Keeping the Base Chakra Strong

Base Chakra

The first of the seven major chakras are the base chakra. This is also called the root chakra and is found at the base of the spine. This chakra is where the etheric body will meet and where your sex drive originates from.

The base chakra is about physical parts of your life and is helpful to getting you comfortable in your sexuality and to help you to be grounded. The strong ideas that your body has between pain and pressure can all be associated to the base chakra. This chakra helps to say what you are or uses the phrase “I am.”

Base Chakra Meaning

The Base chakra is part of your sex drive and deals with base instincts, support, procreation, and circulation in your body. This chakra is also good for protection and using stones such as red stones or black stones can help to ground this area and to help with healing if you need it.

This chakra needs to be healthy and strong and when it is, you will have a stronger desire to live and to be creative. If you feel that you need to have a better sex drive and to have better relationships, you can use stones to ground this chakra and use the properties of the stones to help with this.

Balancing the Base Chakra

All of the chakras in our bodies help with certain areas. This chakra works with the legs, joints, feet, genitals, and colon in the body. If you find that this chakra is unbalanced, you might have sickness in those areas, and you will lack energy.

People sometimes ignore the idea of the base chakra, and they forget that this chakra is important to their wellbeing. They need to have this chakra balanced because it is the first chakra and then it can help to heal the other chakras.

Grounding the Chakras

There are many health issues that you can have when your chakras are ungrounded. If you do a lot of spiritual works, you might see that you need to ground yourself regularly to be safe and protected. You can do this through meditation.

Grounding yourself is important and can get rid of negative energies. If you have been working in spiritual gifts, you will need high vibrational stones to help you through this and to get rid of some health problems you might get form being ungrounded.

This chakra is the lowest above the ground chakras and if you need to connect with the earth to help you, you can use the earth star chakra for this.

Helping Your Health

Even though chakra color is red for the base chakra, that does not mean that you cannot use other colors. The root chakra helps with sexuality and so if you have been feeling lacking or uninterested in sex, you might need red stones to help you through this.

If you feel that you need to get energy to this chakra and you are unbalanced, you need to use the color of the chakra to balance and to help your body.


  1. The emphasis on grounding through the base chakra is quite informative. It’s good to know that this chakra connects with physical parts of the body like the legs, joints, and feet.

  2. Having a healthy root chakra seems essential for overall balance and well-being. Using stones for grounding and healing is an interesting approach.

    • I agree. Though it’s worth mentioning that proper meditation techniques can also play a crucial role in grounding the base chakra.

    • Indeed, utilizing stones like red jasper or black tourmaline can have a significant impact on balancing and grounding your energy.

  3. The connection between unbalanced chakras and physical ailments is noteworthy. Ignoring the base chakra could lead to various health issues as the article suggests.

  4. The article offers a comprehensive overview of the base chakra, including its physical locations and the significance of grounding. The potential impact on overall health and well-being is well articulated.

  5. It’s insightful to learn that the root chakra also relates to one’s sex drive and basic instincts. The use of color therapy for balancing chakras is a fascinating aspect.

    • Absolutely. Color therapy and stones can be very effective in restoring balance and enhancing the overall energy flow of the body.

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