Ten Best Crystals to Enhance Card Readings

Ten Best Crystals to Enhance Card Readings

Tarot and oracle cards are among the easiest and quickest methods for tapping into your intuitive gifts and calling forth just what you need to point you back in a positive direction. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult decision, seeking clarity in a confusing situation, or just need a bit of encouragement and support from your angels and spirit guides, tarot and oracle cards are effective tools to motivate just the change in attitude you require.

Adding crystals to card readings will yield many benefits. Crystals possess dynamic energy that can significantly intensify intuitive processes. Whether you’re the one giving a reading or receiving it, crystals will always offer enhancement—not just overall for the reading, but also specifically for the cards themselves. This is because crystals are able to bring positive, cleansing energy to any space.

Crystals have the power to strengthen spiritual work and have a significant impact. Following is a list of the ten best crystals to enhance tarot and oracle card readings—each for its own reasons.

  1. Amethyst is a unique violet-hued type of quartz. This semiprecious stone will help you access your intuitive gifts and decipher messages from the spiritual realm that come through during your card reading.
  2. Angelite is a glacier blue- or lilac-toned soft stone that has the capability to invite angels and spirit guides to offer you their support during your card reading.
  3. Black tourmaline is a shiny silicate crystal. It’s commonly used for protection and grounding, and will keep you safe from the influence of harmful negative energy while your psychic gifts are peaking.
  4. Citrine is a golden-toned type of quartz crystal that allows you to express your courage. This will increase your confidence level as a card reader and help you achieve favorable outcomes.
  5. Clear quartz, a transparent clear- to white-colored crystal, is the purest quartz stone. Clear quartz amplifies your intent to receive guidance and encouragement from your cards during your card reading.
  6. Labradorite is a dazzling light-blue iridescent crystal that energizes your third eye and stimulates your intuition during your card reading.
  7. Rainbow fluorite is a purple and light-green crystal that promotes mental clarity. It helps you stay focused and keeps you on task during the card reading.
  8. Rose quartz is a pastel pink crystal that signifies healing, love, and harmony. It’s a gentle but potent crystal that will help you stay compassionate and heart-centered during your card reading.
  9. Selenite is a translucent, multifaceted stone that’s a crystallized form of gypsum. Selenite keeps your space is free and clear of psychic debris, which could inhibit the success of a card reading.
  10. Smoky quartz is a shiny gray- to black-colored crystal that helps keep you attentive and grounded. This will allow you to connect more easily to the earth’s energy while you tap into the intuitive realm during your card reading.

Place one or more of these crystals on your altar or in your sacred space, hold or wear them to absorb their energy, or create a circle or grid of stones around or near you before or during the card reading. You can also use crystals to cleanse tarot and oracle cards, and to clarify the meaning of a card reading.