Using a Pendulum


One way to get divine guidance is by using a pendulum. They are accurate and a great tool to communicate with your spiritual guides. These can help you to make better decisions and are based on a true method.

If you want to get answers to problems about healing and about other things, such as finding lost objects, you can use a pendulum to help guide you.

Using a Pendulum

There are different types of pendulums that are available and if you are working on spiritual development or finding out your psychic gifting, a pendulum can help you.

Having a pendulum is an ordinary tool and it is easy to use and can help you to be competent in your work. If you are communicating with the higher realm and you want to get guidance, you do not have to have any experience to do this.

This can work no matter what. One reason to choose a pendulum is that it can help you to develop your giftings and have better communication with the spirit world, increasing your vibrational frequencies.

When this happens, you will have a gift that becomes higher and is easier to use. You can make better decisions about healing and other things and the great thing about the pendulum is that they come in different styles and are easy to find.

You can see different stones that are made out of pendulums, and you can use your intuition to decide which is best for you.

Gemstone Pendulums

There are many pendulums such as the Citrines that are natural and have good healing qualities. There are other gemstones that are made into pendulums, and they are easy to buy.

They come in different sizes and shapes and the shape is not important because the pendulum can work no matter what the stone looks like.

You can get different stones to use, and they are made of an assortment of crystals. They have some that are on a ball or on a chain or even a ring. They are perfect to have and easy to hold on to. You can wrap a chain around your finger when you are using it.

Getting one made out of a quartz crystal can help you to pick up messages easier because of the energy of the quartz. If you are using a pendulum to dowse and get better health, you need to use one that is specific to that situations such as the bush flower essence.

You can also choose a wooden pendulum that might be better for your situation. You can make your own pendulum and if you do, you should start with a simple one because they can be easier to work with.

One favorite type of pendulum is made of quartz crystal, and you can usually find these at any crystal shop. Any stone that is a shape with equal sides can work and the main thing is that you need to have it attached to some kind of cord or chain.

If you have a crystal necklace or pendant, you can use this and make a simple pendulum out of it. Your pendulum is made of any crystal, and you need to make sure that the crystal is cleansed before you use it.

Getting Guidance

Once you start using your pendulum, you will want to buy another one. They come in different stones, and you can get different kinds and have many choices.

A pendulum is made up of a long chain around 8 inches long and a weight on the end of it. The weight is a crystal and can come in your choice of shape or color. It is up to you what kind to buy, and you need to be able to use it. They are easy to make, and you might consider making one on your own.

Divination Tool

One of the first things you need to do is to learn to communicate with the pendulum. You can get yes or no answers in the beginning and you need to know and believe in it for it to work. Ask it some questions that you already know the answers to and then work to use it to get divine answers that you do not know. You will see how accurate the answers are.

You can use the pendulum to help you answer all sorts of things. One thing you can use the pendulum for is to help you choose crystals that you want to buy. There are many stones and you might see that they look similar and you can use the pendulum to figure out which ones will help you the most.

If you don’t have yours with you, you can use the shops pendulum and ask questions to it. The pendulum made out of crystal might be a preference for you but anything with a weight on the end can be used.

Make sure that you know that you are connected to the crystal before you buy it. It will allow it to work better and you will be following your intuition and know what you are doing based on that. Use the pendulum to get answers and choose a few stones so that you can let the pendulum help you to figure out which one has the highest good.

Have fun learning to use your pendulum. It can be great at helping you get answers once you learn to use it. Once you ask simple things, you can use it regularly to get guidance from your spirit guides. If you are developing your spiritual gifts, you can use the pendulum with these gifts to be more powerful.


You will need to figure out how to communicate with your pendulum. You need a yes and no answer and a maybe answer. Or you can even go as far as having the pendulum tell you, “I don’t want to answer that right now.”

In order to do that, you need to sit down close to a desk or table and let the table support you. Hold the pendulum in the hand that you use and loop the chain over your index finger. Let the pendulum swing freely. While holding it in your hand, ask it a question and it will show you a yes, no, maybe or I don’t want to answer that right now.

Start by saying, “help me connect with my higher being.” And this will let the spirit guides know that you want to connect with them. Say to the pendulum, “Can you please show me a yes answer,” and wait for it to move. If it does not move, it means that you got no response.

Ask it a second question, “show me a no answer.” Some pendulums like to answer no first and it will move a certain way. If you get no response again, you can speak louder and let the pendulum know you are talking to it. Here are some examples of how the pendulum can move:

  • A no answer might move in a circle.
  • A yes answer might move back and forth.
  • A maybe might be a tiny circle.
  • An “I don’t want to answer this right now,” might make the pendulum move all over the place or be still and not moving at all.

If you are skeptical about your answer, you need to relax and let your mind process and then do it again.

Working with Pendulums

Buying a pendulum is easy to do and there are different ones. You can find ones that are symmetrical, and you will know your answer is right.

The Rose Quartz for example is a commercial pendulum and it is based on the heart chakra and can help you with many things. Once you have the pendulum that you choose, you need to program it and let it communicate with you.

It is important to pick a time to work with your pendulum when you won’t be distracted and when you have time to work with it properly. Use the pendulum in a respectful way like a friend. Don’t use it when you are too tired or not feeling good.

If you choose to use it at the wrong time, you will get the wrong answers and you will not be able to make rash decisions. You need to use the pendulum to reach your spiritual guides and you have to do this in a reverent way.

Your spirit guides are working with the pendulum and if you have not worked with your spirit guides before, you might use the pendulum to connect with them for the first time.

Pendulum Chart

If you are not sure about a yes or no answer system, you can use a pendulum chart. Some people like to make a chart so they can know if their answers are accurate. You can do this, and you will be sure.

Draw a circle and show eight different points going in eight directions. Put a yes on the top and bottom, a no on the left and right, a maybe on the diagonal pints and then an “I don’t want to answer this right now,” on the other diagonal.

Tell the pendulum to show you the answers from the chart. This will work best when you connect to your higher self and follow the instructions.

If you wonder what kind of healing you need for a health problem, ask the pendulum to give you answers. You can find lost things too as long as you learn to ask the right questions.

If the question is too hard or specific, it may not answer like you want and you always should be positive when doing this.

Being Competent

When you use a crystal pendulum it is easy, and you can become more competent in your giftings. There are ways that you can use the pendulum, but the simple ways work well.

Once you start to adapt to your pendulum, it can become part of your life and it can help you. If you are a healer and you need help with questions, use the pendulum with your clients to make things easier.

List of Pendulum Stones

Here is a list of some stones that make great pendulums:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Lepidolite
  • Auralite 23
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Ametrine
  • Amethyst