Boost Your Intuitive Development with Crystals

Boost Your Intuitive Development with Crystals

Crystals and minerals are often used to connect more strongly to the spiritual realm. Since crystals have been around since time began, many people believe they hold great power inside. Crystals can be used not only for manifestation and meditation, but also in intuitive development.

There are hundreds of types of crystals. These five basic stones form the foundation of an intuitive developmental toolkit:

  • Amethyst, a natural stress reliever, is used when opening up. In ancient times, amethyst was a precious luxury known as a “gem of fire,” which only priests, priestesses, and royalty could access. Amethyst is used to connect us to the cosmos and open us to its infinite nature. It stirs our innate intuitive abilities, deepens our psychic awareness, and reveals spiritual truths.
  • Citrine, also called “the light maker,” is a lovely, light golden-yellow stone. It increases optimism and stirs a deep sense of self-worth and confidence in our abilities. Citrine is great for boosting confidence. Just be sure not to confuse citrine with burnt amethyst—they look very similar!
  • Fluorite, also known as “the rainbow keeper,” is a powerful cleansing mineral. It must be used with reverence and respect. Fluorite balances the third eye chakra, clearing mental fog so your journey is clear and positive. It’s also used to bring calm and peace. This powerful mineral must be used with caution!
  • Rose quartz, also called “the love magnet,” is linked to the heart chakra, so it’s the stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz is important for those considering working as a professional psychic reader. It helps people set aside their own judgments and perform their readings with pure hearts. It’s historically been used in love rituals, and also promotes compassion and forgiveness.
  • Tiger’s eye, also known as “the shapeshifter,” is often used for protection and grounding, both of which are important when beginning to open up your intuitive abilities. Tiger’s eye can also be used to boost self-confidence and courage, and to banish doubts and toxic feelings.

How to Cleanse Crystals

Before you use crystals, you should cleanse them. This simply dedicates them to your purposes. It’s best to cleanse crystals as soon as you acquire them. You can repeat the process any time they appear dull.

Here’s one simple way to cleanse a crystal: Simply hold it under running water. Rainfall and clear streams are lovely ways to do this, but household faucets will work fine, too. As water flows over the stone, visualize its energy being cleansed and renewed.

If you’d like, you can say something out loud, such as, “I consecrate you to my love.” Crystals can also be cleansed using sunlight, moonlight, smoke, and many other techniques. A quick online search should yield a method that will work for you.

How to Use Crystals

There are many ways to put cleansed crystals to work. Here are a few common ones. While meditating, you can press an amethyst or fluorite crystal against your third eye chakra—that little indentation on your forehead, between and just slightly above your eyes. This chakra is the entry point to your psychic intuition. Meditating in this way can really help open it up.

  • Meditating

Or meditate with rose quartz to access the energy of unconditional love. Your heart chakra is rose quartz’s natural home, so you can press the crystal to your chest, or lie down with it nestled there, while you meditate. You could even tuck a sliver of rose quartz into a little pouch and wear it on a cord around your neck, so it hangs near your heart.

  • Boost Your Life

To cleanse or boost yourself, place a cleansed and physically clean crystal in a glass of water. Leave the crystal in the water overnight. In the morning, take out the crystal and drink the water. Use only smooth crystals for this—some unpolished crystals are toxic.

  • Crystal Bath

Take a crystal bath. To do this, simply tumble a few crystals into your bathwater. While bathing, you’ll soak up their energy. As the water drains away, visualize any negative energy draining away with it. Rose quartz is great for a crystal bath, but you could add tiger’s eye if you feel as though you need protection.

  • Crystal Wand

Clear crystals make beautiful wands, which you can use to help direct your psychic energy. Some crystals naturally form in a long, thin wand shape. Seek crystals whose natural shape tapers to a point, as opposed to stones polished into shapes. Wands intensify energy by focusing it. You can point wands for healing or draw protective circles with them around yourself or your divination supplies.

  • Surrounding Yourself with Crystals

Finally, you could simply surround yourself with crystals. You can place them almost anywhere in your environment. Place rose quartz around the outside entrances of your home to keep love flowing freely, and tuck tiger’s eye in the door frames at work for protection.

This article really represents just a basic starting point. As you progress, you’ll notice your developing intuition is beginning to guide you toward which crystals to use for specific purposes. You may even feel compelled to research the fascinating history of crystals and the ways they’re most commonly used. May your love affair with crystals grow deeper and last for many years!