Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide


Crystals are naturally occurring solid substances that are formed when liquids harden, and molecules gather together in an attempt to stabilize themselves. Each crystal is uniquely beautiful as they consist of interlocking, repeating patterns that create vivid colors and reflect light in unique manners.

Physical Characteristics of Crystals

Depending on the condition under which each crystal is formed, they can create different physical characteristics. Some may be jagged, some are huge, and some are small delicate gems that are best for jewelry. Regardless of the condition, all crystals are believed to hold energies and properties that can positively affect our wellbeing. We can connect with crystals that we are drawn to at different times.

Finding the Right Crystal

Once we have found the crystals we are drawn to, understanding what they can target or are used for can be helpful. All crystals hold different energies that can alter mood and sometimes physical state, so it is important that we approach them in meaningful ways. While each has set meanings, our personal interpretation is what really counts if we want to use crystals in a meaningful way in our lives.

When entering a crystal store, be receptive, open-minded, and let your instincts come into play as you allow the crystals to draw you. Touch and hold the crystals as you reflect on how each feels to you. Read on to learn a bit about some of the more common crystals.

Common Crystals

  • Clear Quartz (Energizing) – This is regarded as the master healer of crystals. Crystal quartz is the most versatile of crystals and acts as an energy dispenser. It is a simple, colorless structure that amplifies energy. It is believed to improve the immune system and regulate imbalances within the body. People who feel overworked or drained can benefit from this crystal.
  • Rose Quartz (Love) – This is the most desired and famous of the crystals. The gentle pink is related to romance and new love. Believed to attract new love, rose quartz can help provide energies to repair relationships that are facing struggles. This can also help repair our love toward ourselves because we sometimes need a bit of extra help in this area. Rose quartz can improve self-esteem and worthiness.
  • Jasper (Progress) – This smooth stone is usually a deep red and used to nurture those in need of empowerment and support. When we face times of high stress, the crystal is thought to absorb negative energy that can block the chakra and prevent progress. When we feel like extra courage is required, jasper is ideal to keep close at hand.
  • Fluorite (Positivity) – Fluorite, much like jasper, absorbs negative energy, but it is unique in that it is said to clear confusion. Fluorite allows for clarity and level headedness to take control when facing difficulty. It can be kept in a room to clear energy or worn on the body.
  • Obsidian (Shielding) – This distinctive crystal is opaque and jet black. It is considered impenetrable so it serves as a shield against negative energy. Obsidian does not absorb negativity, but blocks it, shielding it from entering the environment. It is also known to aid with digestive issues.
  • Agate (Stability) – This versatile crystal comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors and is considered a blank slate of sorts. This is the crystal that we can place our own feelings and interpretations onto with ease.
  • Opal (Third Eye) – Opal is connected with all things uplifting and positive. It is best to keep this crystal close when you are feeling off or a little down as it returns optimism and wellbeing. Opal is also thought to be closely associated with the third eye chakra which means we are granted clearer vision of what is good for our lives when engaging with the crystal.
  • Citrine (Encouragement) – Citrine is powerful when needing encouragement and guidance. When you are unsure of where to turn, stay close to citrine for enthusiasm and courage to make bold and positive changes.
  • Turquoise (Rejuvenating) – Turquoise has deep healing properties and is believed to reduce respiratory illness and purify as it soothes. When the body is under physical stress, turquoise encourages cell restoration and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
  • Tourmaline (Protection) – The perfect choice when struggling with emotional imbalances as it helps to find equilibrium in energy fields. Tourmaline is also thought to aid in recovery for poor coordination and dyspraxia.
  • Tiger’s Eye (Motivation) – An ideal crystal for those in need of a motivational boost and those with anxieties, self-doubts, and worries. This helps us get back on track.
  • Amethyst (Soothing) – Amethyst like many others is known to have protective properties. It is most associated with stopping cycles of negative thinking and urging forth spirituality. It is also often used to improve sleep as it soothes and relaxes body and mind.
  • Moonstone (New Beginnings) – This is a crystal of new beginnings that calms, reassures, and reminds us that life cycles and these cycles are needed to excel.
  • Bloodstone (Circulation) – Bloodstone is thought to improve different issues associated with blood. It is believed to improve circulation, remove impurities, and ward off negativity that originates from the heart. It is also thought to encourage creativity.
  • Sapphire (Higher-Self) – Associated with the higher-self, sapphire is thought to open the mind’s eye and allow for divine revelations. For those embarking on a journey to find inner wisdom, sapphire is great to sleep with under the pillow.
  • Ruby (Passion) – The rich ruby has a fiery color that brings success to life’s passions. Whether ambition, sex, intellect, or another area, rubies are thought to be great guides to keep you on track.

Crystals are personal and perceived differently by every person. They possess a variety of properties, but choose crystals based on what draws you subconsciously.