5 Ways to Activate Clairaudience


Those who are getting in touch with their psychic senses will receive messages through one of their physical senses like sight, taste, smell, feeling, or hearing. While one of these may be dominant, you likely will sense things through several different senses.

One of the most common ways is through clairaudience, or hearing things in your mind. Many people “hear” something at times to warn them or remind them of something. However, there are ways to improve your psychic hearing regularly.

Here are five ways to improve your “energy ears.”

  1. Shifting Attention

The first thing you must do to improve your spiritual listening is to shift your attention to focus on your listening. Typically, the senses work together more or less equally. Shifting to focus on hearing isn’t natural so you have to disrupt some of your other senses to accomplish this.

Find a calm place and close your eyes. This removes vision so you can concentrate on hearing. Relaxing closes off thoughts and distractions from other senses also. Breathe deeply and start becoming aware of nearby sounds. Take some time to listen. Continue to breathe and relax.

Now, try to hear distant sounds. After a few minutes, shift your listening to inside your body. Focus on “scanning” your body and give attention to different parts of it whether it is bones or an organ. Stop in an area when you sense you should stop.  Then, just listen.

  1. Remembering loved ones.

Think about a loved one that you haven’t been able to connect with recently. Remember the way they sounded and what they said. Don’t worry about the meaning, just listen for the sound. Try to understand the undercurrent of the words, or in other words, the emotional component that lies beneath the words.

  1. Listen to a pet or animal.

This is a fun exercise that can include your pet, a friend’s pet, or an animal hanging around your yard. Look at the animal and imagine they can speak to you. Say hello to your mind. Now comes the fun part! Ask them a question in your mind and listen to their answer.

  1. Listen to past relatives.

Get paper and a pencil. Draw a line across the page. After you’ve done that, set an intention to connect with someone who may have a message to give you to help you today.

The line represents time. Although it isn’t labeled, it is for all purposes a timeline. Run your finger along the line until it stops or sticks. Hold your place and imagine that you can enter into that time. Now, listen. Allow any messages to come through.

Those who try these things feel like they are just imagining things at first. As they continue listening, they realize there is information given they couldn’t possibly know. However, you must be careful because entities other than those you want to listen to could be sending messages also.

  1. To avoid receiving bad messaging, focus your intent only on positive information that is helpful to you or others. Focus your intent only on ancestors that can assist you in a message.

Once you tune your spiritual hearing, you will find it can be incredibly helpful in several situations.