Crystals for Memory


Many people do not know that you can use crystals to help enhance memory. If you have problems with memory, you can use crystals that can help to boost your memory and help you to remember facts that you have a hard time remembering.

One of the reasons that you might need to have help with focusing or recalling information is if you are a student and you have to study for a test or for finals. Using stones can help you to focus and concentrate and can help you to do great on your testing.

If you are studying and you feel that you do not have good memory skills, having a boost can help you and this can help you to recall facts and using specific crystals can be helpful.

Best Stones for Memory

Some people want to boost their memory and might have problems remembering things because of age. If you have a problem keeping the details strong and if you want to remember past events or if you want to be able to recall certain things, then using crystals for your memory can be helpful.

Having memory loss because of age can cause you to feel anxious and stressed and so it is time to take action to make your memory better and to do something that can enhance your memory. There are a few stones that are great for this and while some are very common, others are not as common.

There are more memory boosting stones and if you have problems remembering things, chances are that using these stones can effectively boost your memory.

Crystals for Memory


The Azurite stone is a great stone that helps with memory and helps you to be able to concentrate on what subject you are thinking about. The blue stone has strong vibrational frequencies and can help you to concentrate and help you to be better when you are studying.

This stone will help you to make connections between your mind and your memory, allowing you to use associations for things that you want to recall. The Azurite stone can help you to prevent stress and can allow free flow from the brain to the information that is stored.


Diaspore is a great stone that has high vibrational frequencies. This stone will help you to allow your mind to recall information faster and if you are older, this can help you even more. People that are older sometimes have memory loss and have a hard time recalling information. With the Diaspore, people can use the stone to improve their memory loss and to relax and have less stress.

When you see that you do not have an idea that is ready to come to you, this can be part of memory issues. This is one of the best stones in order to help you remember things. This stone is great to assist people that are experiencing age related memory loss but can help people of all ages.

This crystal has a high vibration and can help you to pay attention when you are trying to recall things. If you are studying subjects that are new to you and you need to remember the information, use this stone to help your brain to recall things, such as when taking a test.

When you are learning new things, it can cause stress and this stone can help you to get more information and help you to focus more. This stone can help you to stay calm and can allow you to get rid of stress and tension.

If you increase your memory, it will help you to be able to focus and to have deep thinking.


Datolite is a stone that has high vibrations and is great for memory and can assist how your memory works. This stone is great to increase your etheric chakras and can help aid the crown chakra and boost the vibrations that help you to solve problems.

This stone can help you to memorize things and can help you to recall important things. If you need to remember minor and major things, using this stone can help you to recall important things that you need to remember.

Datolite allows you to have contact with the spiritual world and you can talk to your spiritual guides and get action done. The crystals have different colors and each of them have a strong vibrational frequency and can help to boost your energies.

The birthstone is a healing crystal and can help you to get rid of anxiety and stress. These are good stones if you are dealing with grief. They are good stones to use when you are studying, and you want to understand a subject and know what you have just read.

Datolite comes in different colors, and some are clear.


The Hematite crystal is one that many students will carry around with them so that they can stimulate their mind and know more about technical things and mathematical studies. This stone is great to help evoke your memory and can enhance the memory development and thought process.

If you need to function your brain and learn to study harder things, you can use this stone to boost your brain power. This is a good healing stone that you can use before you go into finals so that you can be ready and use your overall brain function.


The Herderite stone is a strong stone that can open up the areas to your brain. This is a strong stone that helps with memory functions and brain functions.

The Golden Herderite is a strong stone that can help you to remember information and to utilize it. This will help to enhance your brain development and has strong vibrational frequencies that can make your life better.

This is a high vibrational stone that can work with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra and works best when you are holding it in your hand. This stone works to increase your spiritual growth.


If you want a stone that is highly effective and can help you to remember things and retain information that you get, you can use the Albite stone. This stone helps you to think better and can process information more readily.

With this stone, you will see that your brain has information that is stored, and the energies of these stones can help you to store more things in your memory and this is great if you are studying for tests.

Green Calcite

Green stones are great to help you to work on your memory and the Green Calcite is a great stone. This stone is a great memory boosting stone, and it can stimulate your mental powers.

The energy from the Green Calcite can help to stimulate your mind and can help you have clarity in your brain. These crystals are great for your memory and can help you to focus and to remember things that you need to know.

More Memory Crystals

There are many other crystals that can help you with your memory such as:

  • Emerald
  • Barite
  • Sphene
  • Vivianite
  • Rosa site
  • Baryte
  • Clinoptilolite
  • Lazulite
  • Klinoptilolith
  • Thenardite


The emerald will give you clear thinking and help you recall things in your memory.


This is a stone that is helpful in your mind and can boost your memory. This stone allows you to recall thing and will help you to remember different facts and have an understanding about certain subjects. This stone can help you recall new information.


The Vivianite is a good stone if you have a hard time remembering things or focusing on things when studying.


Rosasite is a stone that can help you remember facts that have come from the past and can help you remember facts that are stored in your memory.

Baryte or Barite

The Baryte or Barite is a stone that can come in many colors. This will help stimulate your chakras and build your memory.

Clinoptilolite or Klinoptilolith

This stone is a stone that contains the zeolite. This helps to remove toxins and metals from your brain that causes it not to function correctly. This will boost your memories.


The Thenardite is a stone that has strong attributes. You can use this to help you remember appointment times and recall important information. This stone is very uncommon, but it is a powerful stone if you need to remember to take your medication, to find things and to remember your appointments.


The Lazulite helps to enhance your memory and if you are a student, it can help you in your studying.

Using Crystals for Memory

Some of the stones that are on the list are easy to get such as the Emerald or the Hematite. These can be made into jewelry and that way they can be kept close to your body. When you hold stones close to your body will help you get your aura stronger.

If you want to purchase a stone and not have it made into jewelry, then you can put it in your pocket and carry it around. Some gemstones are more expensive than other stones such as natural stones.

If you want to put the stones beside your bed while you are sleeping at night, they can help to give you peace. These stones can be used for meditation and can help calm you and give you good energies.

Some of the stones that are not as common can be found at jewelry stores and at crystal shops. These uncommon crystals are great in helping to heal your body and help with your memory and other parts of your body that need healed and grounded.