negative energies. Crystals usually can be cleansed with sage and the sounds of tingsha bells, and it is important that you cleanse your stones as well.

When you are in social situations with people and they have been drinking or doing drugs, you need to make sure you are cleansed because they can release negative energies to you.  When you develop your skills more, you will find that you know when you are being attacked.

When the attack happens, it is then that you can ask your spirit guides to protect you, and this is a time where you can cover yourself with another cloak layering.

Psychic Protection that Doesn’t Fail

Psychic protection is very important and many of the attacks come while people are sleeping, and it can even be a dream of your attacker. This means that this is an unintentional attack, but it can have just as much energy as one that is intentional.  If the person that is sending the attack has psychic abilities, this can be harmful to you.

There should be some crystals that you have that are your favorite to use for psychic protection and you should keep them under your pillow or in your nightstand so that they are there all the time.

You can even wear your pendant or other jewelry on your body that can give you high protection during your day.  You might even choose to alternate between different stones and different jewelry as you are going through your day.

Some crystals can be helpful for you to wear such as:

  • Amethyst
  • Amber
  • Sugilite
  • Rainbow Moonstone

Each of these stones are very protective and putting the stones in a small cloth bag and keeping with you in your pocket can be an alternative to jewelry if you don’t like wearing it.

This can have both protection and grounding crystals and other crystals that work together for other reasons.  This is something that you can do to increase the vibrational frequencies in your life.  These stones can be changed all the time but some you might want to keep the same.

Psychic Employment

If you are developing your gifts because you have ap purpose and want to use your skills to help other people, then you might be seeking psychic employment. If you are working in this field, the stone Shattuckite is a great stone to protect you from being possessed and to help increase your gifts.

Another stone, pyrolusite is another powerful stone that can protect you and can protect you from astral realms. Psychic protection is important but there is no reason to be fearful when you are working, having protection is just like having insurance.

You will have insurance to protect you just in case and this is a good idea when you are doing psychic work because you want to make sure that you are protected. You might never need to have protection but if you wear certain stones, you can make sure that you are protected, especially if you are doing special works.

One of the best stones for this is the Black Tourmaline stone and this is one that many people choose for psychic protection.  These stones can aid your home and protect and ground you and protect you from electrical sensitivity.

The Spirit Quartz is a good stone that will help protect your area and can give you freedom from fear of attacks.  The best stone can be used to get rid of negative energy and to send the negative energy back to where it came from and this is the Fire Agate and the Crackled Fire Agate.

There are other stones that can be used as well.

Other Tools

There are other tools that can help to protect you such as listening to CD’s, reading books, going to meditation and development circles and by seeing a psychic.

Stones for Protection

Are you thinking about buying some stones so that you can be protected?  If you look at your stuff, you might see that you already have some of these stones in your home.  The Amethyst, for example, is very popular and is a very powerful stone for protection.

Not only can it protect you, it can also keep your area safe form negativity.

Most of these stones are easy to come by and you can find a large number of healing stones that can help you including:

  • Peridot
  • Amethyst
  • Fire Agate
  • Black Spinel
  • Malachite
  • Sugilite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Tourmalinated Quartz
  • Black Diopside
  • Chiastolite
  • Black Obsidian

You might want to look for some of the stones in the list that are harder to find and figure out if you have some of them already in your collection.

These stones can help to protect you and develop your psychic giftings.  You can never have too many stones to help keep you safe and secure.

List of Protection Stones

Here is a list of stones that can bring you psychic protection in your everyday life:

  • Ruby
  • Malachite
  • Peridot
  • Charoite
  • Chiastolite
  • Apache Tear
  • Shattuckite
  • Shungite
  • Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • Tourmalated Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Labradorite Crystal Ball
  • Turquoise
  • Cookeite
  • Magnetite
  • Septarian Heart
  • Sardonyx
  • Smokey Elestial Quartz
  • Black Jade
  • Strophyllite Palmstone
  • Ethiopian Opal
  • Aegirine
  • Nuummite
  • Tantalite
  • Bornite
  • Peakcock Ore
  • Atlantasite
  • Stichtie in Serpentine
  • Bronzite
  • Calligraphy Stone
  • Elephant Skin Jasper
  • Prophesy Stone
  • Black Amethyst
  • Rutile
  • Black Spinel

High Vibrational Protection Stones

If you looked at the list of protection stones, here is another list that you can keep close to you all day long.  These stones are strong protective stones and have a high vibrational frequency.

If you want to buy these stones, you can wear them on your body, and it is a good way to keep these stones working.  The stones below will always be there to protect you. These stones are very protective and here is the list of them:

  • Ajoite and Shattuckite
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Anyolite
  • Aurichalcite
  • Ascension Stones
  • Black Ammonite
  • Melanite Garnet
  • Black Andradite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Bornite
  • Charoite
  • Peacock Ore
  • Common Opal Black
  • Common Opal Brown
  • Dalmatian Jasper
  • Dalmatian Stone
  • Eilat Stone
  • Lemurian Jade
  • Jet
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Magnetite
  • Maori Greenstone
  • Pounamu Stone
  • Owyhee Blue Opal
  • Natrolite
  • Proustite
  • Ruby Silver
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Purpurite
  • Shaman Stones
  • Shattuckite
  • Stichtite
  • Shamanite Black Calcite

Remember, if you want to try a new stone, you can purchase the advantageous stone because it has a high vibration and can be combined with other stones in order to meet all of your needs.