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Find Your Power with Crystal Healing

Find Your Power with Crystal Healing

Crystals are something that we have all become familiar with in the past years because of the power they hold. They have the ability to do so much, like clear our chakras so that we are energized and centered or balance our energy so we feel better throughout the day. This is common knowledge, but crystals can go so much further than these simplistic uses. In fact, crystals can assist us with very specific issues that are faced daily, if we are willing to try.

Communication Issues, Stand stills, and Misunderstandings

There are times in life when the people closest to us are at each other’s throats, unable to come to common ground, find compromise, or even put an end to a communicative stand still.

Regardless of which member of the group is unable to effectively share their thoughts and feelings – crystal work can help. The goal is to get everyone speaking again, using the right words to reach a conclusion that is positive for all.

The majority of communication in life is non-verbal in nature, so crystal use can help us to see what others are saying, even when they are not saying a word. Using a turquoise or blue crystal that relates to the throat chakra, simply hold the crystal to the throat area for several minutes, up to ten, while thinking about the person you have been conversing with and how you would like the conversation to continue.

You may feel as if your throat is blocked a bit and need cleared, start to cough, or even gag some as the energy begins to work to clear your chakra. Insights on what that specific other person is thinking may come to mind with clarity. The next time you head out to speak to this person, make sure your crystals are with you so that a new understanding between you and the other person is opened up.

Moving Forward

Sometimes we hit roadblocks with a specific area or problem in life. No matter how hard we work to resolve an issue, it seems hopeless. If you find yourself in such a position, crystals can help. Using a dark blue crystal, something like lapis lazuli that related to the third eye chakra, it can be massively helpful.

Using this method requires peace and quiet from noise and electronics so make sure they are off. In a sitting or lying position, place or hold the chosen crystal in the middle of your forehead, on the third eye while taking a few deep breathes and relaxing your mind and body.

As you start to feel the deep, blue energy expanding out, imagine it pulsates and moves out in waves as it joins the sky and all universal wisdom. Speak to yourself saying, “I open myself to the limitless solutions and knowledge available from the universal source, that will be beneficial to my current situation.” You should begin to feel confident in receiving new insights into dealing with your situation.

As you wait, you will hopefully realize a solution, but if not, then start watching for synchronicities in your daily life, acting on your intuition toward the problem. Repeat the process each day until a resolution is found.

Lack of Confidence

Low self-esteem or a lack of confidence can hold us back from reaching our full potential. Whether we fear failure, cannot find a way to trust ourselves, or simply feel success is undeserved, a problem exists. Even if we do manage to succeed, yet hold these feelings, we may self-sabotage or hide in fear, thinking someone will soon find out that we do not belong in the position or ranking. We may feel flawed in some way, incompetent to do a given job. Crystals can help bring about the healing that is very needed.

When self-esteem is lacking or self-confidence as been undermined by others, a citrine, a yellow/orange colored stone, will focus your inner voice and allow you to once again trust your own judgment in a situation. Carry this crystal nearby as a way to boost confidence.

Hematite is also useful for building confidence. Simply place a piece of hematite under your pillow each night and watch as a positive difference in intuition occurs. Soon your self-confidence levels will go from severely lacking or nonexistent to radiating confidence throughout the day.

Crystals are highly attuned to personal energies. This means each can offer growth and healing if we feel connected. When choosing a crystal, size is not necessarily important. A small crystal that you can “feel” the energy from when touched, can be just as powerful for the same one that is larger. Choose your crystals wisely.

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