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Crystal Energies

Having crystal energy is when the crystals can give you energy that you can use to make sure you are healed. Many of the crystals have a high energy frequency and this means that the higher the energy, the faster you can raise your energies.

The strong energy field can help to increase your vibrational frequencies and give you health and healing in your body. You can use different properties from the crystals to learn how to bring healing to your body and since it is natural, it works in your environment. People are often drawn to crystals that have healing powers.

Crystal Energy

Some of the highest vibrational stones are minerals that are rare and if you combine these minerals with other energy stones, you will see that you can get results that you never expected. Stones such as the Moldavite and the Herkimer Diamonds are two stones that have high frequencies and high energy and they are easy to get.

You can use these stones when you are wanting to raise your vibrational frequency, and this can allow you to reach your spirit world and to go to a higher realm. Using these stones or wearing them, keeping them close to your body can help you and it can also help you to make better decisions in life.

There are some stones that are used for both mental and physical healing while other stones help you if you struggle with emotional problems.

The chakras in your body have a specific role for each part of your body. They are there to guide you and to give you good health and a good state of mind. You can use different chakra stones to help you with different areas of your body.

Most of the stones are high vibrational stones and they can help to heal you and can change things in your life, opening up certain chakras.


If you have a desire to reach your spiritual guides, there are some crystals that are better for this such as the Stellar Beam calcite, Datolite and the Herkimer Diamonds. If you use these stones on a consistent basis you will see that your gifts can be increased, including your psychic giftings such as visions and psychic hearing.

All of your psychic gifts have articles that you can read if you want to find out more about them or you can even talk to a psychic that can help you. Using stones that have high vibrations can help you to heal and can help open up your spiritual gifts.

All of the stones can benefit you and you just need to pick the ones that you feel help you the best and know why you are choosing that particular stone.

When you are working on yourself and your spiritual growth, you will be drawn to certain crystals that give off certain energies. You might want to stimulate a gifting that you have or increase your intuition. If you want to do this, you can use certain crystals.

Maybe you do not know what gifts you have, and you need to open up your communication. Some of the stones that have high frequencies can help you with this.

How to Use the Stones?

When you are working with the spirits or in the spiritual world, you want to make sure that you are protected from psychic attacks. When you are using the stones, m you need to make sure that you are taking action to protect yourself from negative energies.

This is an easy thing to do and there are some stones that are perfect for psychic protection. There are stones that can help to ground you and keep your chakras balanced. Some of the stones include Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Purpurite, Sugilite and Charoite.

Some of the energies that you will get from these stones are rare and some of the stones are not easy to come by. Stones such as the Herkimer Diamond is a great stone to use but is hard to get sometimes.

If you want to get some of the high vibration stones, you can get them, but they will cost you more and sometimes you can only get smaller stones.

Smaller stones such as the Phenacite, Natrolite and Herderite can help you if you add them to other pieces such as with the Herkimer Diamond and the Moldavite.

Using the Stones for Meditating

When you are successful at meditating, your brain waves will slow down, and you will have a rhythm change in your body. Your brain will change from beta waves to slower alpha waves.

The two areas, the Amygdala, and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, are parts of your brain that help you to develop your psychic abilities. Use isochronic tones to help you aid in your giftings and this can help you to increase your intuition.

This happens because you are able to use your brain to help you work with the new rhythms and your mind will stop having chatter as you reach a deeper level of meditation. During this time, you will have an easier time finding your gifts and developing them.

Communicating with your spirit guides is easiest during this time and there are different psychic abilities that can happen and increase with this type of meditation.

Some people think that they have to hear voices in order to contact their spirits, but this is not true and there are different ways that you can communicate with your spirit guides.

The Elestial Quartz is one great stone to use because of its high vibrational powers. Many of the stones will have properties that can help you to reach the higher powers and to have love. The quartz variety of the stones is one amazing stone and has high vibrations.

Changes in Life

Many people want to reach out to the crystals because they have healing powers and can change your life. They can increase the power of your aura and can increase your own vibrational frequencies bring healing and grounding to your life.

If you are a healer, you can use special stones for certain healings and those that have high vibrations will be best with grounding and balancing your life and chakras.

Smaller Stones

Some of the smaller stones have a lot of power when they are combined with other stones. The reason that they have such high energies is because they are combined, and they have an increase in their vibrational frequencies. Some of the stones such as the Herkimer’s Diamond and the Moldavite can be used on their own because of their high energy.

One of the most potent stones to combine is the Selenite Wand. Using this with other crystals can give you healing properties that have amazing outcomes.

There are others that have these same qualities, but these specific stones have a powerful healing combination when used together.

How Can Stones Help You?

Stones such as the Pink Danburite can be used to give you energy. This has a good vibration and you can connect to your chakras and become grounded when you know that you are ungrounded.

Being ungrounded in your life can cause you to have bad health problems and even emotional problems. Make sure that you have stones that can ground you when you are working with high frequency crystals.

When you have used the crystals, you might feel that you are now ungrounded and there are stones such as the black gemstones and the earth star chakras that can help you to stay grounded.

Who Should Use the Stones?

Keeping the energy stones with you such as wearing the Moldavite as jewelry can really help to protect you from negative energies. There are different things that healers do with these stones and they are effective in keeping them healthy and safe.

Some of the crystals can apply more to you and many crystal healers have worked with many of the different stones for different healing needs.

Using stones in combination can create a protection around your body, depending on the stones that are being used. Your intuition has so much value and you need to let your spirit guide to help you choose which stones are best for you.

Combine some of the different stones and see what kind of energies it makes for you and how they make you feel after you use them. You may even see you have more giftings than you even realized.

High Energy Stones Crystals

Here are some high vibrational stones that are great to use:

  • Petalite-if you want to have a deeper spiritual connection.
  • Scolecite-can calm you and help you sleep.
  • Selentie-good vibration to relieve stress.
  • Stellar Beam Calcite-is a strong spiritual stone.
  • Yttrium Fluorite-helps with spiritual and mystical growth.
  • Nirvana Quartz-helps you become enlightened.
  • Herkimer Diamond-healing stone and more powerful when used with smaller stones.
  • Datolite-gets rid of fear and anxiety. Helps you to solve problems.
  • Blue Kyanite-used to balance your chakras.
  • Kyanite-blue, green, black, indigo, teal, each color has its own attributes.
  • Libyan Desert Glass-brings about a spiritual energy.
  • Golden Herderite-stimulates the brain.
  • White Cryolite-connects with the spirit world, helps with enlightenment.
  • Fulgurite Tube-gives you desire.
  • Rhodizite Crystals-gives you more energy when used with other stones.
  • Natrolite-helps with personal changes.
  • Phenacite-visions and helps open up chakras.
  • Brookite-helps you to work with your spiritual guides.
  • Peachy White Heuladite-stimulates the brain, releases karma.
  • Aurora Quartz-brings about happiness and joy.
  • Blue Celestite-helps with the prophecy gifting.
  • Orange Creedite-makes you more aware.
  • Tanzanite Crystals-healing stone also helps develop psychic abilities.
  • Clear Apophyllite-this is a spiritual awakening stone, works with the pineal gland.
  • Tiffany Stone-develops your psychic giftings.

Here is a list of other great stones:

  • Blue Celestite
  • Orange Creedite
  • Tanzanite
  • Clear Apophyllite
  • Tiffany Stones
  • Beterandite
  • Beryllonite
  • Benitoite
  • Afghanite
  • Amethyst
  • Star Hollandite
  • Black Star Quartz
  • Darwin Glass
  • Darwinite
  • Purple Scapolite
  • Satyaloka Quartz
  • Tibetian Tektite
  • Lilac Kunzite
  • Tremolite

Remember that some of the stones are hard to get and but all of the stones have wonderful healing energies that can help you in many ways.

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