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Psychic Uses A Variation OF Crystals For Reading. Why?

A lot of people knows that there psychics who are using  a couple common tools like Tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls are some of the most commonly thought of items. One of the tools you might not see as often are the use of crystals.

Not every psychic uses crystals in their readings, and when they do the client might not be entirely sure what the crystals are for and how they help. Listed below are some of the most common crystals that are used in psychic readings and what their meanings are.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz crystal is one of the most common crystals used when it comes to focusing psychic energy on romantic issues, and is often referred to as the “Love Stone”. The Rose Quartz crystal is a pale to dark pink stone and is translucent. Psychics will often use this crystal in readings where the topic is dealing with a romantic relationship or where the client wants general love advice. It allows the psychic to tap deeper into the love energy that the client is putting off, and will allow the reader to get better insight into the situation and allow them to provide greater clarity to romantic issue.


“It is a powerful stone”

The Amethyst crystal is another common stone that can be found among psychics. It is known as a very powerful and protective stone and is sometimes referred to as the “Sobriety Stone”. It is often worn to help people keep a sober and clear state of mind when making important decisions, and during readings it is often used to help psychics focus their energy so that they can provide a better reading. This power crystal is also used as a dream stone by many psychics and clients in order to tap into their dreams and gain clarity into troublesome visions and nightmares that might be bothering them.


“It is a powerful cleansing stone”

The Peridot crystal is known as a very powerful cleansing stone. This crystal is usually a yellow-green color and often related to Heart Chakra. The stone is often used to eliminate jealousy and bitterness, and is usually used in psychic readings where issues such as cheating or divorce are a big concern. It allows both the client and psychic to tackle the issue with a clearer mind without spite and bitterness clouding the reading. It can also be used in readings where the client is concerned about health issues, since the Peridot crystal can also strengthen the immune system and can help aid disorders of the heart, lungs, and intestinal tract.


The Ruby crystal isn’t just a beautiful stone meant for expensive jewelry. It can also be a fantastic healing crystal. Rubies are all about energy and intensity. It is often used in psychic readings when the client wants to increase their abilities of any kind. If the client is looking to take up a new workout routine, attract new love or harness a better sexual energy, or even just increase their ability to dream better or learn how to lucid dream they will use this crystal. The ruby is perfect for focusing positive energy, which is great for both psychic and tarot readings.

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