7 Clues Your Intuition is Spot On

Clues Your Intuition

We can quickly can a strong impression about a person or situation, but how can be confident our instinct is correct?  This is your intuition speaking and with the help of the seven signs below you can become confident in the messages it is sending you.

Trust your gut when it comes to people

  • Your feeling about this person is very distinct from how you usually regard people

You must learn how to recognize the difference between an emotion and intuition to identify if what you are sensing is a thought or intuition.  This will help you make decisions easier and trust your gut mor readily.  The following is an exercise that help you determine if what you are feeling is or is not an intuition.

If you typically find being around people easy, yet this particular stranger gives you the sense of being disingenuous this is a signal your feeling is your intuition speaking. However, if you typically are untrusting of people and you find this person to be off, then you may be experiencing feeling or belief rather than intuition.

  • Consistent feeling even after an extended period of time

Intuition is a steady sensation rather than a feeling or emotion which weakens or evolves with time.  Feelings and emotions can shift suddenly as your situation changes or your existing thoughts system is challenged.  Test if what you are experiencing is intuition by asking yourself questions that challenge your belief system.  “Why do I feel this way about this person?  What prior experiences or beliefs may be at play here?”

  • You can feel intuition in areas other than the gut

Despite being called a “gut feeling” intuition can arise in other section of your body.  Notice if you experience an inherent peace or wisdom and from where is it originating.  Be cautious to distinguish this feeling with other types of emotions or sensations.  Be careful to integrate other pieces of information about a situation other than just your gut thinking.

Using intuition to see if a person cares for you

  • Establishing signs and synchronicities

Signs and synchronicities act as cosmic green lights if what you are feeling is or is not intuition.  For example, “Lance” felt intuitively he should take a certain job, but he wasn’t confident, so Lance asked the universe of a sign.  A few days later he watched a movie that mentioned how Chinese families give gifts of fresh oranges on the Lunar New Year as a sign of prosperity.

The next week Lance went to an onsite follow-up interview and noticed the office was at 4 Orange Street, both signs of prosperity and the interviewer had on an orange blouse.  This made Lance feel like the Universe was telling him that he would be prosperous at this new position, and it would help him have abundance in his life.

  • Innate knowing a person likes you even though the situation could be complex

If someone’s word or action don’t indicate the like you, but you suddenly know to your core that they do, then this may be your intuition speaking.  Perhaps they may not be showing their true affection because they are nervous about the situation or where recently hurt by another person.

Be aware that your mind has biases and will seek out corroborating evidence for things it desires to be true, and thus may trick you into believing this is intuition.  Focus on whether or not you have this knowing constantly or if it changes with a circumstance to truly understand if what you are sensing is truly intuition.

  • You are certain about a person’s feeling for you rather than you are seeking it out

When you are trying to seek out and confirm evidence, this is a sign that you are experiencing a belief or emotion rather than intuition.  If you aren’t seeking approval from a person and they don’t give you clear indications that they like you, and you spontaneously know they want to ask you out on a date, then this is highly your intuition as work.

  • You have been spot-on with your gut instincts in the past

If you have had success with your intuition in the past about someone liking you, or you have had multiple instances of accurate intuition then you should honor this sensation as true.  Remember what happen when you followed your intuition as well as what happened when you ignored its messages.

Just because my intuition tells me they will come back to me, will they?

Frequently wishful thinking is a means of coping to help the mind process the pain of someone breaking your heart.  This can feel similar to intuition because it mirrors the inexplicable sense of knowing without a logical foundation.  Be cautious about your feelings, because even if your intuition is accurate the timing may be off for you and this person to be together.

Is it a good thing my intuition is telling me that they are coming back to me?

Your beloved may return for a short period to remind you of all the ways you have grown and are now ready for new opportunities for love or even self-love.  Their return may be a test of a critical lesson that you are having challenges with certain types of lovers.

Typically, this is something most people intuitively know, but struggle to accept.  If your feeling is unwavering even after challenging the feeling and you have confirmed signs and synchronicities, then it’s a likely outcome that this lover is returning back into your arms.