Protecting Yourself as an Empath

Protecting Yourself as an Empath

If you are an empath chances are that you are very sensitive to people and energies around you. You might find that you have experienced many emotional roller coasters and you might not even understand why. It is important that you learn to protect yourself because of the strong emotions and energies that you will feel as an empath.

Knowing if You’re an Empath

There are ways that you can figure out if you are an empath or not and some ways are if your mood changes often and without a real reason. Maybe you will be out with your friends and then all of a sudden you feel stressed out for no reason whatsoever.

There is a chance that you might have a disease and the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong and then all of a sudden you become healthy again and you don’t have an explanation for it.

When you talk to someone that is negative, you feel the feelings that they have told you and you are feeling like you are taking in their energies.

When you feel alone, you might want to be more balanced but when you are around certain people, especially negative people, you find that you want to leave and do something else.

This can be that you are psychic and your giftings are strong within you. Sometimes an empath will hear and feel the problems of others and this does not always just appear, it can start out slowly and then fall down like a pile of rocks.

When you listen to music, chances are it can make you feel sad or change your mood.


An empath has to have balance so that they do not get upset and sad. There are people that turn to drugs and alcohol because they are empaths and they do not realize it. They do not know how to protect themselves and they need to learn how to do this without numbing themselves with addictive things.

Having eating disorders and other addictive behaviors can be a cause of empath feelings and sometimes they do not realize it they just do things to try to get rid of their feelings.

Energies and healing are important, and it is important for an empath to balance their life and their energies so that they can keep their wits about them.

When an empath goes through strong emotions, chances are they need to be more stable and they need to protect who they are.

Protecting Energies

An empath needs to protect themselves or they will feel that the world is too hard to cope with. They will destroy all of their relationships and things will become too hard.

If you do not learn to balance and protect yourself, you will end up moody and depressed and it will turn something that is great into something that is bad and hurtful.

For the sake of protecting yourself, it is important for an empath to be grounded and to learn to balance themselves. If you are an empath, you need to face times that are challenging and times that are hard and be more open to what is happening to you, in a positive way.

When you want to help others, you cannot help them if your life feels confused or upset.

Ways to Protect Yourself

If you are an empath, there are ways that you can protect yourself.

  • Detaching

One of the best ways that you can protect yourself is that you do not get too attached to someone. It is hard to fix everyone, and you need to make sure that you do not burden yourself. Learn to help others but do not think that you can fix them.

  • Journal

Take time each day to journal your experiences. If you get stuck in moods and energies, learn to connect with it instead of hiding your feelings. Take your journal and write down all of the things that you are feeling.

Learn to understand your feelings and put them in your journal so that you can be stable.

  • Vampires

Some people are energy vampires and they will leave you feeling bad after they are around you. This happens when someone is jealous or upset with you and they can wish bad things on you.

If you have people in your life that are this way, try to not connect with them unless you are grounded and always set boundaries.

  • Meditate

Learn to meditate each day and this can help to balance your energies. Doing this should be a routine and if you have negative energies, try different meditations to help you.

  • Water

Take water purification seriously and do this like they do in different cultures. This can help to have good energies flow through your body and get rid of negative feelings.

Use different herbs in your water to help you and let all of your negativity be released.

  • Clean it

Whenever you can clean the energies around you and suck out the negative energies, do this. Get rid of bad energies out of your aura and fill up negative holes with light.

  • Give it Back

Some people are like sponges and suck in negative energies, if someone sends you negative energies, give them back. Send it back to them or back to the earth and transform the darkness into light.

  • Kundalini

Using kundalini yoga can help you to refresh your energies. This is located at the base of the spine and by practicing these techniques along with mediation and mantras, you can awaken your kundalini and it can make you stronger.

  • Gemstones

Use stones to help you and crystals so that you can open up your energies. You can use these things with necklaces and other jewelry, and they can help you to take care of who you are.

  • Protect Yourself

Use a shield to help protect you and you can do this by imagining light go around you. You can use this like an egg or a ball or a cloak and it can help you to keep negative energies out of your life.

When you shield yourself, you can see that there is a hole in your body for the light to come through and this can help to get rid of negative things that come in your life.

  • Nature

Use nature to help you to feel better and grounded and to keep you calm. Use nature to protect yourself and you can do this by walking barefoot outside or swimming in a pond.

  • Spend Time by Yourself

Take time to spend time alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone and taking time for you. It is good to have friends and family but if there is a time where you need to spend time alone, do it. Take time to read or mediate by yourself.

Learn to do different things so that you can be more balanced, and you can protect yourself. This can help to get rid of negative energies and get rid of chaos and pain in your life. Learn to protect your energies so that you can be happy and feel good.