Crystals to Bring Good Vibrations

Rose Quartz

Everyone wants to be positive and full of life. There is an energy field that surrounds you and it is called the etheric body. This is when your vibrational frequencies help you to feel better.

When life is full of improvement, it can help your spiritual, mental, and emotional being also be well and full of life. Some people will talk about having good vibes but not everyone realizes that good vibes means good vibrations.

Good Vibrations

The vibrations that we have in our energy body are energies that come from the universe. This is vibrations in our etheric body, and they help to give us good health and healing.

Inside of our energies are the chakras, the chakras help us to be strong and to keep us safe and each of them have different functions. It is an important thing for us to keep our vibrations as high as we can so that we can have good health and have healing in our bodies.

Each of the different chakras show a different reason and how our bodies respond to vibrations can change. We can use crystals to help with these vibrations because crystals have their own vibrations and will help to respond to parts of the body and to different vibrations that our bodies have.

When you hold on to a crystal or wear a crystal, you can tap into the energy, and it can increase your auric field. Some of the vibrations come in the colors that the stones are. Each chakra has its own color and the colors that we wear or have for that chakra can bring positive energies our way.

How Do Vibrational Frequencies Help?

If you do not feel well or you are feeling blue, your body needs a change. This means that your vibrational frequency is low and when you become aware of these vibrations, you will see that you need to take some action to get your life in order and your vibrational frequencies higher.

You might decide that you need to use crystals to help you. One great crystal for this is the Yellow Amblygonite crystal. This crystal, along with others can help to raise your vibrations and give you positivity and good health in your mind, emotions, and spirit.

Each crystal has its own vibration, and it is important that you know and understand this so that you can get the healing that you need.

Using crystals is a choice and you can communicate with your body and increase your vibrational frequency. The crystals are natural stones and many of them have lithium, and this can help you if you are stressed or anxious about life.

Other stones such as these listed below can help to increase your mood and lift your emotions:

  • Smithsonite
  • Aquamarine
  • Lithium Quartz
  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Pink Kunzite
  • Amblygonite

Choosing to use stones can help you with the process of coincidence and synchronicity. This can help to guide you and allow you to live a fuller life.

How Do Good Vibes Help You?

If you have been trying to be positive and say positive affirmations, you will notice in your times of meditation that you can gain feelings of thankfulness. Saying positive affirmations can help you in your overall health.

Meditation is sometimes a place where you get lost in your problems and you cannot get out of your train of thought, and this can cause your meditation to not work as well as you had hoped. The reason that you are lacking energy is because of your vibrations and so using crystals to meditate can help you to be able to get to a deeper level.

Even if you do not have time to meditate, simply holding crystals in your hands or keeping them in your pocket or on your body can help you to get rid of negative energies and turn to positive things.

Having a positive feeling and allowing your etheric body to be happy can bring you healing in your emotions and your spirit, not to mention the body.

Having good vibrations in your body can give you inner peace and can give you happiness. Your vibrational frequencies will improve, and this will cause the endorphins in your body to become stronger and can allow you to have a positive outlook on your life.

The good vibrations in your body will get stronger and you will have positive thoughts and overall health that can increase your feelings of self-worth. The vibrations of the crystals can help you when you are meditating and if you allow this to flow through your energies, you will see that your body will get what it needs to be healthy.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a good time for you to increase your vibrational frequencies. Using crystals such as the Amethyst can help you to be calm while the Rose Quartz can give you strong energy and bring about love in your life.

When you are using crystals to meditate, some stones will be better for other things and you just need to quietly sit and be thankful to your spirits, while holding the stones in your hand.

When you have thankfulness in your life, this will allow you to have more healing and to see positive results. Doing these things can bring about positive thoughts and give you good vibrations.

When you feel thankful, keep a thankful journal, and write in it each day the things that you appreciate in your life.

What Do Doctors Say?

Many doctors feel that improving your vibrations can help you in your life. They have shown that even water has vibrations and can improve the way that you think and make your life more positive. Since the body is made up of around 70% of water, you need water to keep your vibrations strong.

Love and gratitude told the water to make crystals and so if you speak love and gratitude to your mind and body, you will see that your vibrational frequencies will increase, and you will have an overall happier life.

Lifting Your Vibrational Frequencies

Crystals can take away and absorb the negative energies that come your way. If you have a negative mindset, you will need to get rid of this negative feeling and allow the crystals to work through you to raise your vibrations. The Rose Quartz is a great stone for this, and it can be kept in all of the rooms of your house to bring you love and to improve your spiritual being.

The Rose Quartz is a strong stone, and it can help you to increase your vibrations and can benefit you by giving good vibrations in the room. This stone is very powerful, and you can feel the energies when you use it, and it is a great stone for healers.

Many of the crystals that you have can absorb the negative energies from your area and that is why it is a good idea to practice having these stones around you.

If you have been using these crystals when you feel bad, you will need to cleanse them so that good vibrations can return to them. Always keep the vibrations of your stones high and allow the good vibes to flow through you.

Always be thankful and enjoy what life gives you. Good vibrations can affect your mind, body and emotions and you will see that they will help to improve your life.

Cleansing Crystals

There are different ways that you can cleanse your crystals such as:

  • Covering them in white light.
  • Smudging.
  • Using white sage for smudging.
  • Putting the crystals in the moonlight.
  • Putting the crystals outside during a full moon.
  • Put them on a table overnight where they can be in the direct moonlight.
  • Use a crystal singing bowl and let them absorb the musical vibrations while you play the bowl.
  • Put them in the crystal bowl and play it.

Another way to cleans your crystals is with water. Water is a way that some stones can be cleansed but there are crystals that can be ruined when put in water so make sure you know for sure that your crystal will stay safe if you choose to use this method.

Cleaning Quartz

Quartz can be cleansed by any of the methods above and by running it under water. Make sure that you know for sure that it is a quartz crystal before you run it under water because crystals such as Selenite will have a bad reaction to water and might be ruined.