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Crystals You Should Have

Crystals You Should Have

Having crystals and other gems are not just for women but for years and years, gems and crystals have been used as healing properties.  Sometimes, people wear them on their necks or on their fingers and they don’t even realize that these stones are healing stones.

Gemstones come in different forms and you should know more about the gems and crystals that you have and what properties that they give.  Everyone should own at least one healing crystal.

Most crystals and stones are known to clear out negative energy so if you don’t have one of these stones, buy one and put it in a room where you visit often, in a desk or in a drawer.  Some of the stones are great for healing the physical and healing the mental body.


Citrine is a stone that is known to call in money.  If you own a business, keep this where people check out or in the cash register.  Carry one in your purse.  This stone is easy because it never needs clearing.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a stone that is used to bring love.  If you need to have more love with family, friends or co-workers, carry this stone.


The Hematite Stone is a powerful stone that helps to clear out negative energy.  You can wear this as a necklace or bracelet.

Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye can keep you safe.  If you are worried about something or if you have to attend a stressful situation, this crystal can bring you peace and calm your anxiety.


Turquoise is a stone that helps you to be honest with yourself and to figure out what kind of changes that you need to make in your life.


The Garnet stone can help you to bring in money and can help business owners to get more business.  This stone can also help with your sex drive.


Jade is a powerful stone that can bring in money and keep you safe from harm.  This stone is also good at attracting lovers.


The Sunstone is a stone that can keep you happy and get rid of tired and negative energy.  If you have little motivation, wear this stone and it can increase your energy.


Carnelian can bring courage and energy.  If you have negative feelings or circumstances, Carnelian can bring you joy.


There are many stones that have not been mentioned here and many of the stones mentioned can bring healing abilities to your life.  Make sure that you clear them and that you make sure that they are cleansed and programmed before you use them.


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